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September 10, 2009


First of all, thanks for the updated website. There is so much great news on this site it is mind boggling.

Definitely, one stop shopping for ALL news junkies.

The ACORN article is typical. Anyone who has dealt with street level blacks, knows this is business as usual. The fact that the media and politicians ignore it for fear of being smeared a racist is cowardly.

I'm sure there will be some White folks who watch this Vid and think that it is an anomaly, but I can assure you that it is not. This is how the black brotha plays the game on Whitey.

I agree Rocker,

This is now my home page. There is more variety of news than you can shake a stick at. I could spend all day on this site, (But I have to work, sleep and eat sometime.)if I had the time. So I mainly peruse during the weekend.

Can you believe the get up, the white guy is wearing in the video?

How could these ACORN workers be so dumb?

Don't sit on anything this juicy!!!
Send copies of this to Pat Robertson at the 700
Club once a day for the next 30 days. Also, maybe try Trinity Broadcasting and the Catholic Channels.

America is under attack from those that hate White-Christians.

This is all quite comical if it weren't true. The guy who played the pimp in the video looks like a suburban kid going to a "pimps and ho's" costume party.

But the black women are incredibly stupid, they buy into it, and we see their true colors and agenda. Rip off whitey. Rip off the system.

This is a good example of what Peter has spoken about on his broadcast; Affirmative action jobs for people that shouldn't even be in the workforce. Not only are they incompetent, but the entitlement with which they see as rightfully theirs by virtue of skin color, breeds dishonesty and cynicism.

Thanks again for the great website and the updates. I expecially like the map at the bottom left of the page, with the "unusual deaths".

"Later, when the "pimp" asks what would happen if the organization is somehow connected to the scheme, the ACORN staffer replies, "First of all, it's not gonna damage us because we not gonna know. And with your girls, you tell them, 'Be careful.' Train them to keep their mouth shut."

Here in Holland shortly after WWII a new saying emerged : "Speaking is Silver, Silence is Golden". Even my own mother whispered me this quasi 'wisdom' in my ears. Little did I know that this one comes straight from the Babylonian Talmud in support of the evilarchy. And can even be 'admired' in full regale at the beginning of the movie "The Ninth Gate" :

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Suddenly a problem, at least not surprising reasons. Because it is not hethat a moral issue, and the community.

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