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August 18, 2009


The KKK is just Albert Pikes' club to take Christian concerns over racial protection, to a level of mysticism and perversions of honour. The group destroys the rightful message.

Great direction for the gun carriers. More people should be expressing the right.

Check this out

"Kill The White Man"
"In this Documentary Dr. Kalid Muhammad gives his reasons for his hardcore seperatist views as he debates New World Order Zionist Shill Anthony J. Hilder. Born Harold Moore, Jr. on January 12, 1948 in Houston, Texas, the late Khalid Abdul Muhammad is best remembered as the founder of the New Black Panther Party. Muhammad was the second of six children born to his father, Harold Moore, Sr., and his mother, Lottie B. Moore. As a youth, he was raised in Houston by his Aunt Carrie Moore Vann. After graduating from high school, Muhammad won a scholarship to Dillard University in Louisiana, where he pursued a degree in theological studies. By 1975, the 27-year-old radical was the instrumental part in revolutionary movements brought an end to South African apartheid. Eventually Muhammad's was interested in real results and eventually found out like Malcom X that the Nation Of Islam is a another Govenment controled Mindcontrol cult Group, but knew that the people were cult members and like a good teacher knows what his students are ready for so did not talk about the truth of the NOI. and like Malcom X was Killed by intelligence assassins by a chemical weapon that causes brain a aneurysm and died on February 17, 2001, at the age of 53, in Atlanta."

I haven't downloaded it yet but it looks interesting. Is this Muslim calling for the death of Whites or saying they are being killed.

Blacks have been using the paranoia card for years. Malcolm X was killed because he spoke out against the Nation of Islam. It was intenecine assassination. Not a vast government conspiracy. It was a simple case of "Turf War" between rival black gangs.

I don't buy the theory that every one of these black leaders is targeted by the government for assassination if they get too powerful. Our government has done everything in it's power to promote black issues, not squash them. Black issues are an integral part of the JWO.

Black "equality" has been used to manipulate "White guilt" which is the motivating factor causing White America to "vote / give away" it's legacy to the third world.

Black hatred of White America is the motivating factor of ALL Black political movements. It is taught in elementary schools across the country. Interestingly, it is the same curriculum that the Black Panther party created for it's elementary schools in the 1960's.

Unfortunately, Blacks will never be allies to Whites in the fight against the NWO, due to the years of anti-White propaganda in our White run, elementary schools.

It is also the cause of "self-hatred" among Whites in our society.

Hal Turner is the top story on Drudge at this time.

Mookie Jones said on his radio last week that Hal Turn is a "Jewish guy".

I don't think he would say this unless he had some sort of inside information. He probably has contacts in the FBI that told him this. He has family members who work for the FBI.

typo: "Hal Turner"

Shit Z.o.G. you can't smell! Aaaaah

typo: "Spell"

I heard Jones say that but Hal is more likely MK Ultra than an actual Judaic

In Arizona, a GROUP of protesters there brought guns to their town hall meetings too, even rifles! Good to see them catch on. If you don't exercise your rights, you lose them.

As for Hal Turner, he was on the FBI pay roll while Mookie Jones does the same thing for free. Interesting...

Hal does have a Jewish sounding presentation over the radio. Maybe it's just an East Coast thing?

Zog, do you have the clip of Mookie calling Hal a Jew?

Peter mentioned that he believed Obama would be assassinated in the near future and a White Nationalist group would be blamed. It certainly looks like that will be the case, if you read the recent headline.

It appears the Jew controlled media is priming us for the "Redneck Assassin" who kills our Black president.

Of course only rednecks believe in the 2nd amendment and everyone knows that the 2nd amendment is the cause of all evil and murder in the U.S. They'll make a case that Obama would be alive now if we had only eliminated the 2nd amendment. This is definitely on the horizon.

Thank you Peter, for making us aware of the "War of Perception" that is going on in the media. I feel that the people who visit this site on a regular basis are the only sane people on the Internet. At least the most informed "insane" people.

Whichever the case may be.

I haven't always agreed with Peter's take on the Jews, but it looks like he has this one pegged. In addition, he was talking about this months ago when he was on VoR. I don't have time to listen to the swill on Jone's-four-hour-waste-of-time. It's nothing but recycled 70's conspiracy theories, repackaged for generation X.

Peter Schaenk is an original thinker. That is more than you can say for the other PAY-Tridiots on the Internet circuit.

Mookie's exact quote about Hal Turner was, "...Jewish guys like Hal Turner."

I don't have the audio clip of this. He said it on one of his radio shows last week. I don't remember which day it was. I do remember that he said at the very beginning of the show though.

I found the Alex Jones clip - about 3:00 into it.

