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August 01, 2009


What strikes me as the most sad about the jews is that their money is their God. So somebody that is making $10 an hour is just goyim. This is where people have to wake up. Money isn't the substance of the man, it's what is in their hearts what matters. I'd be proud to make $10 an hour and live a wholesome life with friends and family, than to be a low greasy spawn of Satan, as these jews will certainly pay in the end. Why does it have to get to this bad every century? They never learn.

I can't believe the language coming out of the mouth of this Rabbi. Imagine if the Pharisees behaved this way during Jesus' time? It makes sense that the Son of God became angry and turned the money changers tables over.

I also imagine the same profanity used on the reporter in this video was used against Jesus in his day.

We are not dealing with a bunch of innocent lambs. It's time we shed some light on the true nature of these scoundrels.

Not one of those jews condemed the arrests. Instead, they were mad the rabbis were arrested. Amazing!

Alex Jones Quotations

"Hollywood is owned by the Arabs."
- Alex Jones

I mean so, the point is, they just own everything. I mean, they control the whole deal."
- Alex Jones, talking about Arabs

I do a real analysis of who actually owns things - it's the British...the Dutch...then it's the Arabs...then it's the French...then it's the Jews...and then, on down the line."
- Alex Jones

"And everybody's running around talking about "Zionists" all day. Okay, just keep parroting that over and over again."
- Alex Jones

"But that doesn't mean Israel carried out the attack."
- Alex Jones, talking about the 9/11 attacks

"Now, uh, I, have not, you know, jumped on the bandwagon to say that Israel carried out 9/11."
- Alex Jones

"Folks, I've done the research! Israel could not carry out these attacks. And, and, I, uh again, I'm just saying that on the record. I'm trying to go after who's guilty. I'll say who I believe did it, and th...all the evidence shows it. And it's, it's, it's Dick Cheney 'n it's people above him."
- Alex Jones, talking about the 9/11 attacks

"Really, from my research, it's, it's these Luciferian controllers. It doesn't matter if it's Albert Pike, the founder of the Klan/Confederate General, allied with these people, or Adolf Hitler. It's just an evil crew of individuals."
- Alex Jones

"Well, I mean, it's not true. People can say I'm a 14 foot tall blood-drink...blood-drinking reptoid, but it's not true."
- Alex Jones, in response to the accusation that he has Zionist handlers

" 'What do you say about those that say you're handled by Zionists?'. Well, number one, it's not true. But number two, I do have Jewish friends, which people do grab and use...and I think that's really anti-Semitism. And if that makes me a Zionist-handled creature, then guilty as charged."
- Alex Jones

"I'm saying...I don't wanna be anywhere near the white supremacists(sic)...but not even them so much...just the Jew-haters, uh, are, are just the most mentally ill, lying freaks!"
- Alex Jones

"Every time we look, they're killing Jews."
- Alex Jones

Why? Why are they always wanting to kill Jews?"
- Alex Jones

"You know, it, it's a religion to, to bash Jews, and I'm just not gonna take part in it."
- Alex Jones

"There are a bunch of people who worship Adolf Hitler who don't like me because I don't think Jews have 14 inch fangs and drink blood and sneak around in bushes."
- Alex Jones

Peter what's your opinion on Obama being a Natural Born Citizen? The players being suit are Jews, but Jews also put Obama in the seat. Obama is also a Catholic-Muslim a sign of the Jewish angle of the corrupt Catholic establishment.

The birth certificate and division on Obama's policies is a major topic.

Jews take all sides of every issue. :-(

In Alex Jones' upcoming film The Obama Deception 2, Alex is going to expose who President Barack Obama really works for:


you forgot to mention REPTILIAN also...

Correction for k-sensor: "a sign of the Jewish angle of the corrupt POST VATICAN II Catholic establishment."

By the way what is a "Catholic establishment". I see only a JWO establishment.

What is a Catholic-Muslim? Is similar to a Protestant-Pagan? Or a Reptilian-Jew? murders surrounding Obama's birth certificate issue.

I have never heard of Obama being a Catholic. I find this hard to believe. What is your evidence?

I saw a document that appeared to reveal Obama's Kenyan birth. If it is true, it will probably not be confirmed until after he leaves office. If he leaves office by an assassin's bullet, people will not care about the revelation of Obama's foreign birth. At that point he will become "Saint Obama".

