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September 16, 2009


Also, since your the nazism promoter, that proves that you are the Marxist piece of garbage. You see ZOG boy, limited government is the furthest to the right (next is anarchy, screw that) whereas communism, socialism and nazism are to the left. I stand for a Constitutional republic, (limited government) moron, whereas you want big gov to be the answer all over again. What an idiot. ROFL. Hate away boy. You are your own worst enemy.

Also, ZOG I am hardly a leftist. As an advocate of a Constitutional Republic, which is furthest to the right on the political spectrum, I would venture to say that you are the leftist since you support an ism that is on the LEFT. Furthermore on moral issues I would gaurantee that I'm further to the right any day of the week than your sorry Commie Pinko arse is.

Btw, how come your not on the short bus/hate bus with Prostink and RV? Man has he polluted his own work in such a short time...are you his handler by chance?

Rockclimber, I'm surprised that you even support Peter Schaenk, because he talks about racial issues and he isn't afraid to say that the races are NOT equal.

According to you politically correct egalitarian types, this type of discussion is "evil" and "wrong".

So why do you support Peter Schaenk? That doesn't make sense.

ZOG. You are wrong. I can appreciate MANY of the racial issues he discusses. I told you before I am white, as a matter of fact blonde-haired and green eyed. I am married to a white woman, have a white family. I am proud to be white and do not suffer from white guilt. I personally beleive in sticking to your own race but I wouldn't object to my daughter marrying a good man-take that how you will. But she dates white men regardless of that because people generally attract to the people they have the most in common with. (ie white people in this instance, so I'm not that paranoid)

I realize there are racial differences whether it be physical/mental, that much is obvious. But it doesn't make me think any less of the person in most instances.

Do I believe many mexicans make mexicos, and africans make africas? Of course and it's because of their unwillingness to assimilate and much of it is the attitude and also the from the brainwashing and diviseness of the jew to keep us all fighting amomgst each other so that we aren't wathcing them. See they're the real enemy but you want to blame the 'niggers' and 'spics' when I say let's focuse on enemy #1 and sort out our other differences later. I'm a realist and I know good and well that as hard as the jew tries, races will always remain separate for the most part. So I know who my fight is with and it includes the white elitists who have been suckered in as well.

Good work on exposing Alex Jones. Unfortunately, there's a lot of militia and military men and a lot of good peple falling into his flytrap. I want to personally thank you Peter Schaenk, you have never steered me wrong. It may take some time for me to come to the realization that you were right. I found this forum that you or your fans may be interested in. The people over there are about as high-browed as you are about fighting the good fight and as good natured as your fans.

Rockclimberscott, let me simplify it for you:

1.) You hate White Nationalism

2.) Peter Schaenk agrees with all the main tenets of White Nationalism.

3.) You support Peter Schaenk.

Therefore, your behavior is irrational. You're engaging in double think.

Hey, everybody, check out the new dirt I found on Alex Jones' wife. This is good stuff


Here is the truth about AJ as best I can tell you.

1) Is he a Zionist or Vatican agent ?

Absolutely not. If anything he is a slave to his hideous wife Violet ( Kelly) Jones. I have only met her once, and she was so rude to me and my wife at the time, I was completely blown away. If there is anyone running the show, it is her. She, according to those who have worked closely with her is one of the most vile creatures to ever walk the Earth.

He ( supposedly) hates her guts, and the reason he stays in the studio until 3 am is to be as far away from her as much as possible. She is a very controlling, materialistic, Ebay addict, that has to have more money, all the time. He seems like he lives just to support her ebay habit. She is an ex PETA radical, and having dated one of those, I can relate to the craziness they can exhibit. They're often beautiful women, that are a bit on the coo coo side.

Okay, now here's the really good part.


Most of what I have mentioned has already been widely discussed on the internet, except for some things about his wife.

Let me tell you that I am not basing info on her from just one rude encounter. I have known people on the inside for many, many, years.

This woman is not a nice person, and basically has control over him. Without dragging out a bunch of dirty laundry, let me just say that she has unflattering tapes of him, that could be sold to people that are looking at getting rich, by trying to destroy his name.

"...let me just say that she has unflattering tapes of him, that could be sold to people that are looking at getting rich, by trying to destroy his name."


well John Stadtmiller has done it again. He pulled another Peter Shank incident. He fired Mark Glenn and Phil Tourney and discontinued the Liberty Hour because he said the subject matter was not worth discussing anymore. Phil Tourney called in to the MCP show and was very upset about it and pissed off about what John Stadtmiller did. Something is fishy here Peter. This show was going real good and all of a sudden they are gone, just like that. Now today, it was very strange, John Stadtmiller was talking about how jews are responsible for all of this country woes, while doing his show at 4:00pm. I was sitting here scratching my head, trying to figure out why he was doing all of this. It is not like John Stadtmiller to talk about jews like that. Then it came out that he was firing phil tourney and mark glenn and blowing off their show. Now we see why he did what he did on his show. He was trying somehow to make up for what he was doing about that show, or something like that. This is pure bullshit. Fucking jews. I know they are behind this. He is replacing the Liberty Hour with some fucking former Dallas football player who will now talk about patriotard nonsense. This is pure bullshit.....We simply do not have anyone to listen to , nowhere to be found all across the where.......none.....As in the Peter Shank firing, he has pissed me off again, real good. Sometimes I wonder what he is all about.

