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October 13, 2009


Uh-oh! Jamie Kelso is getting pissed off! LOL

I don't care if Glenn is Haitian. Anyone who exposes the people behind the U.S.S. Liberty attack is OK by me.

Good work Peter, and "thanks" Mark for all the work you do at exposing the Israelis and their involvement in the Liberty attack. Stadtmiller should be ashamed of himself.

HELL NO I'm not Jewish. Not a single hair on my chinny-chin-chin. Where the hell that one originated I have no idea, but there's nothing to it.

I am however Lebanese, which accounts for my ethnic appearance, and certainly the round, nerdy glasses don't help things.


mark glenn is the multi-cultural jew hating patriotard...ha ha

as far as him having 9 children. yes he has spoken truthfully. i will also say that the good tax paying citizens of idaho will do what they can to make sure mark's children are clothed, and fed correctly as much as possible under law, since he is not willing to go out and get a real job.

you had better be careful there zog. you had better quit ruffling feathers or you will be banned from stormfront...

oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Mark Glenn,

You wrote in an article in 2003 that you have a Lebanese SIDE of your family. So what's the other side?

"...the dark, swarthy features I inherited from the Lebanese side of my family..."

traitorous nigger sells amerika out one more time. how long before you wake up amerika? how long? what is it going to take?

The other side of my family, which should at least be partly obvious by my last name, is European, meaning a coctail of scottish, german, english, irish, french etc. If anyone is suggesting that there is Jewish sie to my family by virtue of the fact there is this "other" side of the family tree, well, congrats, because not only are you dead wrong, but a nutjob to boot.

As far as the good taxpaying citizens of Idaho making sure my kids are fed and clothed, I assume that WN means me, as I am one of those good tax-paying citizens, helped along by the fact we buy ALL our clothes from 2nd hand stores and augment our groceries with animals we raise and hunt.

Regarding me getting a "real job", I don't know what more to say about this. I put myself through college doing landscaping and construction, afterwards taught for 5 years and then was offered a job 3 years ago writing for American Free Press. Now, having been booted out of AFP by Jim Bilderberger Tucker I write books and in general am a political activist. If this does not count as a real job, well then what are we to say about others who have engaged in the same kind of work in the past with names such as Washington, Jefferson, Adams, etc?

Sounds like WN has an ax to grind for whatever reason that escapes me but which does not surprise me in the least as our movement--while attracting some great minds and great people is also a haven for malcontents and ne'er do wells.

The Final Alex Jones Thread

Hi Mark,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to some of the comments on this thread.

I have read some rumors on the Internet re your "Jewish heritage", and none of it is based in fact.

Obviously you pissed off one or more of the following people:

Eric Huffscmid (sp?)
Daryl Bradford Smith
Alex Jones and company
(Jones and company travel in a hive)
John Stadtmiller

I would say that Eric and Daryl are your best bet when it comes to starting rumors. Especially if the rumors are found on the website judical/biz.

You know the site with the lame computer generated music and articles mixed with half truths?

Re getting a real job:

Anyone who raises 9 children and finds time to write articles for knuckle heads on the Internet is doing more than one 'real job'.

I'd say if more White Nationalists would start raising EDUCATED children, in an enviornment with a mom and dad, we would be in much better shape than we are today with a negative (White) birth rate in the West.

Bravo to you and your family.

I am raising two children (with my wife) presently and plan to have more in the near future.

I'd say this is much more productive than hiding in a basement with K-rations, ammo and an AK47, waiting for the final race war, as predicted by Dr. William Pierce.

Well you know what they say,

While the servant waits...
The Master baits.

I found the link to LBJ very fascinating. It's amazing the things that Patriotard radio leaves out of their "conspiracy theories".

It's a "conspiracy theory" when they only use the facts that support their version of the NWO. The version that doesn't mention the "J" word.

Thanks for the great article Peter.

Peter, check out this cult-like article on Prisonplanet by Paul Watson promoting Mookie's latest DVD. Scary stuff.

Be Part Of The Spiritual Renaissance of the 21st Century

Director Alex Jones warns that we must halt the ‘Fall of the Republic’ planned for America


that stupid alex jones flick is about the same old crap he always pushes. he talks to other tards that are on his level about stuff and nothing really earth shattering is discussed. his videos are not getting better, they are getting worse imho.

somehow he got my email addy and now i am constantly being spammed about buying this stupid video.....

also as an asside..

white movement tard history with all of its warts and buddy there are many , gads...

so eustace mullins is a flamer? well why am i not surprised. i figure he was gay with that poet, ezra pound too......should have known it all along.

and this.

rape of german women after ww2 by russian and ,
and , yes you guessed it, american and british soldiers. man's inhumanity to man....

i must now say, that perhaps we fought on the wrong side during both world wars. of course there are many old soldiers that will get very mad about such discussions...


How long ago has it been since the relationship between yourself and RBN was ended? RBN are for the elderly--you're better off without them. Why nurse these animosities for so many years? It can't be healthy, and it says things about your personality that would fail an eloquent critic.

I don't trust Michael Colins Piper. He's real close butt buddies with that crystal-meth addict Daryl Bradford Smith now. Daryl B.S. called into Piper's radio show last night and they kissed each others ass. Sickening.


You're right that there is a lot of scandal and rumor in WN history. But at least the WN movement has the truth and the facts on its side, whereas Paytriotardism does not. Keep that in mind.

And yes, the U.S. was on the wrong side of both WWI and WWII. But that's no surprise at all, once you find out that the U.S. Gov't. has been under the control of the Jews since before WWI.


Piper is no one's "butt-buddy". The reason he had DBS on is as a tactical move against Eric Hufschmidt. I would think those presupposing superior intellects as some of the posters on this board would have figured this out.

As far as you not "trusting him"--when you have a page on the ADL's website feturing all sorts of personal information on you along with pictures and whatnot, when you remove a listening device from the phone in your home, when the newspaper you write for is sued multiple times by Jewish interests--in short, when you become something more detrimental to Jewish interests other than an anonymous poster on the internet, then we can start to take your 'mistrust' of Piper with something more than a grain of salt. Until then, we have to assume you are more than likely either (1) simply a grumpy old man who thinks no one else 'gets it' other than himself, or (b) someone from the other side sent in to sow dissention and in general act for the benefit of Jewish interests in plying the age-old "divide and conquer" strategy.

a good place for the new peter shank show to begin,

in good company with many fired former rbn radio talk show hosts...:)

Michael Colins Piper is also good buddies with the Jew Mark Lane, yet another reason to be wary of him. ;-)

Hey, Mark Glenn, Fatass Mookie Jones says exactly the same thing whenever someone criticizes him for being a lying Jew tool:



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