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September 16, 2009


Great article, Peter!

Jones is such a fraud.

How can anyone take Jones seriously. He claims to be fighting the NWO, but he is part of the media establishment, with appearances on Geraldo no less.

I don't think you can fight the NWO when you join the ranks of the Hollywood elite. How can you argue that Hollywood is not a tool of the NWO?

Thanks for the great insight and article Peter!

This is the most definitive article on Jones to date. The links are very important. Everyone reading the article should take time and check out all the links.

Pass the article around, it is important to make people aware!!!

The comparison to Roddy Piper is hilarious and right on target.

I never realized it before this article. Jones is imitating Piper and Blassie.

He is a freaking WWF wannabe!


What a revelation, thanks Peter.

He..Hey! Stop attacking this great American Patriot!


That's the spirit Jamie!

Jamie Kelso is a professional cult member.

He's been a member of so many different cults during his life that he's lost count.

At 18 min into the 4th hr of Wed's show, Alex commented that Obomba's Health Care Bill contains a provision for implanting a subdermal tracking chip in the people.

Oh, wow, this website is hilarious! Does anybody know who is behind this?

Welcome back Peter, that's one hell of an editorial-truth straight up.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it." - Lenin (in reference to Mookie)

Hey, Rockclimberscott, I'm surprised to see you posting on a "Nazi" "White Supremacist" website like Better be careful, somebody might think you're a "racist".


Hey ZOG, I see you're as mean and nasty and hateful as ever. Peter is not a "Nazi", nor a "white supremacist" but I have no doubts that you are. ;) Considering your fine talents to dig up info, what a waste it is that you are filled with a tremendous amount of hate. It's better that others are voicing much of your research since your attitude puts a stain on your credibility. I can see the difference, but most won't. By the way I bent over backwards to get you back at TIU and than you just turned out to be a little bitch.

Rockclimberscott is a pro-multicultural left-wing Marxist piece of garbage.

He thinks that any discussion of race is "evil" and "Nazi-like".

Rockclimberscott, how are you any different than Fatboy Alex Jones? You're not different. You're afraid of open discussion. You're afraid of free speech. You're a politically correct brainwashed lemming.


Look at how Rockclimberscott even uses the Jewish Marxist political buzzword "hate".

Nice job, dumbass.

Hey, Rockclimberscott, good luck in defeating the Jews with your multicultural rainbow coalition. I hope that works out for you, dipshit. LOL

Rockclimberscott is one of those morons who worships the crystal meth drug addict disinformation artist Daryl Bradford Smith. Need I say any more?

Rockclimber, did you even know that Peter Schaenk can't STAND Daryl Bradford Smith? You're such an idiot that you didn't even know that, did you? Peter wrote a long essay about Daryl Bradford Smith entitled, "Daryl Bradford Smith, Crypto Goy". It's on this website. Go read it.

I like DBSs research as he goes further than most and is not a quitter. If that's all you have it's pretty weak. I made a few mistakes when I was younger and I changed. I guess that's pretty hard to believe coming from a moron like you. If Shaenk hates DBS I could care less, it doesn't mean I hate Shaenk nor do I worship his every word nor no one elses for that matter. Are you here to piss on Peter's good work, and b*tch, scream and moan or what? Are you for real? LOL

Btw, ZOG I do not advocate multiculturalism. I believe in assimilation, I'm sick of these illegals and ungrateful welfare recipients. But what's your answer to the problem, kill them all?

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