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October 13, 2009


Another home run article, Peter. Great job.

Here's another gem posted by an Alex Jones cult member on the Prisonplanet comments section:


Concerned Reply:
October 13th, 2009 at 5:41 pm

Alex Jones deserves his one million dollar house in a gated community and so much more. He’s risking his life to get the truth out against the NWO eugenicists. I’m so thankful he woke me up.

Peter, I recently figured out that Alex Jones is doing more than just operating a scam business.


Peter, have you seen this site yet? It's freaking hilarious.

Great article Peter. I will post this on other Tard sites with the hope that your words will wake up some of the sheeple.

It's funny how many people claim Jones has awakened them, but in reality, he puts them in a trance. I agree with Zog, he is running a cult.

I think the most interesting point you make is the fact that Mark Glenn had an appearance on the Rense show. Combine that with the fact that Jones-stein obsessively protects Jewish power (the hand that FEEDS him-and he's eating good OBVIOUSLY...)and has his own gatekeeping verion of the USS Liberty (Johnson did it) and Stadmiller bows once again to Jones-stein pressure. I once heard Jones state concening the the USS Liberty, that "he doesn't even blame Israel" and I swear to you that that is an exact quote, which once again proves how willing he is to protect his zionist masters.

And regarding Johnson, I believe he was just flat out compromised and he already knew that the Mossad had the dirt on him so he had to go along.

Thanks for another fine editorial and I have been posting it all over.

Now when are you going to get back to doing some radio? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Peter: also take into consideration that Jim Tucker, an Alex Jones-stein acolyte/total suck-up, who points his bony finger at Bilberberg exclusively mind you, has come out in recent days against The USS Liberty host Phil Tourney and Mark Glenn. He states that all Mark Glenn ever talks about is the “jew, jew, jew”. Well no kidding Sherlock? Is it because maybe Glenn is on to something and is tired of PAYtriotards who have people chasing ghosts and purposely point away from Jewish power?

Anyway, I wanted to fill you in on that tidbit. As we all know, Jones promotes Tucker, the old fool that he is who is stuck in his ways and appears to be a supporter of Zionist causes.

Final note: as a matter of fact it was Tucker who essentially had Glenn more or less fired from American Free Press as a writer. Glenn's editorials were spot on but PAYtriotard Tucker could not handle the truth-it was too hot to handle for his crusty old ways. I would be willing to be that Jones had some influence over that as well...

Not to play on peoples emotions, but to make a point...Glenn has 8-kids to my knowlege, and Jones and Tucker are heartless enough to fire a man who is pressing forward the real truths. It just galvanizes my opinion of Jones-stein.

Go one better Peter... Start your show backup again, even if it's unscheduled. Post your radio shows when you make them on your blog site.

You maybe interested in this ;

The poster isn't the same Wolf of our past. The poster is saying the Jews are Gog & Magog. So Israel has already been invaded by Gog and Magog. It's not going to be a Russia & Chinese attack on Israel as the Pentecostal come Judeo-Christians, espouse.

It's fine with me if Oldman Tucker and Fatboy Jones want to blame the Bilderberg Group for everything, because the Bilderberg Group is overwhelmingly Jewish dominated, as I have proven with my list of the U.S. attendees of the 2009 Bilderberg Conference.

So go ahead, Oldman and Fatboy, blame the Bilderberg Group for everything. It doesn't take attention away from the Jews at all. It does the opposite. :-)

Problem is old Fatboy Tucker hasn't a clue about Bilderberg because he's just to damned D U M B and old to get it. The other Fatboy is well aware of it but that's why he eats good-he knows where his bread is buttered, where his beans are baked, where his wife's taco is stuffed and that is by his zio-jew boys.

Which also explains his zio-jew connections to Hollywood, Loose change and all his other JEWcy connections.

Hmm, Alex Jones' wife Jewish taco.

I wonder how that tastes?



Maybe Lox???

Not that I would want to find out what a Jewish taco tastes like.

I just want to make that clear. :-)


I agree with K-Sensor. You need to get back on the air. May I suggest Blogtalkradio or

michael collins piper has got to be the most boring radio talk show host i have ever heard.

These are great Patriots. You hear me!? These are the greatest of patriots and anyone who attacks them like this will get banned from Stormfront and their posts deleted!

I will not tolerate these kind of shameless attacks on these great American patriots. An attack on these men is an attack on liberty itself!


what can I say except 'thank you' for such a great write-up. I didn't know you could write so well.

As far as the other comments concerning Jim Tucker, I had not thought about the Alex Jones connection but now that it's come up you may be on to something.

To the poster who thought (?) I had 8 kids, he/she is partially correct. I have 9.

Mark Glenn

Mark Glenn,

Is it true that you are ethnically part Jewish?

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