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August 18, 2009


No I understand. I think Peter Schaenk is a great man. When he left, I understood the reasons why. I just didn't want to get Peter mad about bringing up VOR, that's what I meant about pealing off a scab. That woulds still pretty fresh. I know when you invest time and effort into a project like that and have the Mishko and Dietrich beg for money hour, it has to be disappointing to say the least. I understand why Peter Scvhaenk doesn't want to get involved with the movement. I don't blame him at all. Me, I have a drive to belong to a movement because I like to share ideas with like minded people. I am just glad Peter Schaenk didn't give up altogether. See, I made a lot of friends through North East White Pride and they accept Christianity and also seem to be sincere of being positive with high moral ethics. I understand this is not for everyone. I also am very impressed with the people who follow Peter Schaenk. Here I will post my proof about the British Nationalist Party. Here you go:

Thanks for the link.

BNP with the Judaic-- thanks for the heads up!!

The BNP is a Jewish false front. Always has been. ;-)

It seems VoR is in bed with the BNP. It looks like Peter Schaenk got out in the nick of time.

Some of the things Peter said about VoR could have been construed as exaggerated or simply a case of sour grapes. But I have to hand it to him. He said a mouthful when he stated that the leadership over there was null and void.

Good work Shankman!

Oh, and the entire American "Patriot" Movement is a Jewish false front as well.

You just said a mouthful Zog.

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