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July 08, 2009


The Catholics are controlled by the Dark Enlightened Ones.

The Catholics maybe now (especially after Vatican II and also many before), but all the Protestants since they started with Lutero.

BTW what are the Dark Enlightened Ones? some "Nazi White Reptilian Death Cult"?

Watch out for those evil White Nazi Reptilians. I hear they're pretty badass!


SOME professing'Catholics' b4 v2 were marranos(Judeo-Protestants) but not many.

Shankus-- I notice that the old Forum is not accessable at the present time. Are we going to be able to get back in there in the future? thanks-- roscoe

I don't have any plans on reopening the old forum. Is that something you are interested in seeing revived?

It would be nice to be able to get in there once in a while to look at old posts. Opening up the Forum again would be fine with me.


Peter closed down the old forum because you were annoying him.


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