Yeah, I listened to MCP's show tonight and heard all of that.

I keep telling you guys, John Stadtmiller is Jewish. Mark my words. The truth will come out.

"Sometimes I wonder what he is all about."

Here's what he's all about: HE'S AN ETHNIC JEW.

As I have said many times, the "bar", or even, the "fake patriotard end zone", is Coast to Coast. When a so-called "patriot" makes the ranks of "returning guest" on C2C, thats when you know that they are, 1-selling themselves out for notoriety, or, 2-actually working for THEM in keeping a leash on the truth seeking community. I really think that it's that simple. And Jewy Jones is George (Naval Intelligence) Noory's "bulldog". More like lap dog. Dr Lorraine Day was a regular on that show until she said JEW. She has not been on since. Speaking of Navel intelligence, I have never heard Noory mention the USS Liberty. He must know of it, why the silence? You can see the puppet strings clearly. I think that I can anyway.

this just in. mark glenn is going to be on another radio network. this email is going around right now. seems mark glenn got full frontal johnie. you haven't lived until you get full frontal stadtmiller....ha ha ha

post Script--Phil and I have had no less than 5
networks contact us and ask us to "jump ship", which we will defintely be
doing soon. We will be back on the air just as soon as we left.

I did the show with Hesham this afternoon on RBN and
during one of the breaks Stadtmiller cut in and we got into a good shouting
match in which every other word out his mouth was a variation of the word
'fuck'. He denied the comments I attributed to him concerning the Liberty
issue (which indeed he DID say) added that our radio show, the Liberty Hour
hardly had any listeners, never earned any ad revenues and that he couldn't
wait to see 'this little prick' (meaning yours truly) face to face.

All in all, it was a LOT of fun and I dared him to
kick me off the station right then and there if he was the man he thought he
was. He hung up.
Updates to follow as they appear. In the meantime, I
will be on the air with the one and only Mike Rivero at to talk about the unfolding drama.

stay tuned....

Screw the paytriotard radio networks.

They ALL depend on Jewish advertizing revenue to stay on the air.

They are ALL beholden to Jewish interests.

check it out peter. john stadtmiller got a facelift. weird? that's strange. he now looks like someone else i have seen before? hmmmm...


Jones makes himself look like an idiot again

I found an email from October 2005, addressed to Mark Glenn:

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the email and words of support. I thought a network the claimed to be 'uncensored', as RBN does claim, would allow all sides of a story to be heard over the air.

Evidently, Caucasian groups don't have the right to come on the air and give their position in today's current political environment. Think about it. How many other RBN / GCN shows have white groups on to discuss their point of view?

Answer...Zip, None, Nada. Some of the hosts reluctantly talk about the Zionist controlled media, but what does it matter when you behave as if you were part of that media elite?

I am not a Socialist, National or otherwise, but I believe something as important as the Toledo riots, called for the other side of the story. We have heard the non-white side of the story for days on the Zionist controlled media. Mr. White and the National Socialists weren't allowed a chance to give their side of the story. The side of the story that represents the plight of the Polish neighborhood under attack. Say what you want about Nazis, but they have a right to be heard, as do ALL Americans. Not just the non-white, PC crowd. Why should we fight to prevent 'Hate Speech' legislation from passing, when we have "Patriot" groups implementing their own "Hate Speech" and "censorship" laws.

I was told that Stadtmiller accused me of yelling "FIRE" in a crowded theater on my broadcast. Listen to my interview with Bill White and tell me if I was lying or making up a story out of whole cloth. I have no agenda or Axe to grind. I was in search of the truth and the other side of the story. If the theater is on fire then you must yell "FIRE" to get the people out of the burning building. It is the only humane thing to do.

This Censorship started with Radio Free Austin, evidently it has infected the entire 'Patriot / Truth' (and I use that term mockingly) movement. I believe it's time to make people aware of the hypocrisy of this group.

Once again, I appreciate your support. Any help getting the show back on the air is appreciated. I would be very interested in taking you up on any television /radio appearances that might be available.

'We live in a time when telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.'

Peter Schaenk

Well, you can't say I didn't warn him, and Michael Collins Piper. Anyone who would jump in bed with Stadtmiller after what he did to me, is obviously not thinking straight or is a glutton for punishment.

I have been warning the public about this network for four years to date.

Peter Schaenk

RBN is no different than GCN.

They even have some of the same Jewish advertizers, for God's sake!

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