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July 10, 2009


The Persians have a long history of cooperation with the Jews. They helped them establish a Jewish kingdom and rebuild the second Temple.

In addition, the "terrorists" that held the Americans hostage during the Carter presidency, have been linked to the Mossad.

The gun laws are on hold. You can see that with that Mexican women before a panel to join the Supreme Court, that the gun ban is on hold. They are now concentrating on demoralising America with Anti-Freespeach laws and pushing Pervert concepts, and killing people off with poisoning and virus releases.

Maybe with the swine-bird-human designer flu going rampant, with the added killer vaccines, there will be civil disorder and then they will have the catalyst to ban the guns!

Best to use the guns early on the evil ones.

"jewish supreme court justice talks out of turn perhaps and revealing too much of the true plan?"

What's the true plan -- exterminating blacks? If that's their plan (as Alex Jones alleges), I'll support it.

Unfortunately, it mostly seems to be whites that are in the negative birth rates.

"The Patriot Movement was not 'subverted' by Jews. It was CREATED by Jews."

Hey ZOG, I've got another one to add to the list -- Bill Cooper. There's a photo of his parents in Behold a Pail of Horsesh*t. If his father isn't tribe, then I'm John Travolta.

"...Paytriotard conference at Jekyll Island that Stadtmiller just went to last month..."

Didn't Ed Steele attend that conference as well?

"The only radio host on RBN worth listening to is Michael Collins Piper. Everything else on there is bullshit."

The Political Cesspool is pretty good, but they're not on that network anymore.

"Ahmadinejad... persian Jew?"

After getting into an argument with an Israeli who was posting anti-Iranian, anti-Ahmadinejad propaganda on The Phora a few weeks ago (yes, The Phora actually let's sheenies post this kind of crud on their board), I'm quite convinced that the jews really do hate the man and would like to see him deposed.

If we're going to start pushing these conspiracy theories to the point where every single politician on the planet is controlled by jews, then what's the point of fighting? If the jews have that much power, then we've already lost the war and we might as well sit back, crack open a cold one, and watch the Seinfeld marathon on TV :-)

"i find it strange how this man, conducts his business as leader of iran. saying the most inconceivable things at the most inopertune times, almost as if he wants to get his country into war with isreal ,etc"

Though jews and neo-kahns will of course deny it, the truth is that Ahmadinejad didn't really say most of things that are attributed to him. His statements were mistranslated, and the mistranslations were parroted endlessly by our media. Don't trust *anything* you see or hear in the jew-controlled mass media.

"And also i think that Russia is not true ally of Arab/Muslim countries. Is a proposital ally that gives weak help and at the H-Hour will step back."

We'll see, but Russia certainly didn't take any crap from the JWO in South Ossetia last year. Russia was still weak and in a state of disarray during the JWO bombing of Serbia (largely as a result of being looted by jewish robber barons and getting poor advice from Western "helpers"), but it's much stronger now.

"The Persians have a long history of cooperation with the Jews."

True, but I don't think that's the case anymore. It's obvious the jews want to effect a "regime change" in Iran.

Hi Peter,

Anyway you can post an mp3 of your Transylvania Chef music? That stuff is awesome.


In the "newsvine top news" feed at the upper right corner of this blog, it said that Marriot's 2Q profits are down 76%, while JPMorgan's are up 36%. Interesting, no?

Isn't JPMorgan Chase one of the banks that's been accused of manipulating the gold market?

Harley-Davidson also hurting:

* Mariott

This paytriotard conspiracy theory that the NWO is trying to exterminate blacks has got to be the stupidest one ever.

Yeah, the NWO is trying to exterminate blacks -- by giving them welfare, food stamps, public housing, and affirmative action at white taxpayer expense.

As if the NWO would really need to go around vaccinating blacks in Africa with killer viruses to get rid of them. Decolonization did more to reduce the blacks' numbers in Africa than a bioengineered plague ever could. So let's get this straight: the NWO colonized Africa, thereby greatly improving the living standards of blacks, but now they've decided to kill off the blacks -- so they can recolonize Africa to get at its natural resources? See if you can make sense of that one.

Don't try to make sense of Mookie Jones' Paytriotard conspiracy theories, Igor. Your head will explode!


I catch Alex Jones engaging in double speak and double think all the time with his stupid "Nazi" and "eugenics" theories about the New World Order. His theories contradict themselves. They aren't even internally consistent.

That's how I know all his theories are bullshit and that he's just making it up as he goes along. ;-)

original moon landing tapes were accidentally erased but you know what? we found some and we made them even better now. isn't that special?

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Excuse me, I dont mean to be rude, but isnt this a Jew self defense tactic? Im referring to Have Kragna BS or whatever its called. I guess the Jews are here too. By the way the guy who called Stankmueller on that day wasnt intoxicated he only had a few.

Chapman is a Jew Schiff is a Jew Celente is a Jew (do any of these guys look like old friends of yours?) and I believe Stankmueller is a Jew too. I think he's tied in with Alex Jones and a government agency. Its just my opinion, however.

I think Ed Steele is a plant too. If you go back to one of Tillawi's programs. It may be hard to find and make sure you find the right one. Tillawi asks Steele what he thinks about Jewish influence in America and he said he didnt think it was the Jews. If the guy isnt a plant I dont know who is. He's changed his tune now. I have a rule of thumb with redheads, I check them out and double and triple check them out. Steele hasnt even passed the first check out yet with me.

Why is it some people when they answer the phone they have to repeat who the caller is loudly- "Hello Sam from Arkansas". As if we'll get him mixed up with "Sam from Long Island". When things dont sit right with me I dont trust em.

Another thing Stadtspelunker likes to talk about constantly is Ayn Rand. Listen to what Texe Marrs thinks about Ann Randlestein (whatever).

"And Men Loved the Darkness" on

Interesting to see who Statstinkel is pushing to the White Christans of course never once telling his listeners just who Ayn Rand actually is. This is a common Jew tactic sort of like the video on this post.

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