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October 13, 2009


Alex Jones Zionist Joker

Is Peter Dead ?

No, I don't think so.

It sure would be nice to know if Peter's coming back, I miss his no-nonsense analysis.

Regardless, hope all is well.

paging roscoe b coaltrain...paging roscoe b coaltrain...

report to for instructions


When are you coming back Peter, on the radio? or the comments or forum.

beware the leaven of henry makow. this jew is always talking about everything but the jew, its everybody's fault, not just the jew's fault. sure henry, tell us some more lies you putz....steele was right about you , pally...

craig is lonely. craig ha nowhere to post anymore. all places do not offer freedom of speech. craig wants to post a nice little diddy i thought up last week while out riding my bike....


maybe the title should be

helpful jews...

sabrosky, duff and hart

sayanims doing their part

arrived on the scene as of late

hoping we will take the bait

inserting leaven in the patriot loaf

accepted by the patriot oaf

shall we ever our lesson learn

to all it should be a concern

listen to the words of Steele

hear his words and appeal

what were his words of wit

not written in sanskrit

never trust a jew he stated

advice that should not be hated....

Good article, except for the Patryotard label. It strongly suggests that anyone who is a patriot is a retard, a common anti-Western sentiment among the leftists and "conservative" universalists. Using this label, you are easily confused with the enemy.

Peter's in some Egyption prison soon to be joined by Edgar Steele.

We stop, and sometimes when we resist the temptation and askourselves why, at that moment, we have no right, no wrong.

Phil Tourney put tenability in the week by week show for the reason that he had been on the boat when it was ambushed by Israeli contender funneled and survived.

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