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July 17, 2009


Well now that they passed this new Hate Crimes protection bill (White Christians need not apply) the Feds will come after news like this...

The new Hate Crimes bill only applies to people who actively incite violence towards protected groups.

There was a last minute compromise in the language of the bill to protect preachers on the pulpit and broadcasters.

Not so fast Shankus-- the bill isn't in it's final form until it goes through a 'conference committee'. The disclaimer you are siting does not appear in the house version of the bill and it may( and I am betting it will) be removed b4 Obomba signs it.

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus

Infallible Constitution of the Roman Catholic Church( the foundation of Western Civilisation). and #6

This is not an endorsement of EWTN

The info I gave you is coming from Ted Pike. He has been in the forefront of this issue, so I have no reason to believe he is spreading disinfo.

The Brownback Amendment is not in the house version and it remains to be seen if it will be in the Bill when it goes to president. I wouldn't put it past the Judaic Pike( who denies the Primacy of St Peter) for him to be pulling a fast one here. He said last night on the Judaic Rense's show that it may be 2 or 3 months b4 the 'conference committee' gets around to dealing with the legislation. Ciao

"Hate Bill" Favoritism

If "hate bill"-obsessed Congress can't protect Christians from "gays" as much as it wants to protect "gays" from Christians, will Congress be surprised if it can't protect itself from most everyone? If "hate bills" are forced on captive Americans, they'll still find ways to sneakily continue to "plant" Biblical messages everywhere. By doing so they'll hasten God's judgment on their oppressors as revealed in Proverbs 19:1. (See related web items including "David Letterman's Hate, Etc.," "Separation of Raunch and State," "Michael the Narc-Angel," and "Bible Verses Obama Avoids.") Since Congress can't seem to legislate "morality," it's making up for it by legislating "immorality"!

And what is worse yet, the Cyber Bullying Act is coming up.

Who knows what could happen in the next couple of months? Hal Turner could break out of jail and have 'relations' with the corpse of Obomba after he kills him with help from Larry Sinclair.

Lets not forget that 9/9/9 is coming up.

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