"Jewish guys like Hal Turner" - wow....

See, people should not get on the jewish controlled media. It makes us all look bad. I know people from the Klan. They are hard core Christians, family men, non-alcoholics, like Randy Gray and Thomas Robb that took over for David Duke. The guy sitting in the background that became an informant, all those jokers were white trash to begin with. So to become a snitch to lighten their sentence is what goes on. Right now it doesn't matter, people are just attacking people. If you are a republican, you can get acid thrown on your car. If you are a democrat, you are just as dumb as a republican.

Look at all of these old geezers, my parents also, that screwed up this country. Now the jewish controlled media is making them look like lunatics. They threw the baby out with the bathwater years ago. No matter what, you will be considered a hater if you are white, unless you are a communist, pinko, or a neo-con. I mean really, we are celebrating 40 years that we landed on the moon? And diversity is so great? Shouldn't we have been to Mars and back 4-5 times by now?

One last thing, Alex Jones has become more popular than ever. It sickens me to know this nut job is on top now. I am going to steal from Peter Schaenk for a moment, Bernays tactics are being used now more than ever. Alex Jones is just one more tool that is being used upon the masses for confusion.

The whites are only 8% of the population and the jews are put upon? They won't be happy until we are 0%, and I am the hater right?

Great post BCB. I agree with you 99.9%.

I would like to add to your post. In a country where a man's word was as good as his handshake, lying is now nothing more than a tool to be used to your advantage. There is no longer a moral stigma on liars.

People like Jones, Stadtmiller and others lie on their radio shows daily and no one blinks an eye.

"They're doing good work...", "Everyone lies...", "We don't want to cause a rift in the movement, so let's ignore the lies...".

Yes, many people lie, but that doesn't make it right. It certainly isn't acceptable coming from people who are supposed to be leaders in the "movement". How do you know when they are lying and telling the truth?

Since they have shown themselves to be blatant liars, how do we know when they are not manipulating the masses and when they are truth-telling?

When these people lie once, they will lie again and again. There is a reason they lie. It is beneficial to their agenda and self-empowerment. You have to ask yourself, "Is lying beneficial to my life and family?"

"Is it in my best interest to support men and women who lie regularly to make profits with the products they sell?"

Jones is popular because people didn't walk away when he lied the first time. By the time he lied 10 or 20 times, it becamse acceptable to his fans, because, " He is doing good work...".

Famous last words:

"The jews couldn't have pulled off 911, I know I've done the research...".

I stopped listening to Mookie for the same reasons I stopped watching the WWF. They are both staged events.

When wrestling was a local event on access cable, there was a level of reality or believability to it. When it became this multimillion dollar syndication, it was obviously staged so the results would be consistent and profitable.

Jones is the same thing. When he was a local guy on a crappy access cable show, he came off as a nut, but believable. His excentric behavior was endearing, much like a late night appliance salesman, and entertaining.

With his success at marketing sub-par "videos", and calling them "films", he has gained an undeserved respect as a "filmaker", when in reality he is nothing more than an access cable hack. His videos are nothing but glorified versions of his cable show, with more production value.

If you want this guy to go away, you need to stop listening to him. If you want to listen in, then call him up live and ask him uncomfortable questions such as, "how long have you been a Zionist?", "Who do you really work for?", "Do you still believe the Jews couldn't carry out 911?" Etc.

I'm sure Zog could come up with better questions, but you get the idea.

I agree with you Sam Francis. That's why there is so much divorce anymore. People take the marriage act as Jr Highers going steady and breaking up. I am not trying to rip off a scab for Peter Schaenk here but that Voice of Reason is now no longer truthful. I gave them proof and believe me I was quite shocked when I found this out, Nick Griffin and the BNP has alligned themselves wih the jew. I gave my evidence because they boast about the BNP so much and the mature response that I had gotten was that I am a crackhead. When I tried to point out the error of their ways, they deleted what I wrote afterwards so it looks like half truths. Whoever that Steve guy is over there might as well just call them Alex Jones Light these days. It's one thing to be wrong, which I have been many times, but when you are wrong and slander somebody by calling them a crackhead, isn't that what the jewish supremist does when they have no comeback? Call you a name, like an anti-semetic? There is one thing good about Peter Schaenk followers, we seem to learn and grow with each other instead of lies, half-truths, and slander one another.


I saw a video on You tube exposing the BNP. It was a real eye-opener.

VoR has a history of censoring posts that don't fit in with their particular ideological bent. Peter Schaenk is no friend of VoR as you can see by his article posted on this website re his departure from VoR.

The problem with the various popular movements is that their ideology takes precedence over the facts and truth.

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