I firmly believe that Obama will be assassinated. There is just too much to be gained for the JWO. I can't see them passing up this golden opportunity.

We have recently seen many WN's on major media news shows; John DeNugent, Tom Metzger, Hal Turner, etc. I believe they are parading these guys on the major media circuit, to get their names and political viewpoints imprinted on the brains of the boobs who watch these TV shows.

Usually, the mass media ignores WN. If they are giving them air time it is for a reason. I think it is to create a patsy. When Obama takes a bullet for the J-Team, the American people will have the usual WN suspects fresh on their collective mind.

When the government announces the apprehension of the White Nationalist culprit, twenty minutes after the assassination; Americans will have no problem swallowing the government line about the Evil-White-Nazi-Racist who listened to Internet "Hate" radio and was prodded into killing Obama, etc.

Well, I hope you're wrong about that, Peter. That would be the worst-case scenario. :-(

When are you going to be back on the Radio, Peter.

Congratulations, Peter!

You observed, months ago, that our Enemies would move to define ALL White people as "Nazis," and "brown shirts."

That meme is developing, and I think it was started by Pelosi.

Congratulations, Peter!
You said that we were facing a collapse of Civilization, and we are.

The Planing Director for Flint has received wall to wall national approval for his proposal to bulldoze at least forty percent of Flint, and many other municipalities are very interested in this project.

Of course, guess where the displaced urban brethren will be displaced to?

Again, you are correct.

Incidentally, in the rural areas, the roads are being turned back to gravel - it costs about a tenth of what is does to build a modern road.

That trend will be accelerating, too.

Thanks for all you have done!

In addition to all you have mentioned; The US Postal Service is closing many of it's stations around the country.

Too many years of Affirmative Action, too many incompetent people at the helm, too many people stealing from the public trough, too many years of dumbing down the population, too many years of watching TV, etc.

The next step will be to cut back on garbage collection in our major cities.

The chickens are coming home to roost.

Just as Pelosi's(J) accusation that 'Nazi's' are behind the Healthcare violence, CNN is atacking the Beatles tonight as inciting the Manson murders. Also last night when Drudge was running the Healthcare violence headline( that is still there), CNN was running a top story that a decorated,returning Iraq vet is suspected of murder-- he is white of course. I have been banned from commenting at Huff Post after only 1 post that was as diplomatic as poss.

We are entering a phase of Machiavellian/Hegelian incitement that is reminiscent of the Bastille. Watch out for 9/9/9.

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus

It would be great to have you back on the air Peter. People need a voice against all the disinfo.

It's worse.

The commercial real estate guy at the bank said the Postal Service is closing "a lot of facilities, not just local post offices, but their larger regional offices," as well.

This will kick the commercial real estate market in the teeth; remember, the drive of commercial real estate is corporate earnings, and, secondarily, the quality of those earnings.

Guess where a lot of pension fund investments are held in?

I talked to power company engineers, and they said it is "too late" to stop the slow collapse of the power grid, particularly in the more remote areas.

Simply stated, the quantity and quality of electrical power will begin to decline; again, another sign of the Collapse.

So many in the WN2/M community, and the Patriotard broadcasters, are looking to a Past That Never Was, and hoping some magic powers will develop out of a piece of paper that "means what (the Supreme Court) says it means."

You can't fix willful ignorance; you just can't.

The only way out, as I see it, is based on Family, and Faith.

That is why I support Harold Covington's Idea of a Northwest Republic, if only as an Analytical Model for how we can begin to reorganize our own lives, AS IF we were the people of such a nation, and such a Country.

Thanks again for all you have done.

I can only imagine how frustrating it has been.

Incidentally, I think you said that Hal Turner was making statements that would get anyone else in Big Trouble; it was almost like he had some Protection from certain quarters.

Looks like you were right, again.

Hal WAS abusing the first amendment. His handlers put him up to it and then shoved him under the bus.

I think Hal was brought out into the limelight because his message is now important for the Jew World Order.

People like Turner rabble rouse and get the masses angry at Whites.

I agree with Mr. Schaenk's analysis. Something is brewing and White Nationalism is going to be the whipping boy. Which means ALL White people will become whipping boys. Most will think it is justified because of all the years our White ancestors subjugated non-Whites and ruined the planet with abuse of it's natural resources, etc.

People should start to batten down the hatches and educate their immediate family to the attack on civilization that is about to occur.

We are about to be driven into the catacombs by our own people...

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