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August 23, 2009


Thank you Peter Schaenk for not calling me a crackhead like they did over at VOR. As a matter of fact, you went over and beyond my research for exposing the BNP and other far right groups that are now in bed with the jews, simply for their hatred of the Muslims. I do not want part of any group that hates another group, like the Muslims, so much that they would sell out and live in bondage with the jews.

hey peter, when are you going to get your micro radio network up and running in the austin area? you are needed on the front lines, in order to stick a much needed ascerbic needle into the gaseous mookie balloon that is expanding at a tragic rate at this moment. only you can do it. you have done it before. what say you man called shank? :)


keep away from the anti-islam "rightist" parties. they are not right wing at all and are completely pro-jew and pro all the things that led us to the mess we are in today.

whether a party puts a big emphasis on islam will usually tell you if they are owned by jews or not.

anti-islam = neo-con = jew = not right wing

Peter, you wouldn't believe the idiocy of the VERY FEW Mookie Jones' supporters over on Stormfront. They're literally retarded. They just can't understand. But, thankfully, there are only about four or five people on there who support him. Everybody else knows that he's a Jew tool, thanks to me. :-)

Here's the weird part though. The absolute BIGGEST Mookie Jones supporter on Stormfront is one of the senior moderators, Jamie Kelso. This guy is in love with Mookie. He literally worships the ground he walks on.

This idiot is so deluded it's not even funny. He keeps saying that I'm an "SPLC agent" and that I'm trying to "divide" the "Patriot" movement because I expose Mookie for the Jew plant that he is.

This guy is definitely off his rocker.

Kelso is also knee deep over at VoR. Let's see: BNP, VoR, Mookie, Kelso...

Anyone want to play connect the dots?

I didn't know Kelso was a Mookie supporter. Interesting...Thanks for the update!

Yeah, Peter, the guy is a complete kool-aid drinking Mookie cult member. He's a nut. Check out the Stormfront Alex Jones thread and see for yourself:

I didn't know that Kelso was involved in VOR. What part does he play?

He is cozy with Dietrich and Mishko and has appeared on their show from time to time.

In this episode, Mishko and Dietrich:

■. . . are joined by Jamie Kelso of We discuss the Ron Paul Revolution and the implications thereof.

Interesting. Thanks, Sam.

"...the Ron Paul Revolution and the implications thereof."

Thanks to what I have learned from listening to Peter Schaenk, I am more heartened than ever for the possibilities ahead for us.


An awful lot of energy and resources is going into creating one false flag after another for us, all in the obvious desire to stop us from making any headway, in any area of civic effectiveness.

I looked at what Peter had to do to get anything out at all, and I am convinced such consistent attempts to stop him are rooted in fear.

Fear of, not so much "the truth," per se, but the idea that we can - indeed, MUST - think for ourselves, and take personal responsibility to make a better world for us, and our Posterity.

just to clarify, of course, when I referred to "Ron Paul Revolution" and the many false flags that have been set to divert us from being effective, I meant "The Ron Paul Revolution" as a specific example of such false flags.

This self-proclaimed "Revolution" seems to have been very profitable for some people, and, I suspect, and very comfortable, and even satisfying, for others.

All they have to do to succeed is stop us from asking the right questions.

Oh, by the way, it is rumored that Jamie Kelso is a flamboyant homosexual.


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