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July 08, 2009


This should prove to people what a lying, fear mongering, money hungry jerk AJ is.

Unfortunately, they have let this guy get big enough to use his fame and fortune to intimidate others with lawsuits.

It's too bad it's taken this long for people to wake up.

He can do a lot of damage to his detractors with his "money bomb".

What's really sad is that for every person that wakes up to his machinations, you have 4-more 'newbie paytriotards' to fight. It's a vicious cycle to be certain.

Rockclimberscott is exactly correct.

Mookie's business model depends on a constant influx of new listeners/customers, because he is constantly losing OLD listeners/customers when they find out that he is a fraud.

If that stream of new listeners/customers is somehow interrupted, then his revenue dwindles, and his business model collapses. This is why Mookie is so adamant about telling his listeners and fans to make copies of his videos and "spread the word" about his radio show and websites. This is the best way that he can reach new people that he can convert into listeners/customers.

"Wes Perkins"?

'Perkins' is a common Jewish surname.


Mookie is now being officially broadcast on XM radio on Saturday's from 6pm-9pm.

Sirius XM Radio is controlled almost exclusively by Jews. Go to the Sirius XM website and look at the executive management team for confirmation.


If RBN had any sense, it would carry more programming that dealt overtly with racial issues and the jewish question, in order to differentiate itself from GCN. But that's about as likely to happen as the Republikahn Party trying to represent the interests of the white people who vote for it.

FWIW, Jones had Ted Pike on the show today, and actually did talk a bit about race, however meekly.

Pike was also on Joyce Riley's Power Hour a few days ago, where they talked more openly about jewish power.

If I was Chris Arnold, I would change the name of the domain and simply drop the matter. Getting into a protracted legal battle with Jones is a waste of time and money that would be better spent on the website. Just call Jones an asshole and leave it at that.


RBN is run by a Jew named John Stadtmiller.

more jones stupidity

Mookie: "God, please protect us from the New World Order! Please protect the children!"


Stadtmiller a JEW! What!

Here's a picture of John Stadtmiller. Judge for yourself. He's the guy on the left:

Another picture of Stadtmiller. He's on the left:

Another one:

Hard to say, ZOG.

Funny that Alex Jones is suing someone else for copyright infringement considering that most of the footage in his own films was stolen from other filmmakers without compensation.

I have known Alex for almost 10 years and also personally know at least 6-7 other filmmakers he has done this to. He takes advantage of their willingness to fight the NWO, letting them go out and shoot all this footage, then takes their material without asking permission or offering compensation...then of course, he turns around and copyrights other people's material under his name as if it were his own and makes oodles of money off of it.

He also tends to choose employees/volunteers who he thinks don't know their rights and who don't understand copyright law. that's how he's gotten away with it for so many years without being sued for copyright infringement.

But trust me, my friends - karma is a b***h, and what goes around comes around. Alex will reap what he has sewn. It may take a hundred lawsuits (and they ARE coming) to expose his true colors, but Alex will be outed to the world for the greedy fraud he is - and when that happens, I would advise all good patriots to be standing as far away as possible from this man when he finally has that long-overdue meltdown. It won't be pretty - and if you choose to associate your name in business with Alex Jones, your reputation will be sullied along with his. So just steer clear. Word to the wise from one who knows!!!

Who the hell wants to be anywhere near this little lying pudgy Jewboy? I listened to him for 5 minutes and knew he would sing, dance or sell you out for 20 bucks.

Beware of False Prophets,

You've known Fatboy for 10 years? Wow. So you're an insider, obviously.

Who are you? You couldn't be Mike Hanson, because he's still good buddies with Fatboy, I think. I wonder who you could be?

Did you know that I found the proof that Fatboy's wife and kids are Jewish? And also that most of his advertizers are Jewish owned companies?

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