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August 31, 2009


I like the new look and the added news stories.

Here we go again, the Kabbalistic six million number again. Don't these reporters know the numbers have been revised so called officially! They are merely repeating the magic in the Jewish Talmudic religion.

If Auschwitz went from 4 Million to 1 Million, then 6 million figure certainly isn't valid. Then consider camps like Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec, were not death camps as said in propaganda.

The fact is Jews or properly named, Ashkenazis were encamped and tattooed, but there's little proof or to none, of systematic exterminations. There is a mass of truth in disease killing most. Was it moral to encamp Ashkenazis? Well that's a major debate when seeing all the issues.

Islam is just as bad as Talmudism. They are followers of Satan, even if indirectly. Allah is the god of the moon, the bull. Muslims need to be strict and declare the god they worship the same God of creations and of Jesus, so that they can claim their true heritage.

Amen Brother!

The truth is that jews stood in line to go to small town re-location centers like Auschwitz. On the strength of a memo written by a jew physics professor, a certain 'Lindemann' allied air forces terror bombed innocent population centers, year after year. The only places off limits to our bombers were camps like Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Official Red Cross Records prove that barely 275,000 jews died during all the long years of the war. A total more consistent with natural causes than genocide. Don't forget jews were just 0.46% of all the casualties in Viet Nam. Quite a poor performance when you realize jews are 2-3% of our population and control 60% of all the jobs in hollyweird and 50% of all the faculty appointments.

This is another perfect example of why people who claim to be white nationalists should not go onto the jew controlled media. Hannity is the biggest mouth piece for Israel out there. He's even bigger than pinhead O Reilly himself and Rush Dumbo. I think Ann Coulter is starting to see the light though. Pat Buchanan is an interesting figure. But, come on, why would you let yourself be brutalized on zionist TV? It never ever does any of us any good. For now we have the computer, but what I understand is that communist mouth piece, the zulu war king Barack Obama, can shut down the internet under the disguise of National Security, or cyber attacks. When will folks ever learn? No matter how bright you are, how articulate you may be, how well your intentions are, they are going to hack you up into billions of pieces and spit you out for lunch. Stay the heck off of the jew tube.

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