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May 02, 2009


I have been accused of being "New america" and want to say that this is not true.

LOL to the comments in this thread.

Getting back to the topic at hand, am I the only one who has trouble swallowing this story about the 156 IQ 2-year-old? Not saying that there aren't any intelligent non-whites, but this smells like a fabrication to try to convince the average white lemming that non-whites are just as smart, and indeed, smarter, than whites (which explains why it was Africans, and not Europeans, that invented the telephone, the automobile, radio communication, computers, satellites, etc).

This is not the first story of its kind I've seen in the paper.

"And also, did you take a look at the last names of the people who run the network?"

To be honest, none of those names strike me as Jewish, with the possible exception of Kroll.

"Only those with an IQ of 148 and above - the top two percent - qualify. The average IQ is 100."

Predictably, the article fails to mention that 100 is about average for *whites*. For other racial groups, it's not the same. Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese tend to score slightly higher, while blacks have a considerably lower average. Mestizos and North American Indians score in-between blacks and whites.

See also what the late John Birdman Bryant had to say about Mensa.

You handled yourself well. Lots of assholes in that thread, but I didn't find Jack Blood himself to be too bad.

I heard Blood had split with Jones due to an argument or something of that nature.

I wonder if he had Blood kicked off of GCN? If so, that was quite a payback for all the water Blood carried for Alex through the years.

I love how Blood complains about being mischaracterized due to his association with William Pierce. Welcome to the club Blood! That's what you and Scott Horton did to me when I was on RBN.

"Peter Schaenk is a racist...etc."

Good job! That piece of work killed some great interviews for my program. Many people were scared off due to the rumor that you and your buddies started.

So pardon me if I don't cry about your absence from the Austin TX airwaves.

What comes around, goes around...

"To be honest, none of those names strike me as Jewish, with the possible exception of Kroll."

You're wrong, Igor. I'd bet any amount of money that they're all Jewish except for Ted Anderson, Christin Davies, and Jason Worsley. What, have you already forgotten the list of Alex Jones' Jewish advertizers that I posted? Come on, man, get with the program!


"You handled yourself well. Lots of assholes in that thread, but I didn't find Jack Blood himself to be too bad."

They're degenerate white trash. That's what a couple generations of dysgenics creates. ;-)

"Lots of assholes in that thread, but I didn't find Jack Blood himself to be too bad."

Jack Clayton(Jack Blood) was playing the good cop/bad cop routine. He lets his little Patriotard fans do all the dirty work so that he can pretend to be the nice guy. Simple stuff.

Yeah, Peter, Mookie had Jack Blood fired from GCN so that Mookie could add an extra hour to his own show(his show is now four(4) hours long).

You didn't hear about that?

Your analysis sounds similar to what I originally heard through the grapevine.

It's absolutely hilarious that all of these supporters of Jones are being disposed of once their usefulness has expired.

Sounds familiar.

Loyalty is definitely a rare commodity nowadays.

When is the next Shanktalk Worldwide broadcast?

Remember The Alamo!!!!

I know alot of non-white people who are quite have no problem with that. I have not read the full article, but are they saying that black man is the girl's father ? Because the girl is clearly NOT half black.On another note, a poster on this thread was wondering what became of WingTV's Thorn and Guliani; Thorn is currently writing for American Free Press now that the Bollyn family have been kidnapped. I am also of the belief that Victor Thorn is, in fact, John Todd, aka Lance Collins, the firebrand preacher from the late 70's who was exposing the Illuminati along with Jack Chick ; ever wonder how Johnny Todd 'knew' so much ? Well, if you are a part of the Zionist network and connected to the 'Children of God' cult, you learn alot.
More info here...

Dangenbrack, you're a nutjob and your blog is insane.


Has anyone read the Children Of God article that was in Paranoia mag about 10 yrs ago? River Phoenix was quite a story.

Jack Chick is a phoney.

Thanks Z.O.G. ....I try.

Good work here guys...this is obviously not the run-of-the-mill controlled opposition....this is FIRST CLASS controlled opposition !

No, controlled opposition is people talking about reptilian shape-shifting Illuminati lizard men and UFO's all day, in other words, people like YOU.


Not true Z.O.G. !
For your information I only spend about HALF the day on UFO's and Lizard men...Geez....

What's the scoop on River Phoenix , Roscoe ? I haven't looked into Children of God too much, I read about that David Berg pervert, and this 'James Japan" dude who is supposed to be the expert on John Todd...God, my stomach is turning just thinking about what kind of filth...well.....Hitler said it best,
“Was there any form of filth or shamelessness, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found—like a maggot in a rotting body often dazzled by the sudden light—a little Jew.” -- Adolph Hitler

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