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July 27, 2009


Did you see how the head of Canadian ADL is up on child porn charges. He was caught with child porn on his computer. Over 100 movies of children being abused. Obviously all goyim babies and what not.

I never saw that one. But don't forget, according to our media, this is not a "Jewish thing", if affects all groups. I guess it's a coincidence that all involved are Jewish.

If it were White men, it would be evidence of some sick psychosis affecting our entire race. There would be calls for new laws protecting minorities from White perversion.

We need to start pointing this out to as many people as possible.

They said more arrests are likely. I'd like to see that.

"extortion and trafficking in human body parts" is just "corruption"??!??!??!??

The old mainstream media technique of distorting the truth on the headlines... << story on Canadian ADL caught with Child Porn.

HEre is the most intensive research I have seen about the jewish organ trafficking scheme that has been going on for years in New Jersey. Apparently, these same perps were brought to the Feds attention 5 years ago but the Feds did nothing. The investigative reporter that brought the info to the Feds then went to the government of Brazil, which was involved also, and they took action immediately....

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