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September 09, 2009


Hey, what happened? You had a good radio show. Dont let that VOR stop you.

In one of his more penetrating insights, Peter noted that one of the hallmarks of The Collapse would be the turing of our cities into Third World levels of living, with "trash being uncollected."

THIS is happening right now in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and will be coming to a municipality near you, all too soon.


After I read this article - which has received no mention in the national press - I suddenly awoke at about three in the morning, and just stared at the ceiling in the darkened room, wondering what it all means for my Posterity, and what I could do about it, while I could.

The Answer ALWAYS goes back to Family, Faith, and Community, for any sort of foundation, for any sort of stable solution.

How many people for their vanity, Germany and France who thebuilt credit dead!

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