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May 02, 2009


It makes one wonder if this isn't some sort of MK Ultra op. The name Freeman certainly rings a bell.

Disgusting creatures. Why are these people in the UK in the first place? Oh, wait, I know why. It's because the Jews changed the UK immigration laws decades ago.


Her mother doesn't look like a nigerian.

What do you know about what a Nigerian looks like.

Nigeria has more than 250 ethnic groups.

There are minorities of British, Americans, East Indians, Chinese, white Zimbabweans,Japanese, Syrian, Lebanese and refugees and immigrants from other West African or East African nations.

She could very well be a Nigerian for all you know Roscoe.

here you go zog. thought you might be interested in some of this information. ha ha

oh hell. i read the comments and zog is already aware of this blog. damn, should have known. :)


I'm the one who gave Curt Maynard that information about Mookie's advertizers in the first place.

I also e-mailed the information to Peter.

I have since discovered four or five additional Jewish advertizers of Mookie's. The list just keeps growing. Apparently, EVERY single one of his advertizers is a Jewish owned company. This is why I have come to the conclusion that the entire Patriot/Truth Movement is a Jewish front.

one day bill cooper starting bagging on the chief miscreant in charge, mookie and a little while later he is dead? coincidence? who knows for sure. peter shank gets fired for exploring wn issues. just another day in patriotard broadcasting? after peter shank left the station, they hired MCP. why did they do that? because shank had laid the framework for the knowledge base of the jewish world order and they simply could not ignore it anymore. the cat was out of the bag on patriotard broadcasting.
if patriotard broadcasting was what it is supposed to be, it would be non stop discussion of jewish intrigue and jewish perfidy. I am sure even Nathanel Kapner, would agree with that statement. I am thinking you are correct zog. perhaps it was all a big lie from the start, like everything else in this country, in this life, so it would seem. perhaps i was foolish to think otherwise. intrigue and infiltration would be easy in patriotard networks because the people who run them will do whatever it takes to stay in business. it is a easy sell for the jews. and not that expensive. and so for years and years, the patriotard sheep, are led around by the nose, and fed garbage, similar to the way the neocon sheep are on neocon conservative radio. you wake up and where do you go? patriot radio because that is all you know. but the patriot networks retard growth, there can be no denying it. they impede growth. they attempt to keep the listener under control and attempt to keep the listener in one place in his journey of exploration into the wonderful wide world of truth. and so it goes.

Hi Katman,

I appreciate your comments and Zog's research on Mookie's advertisers and all things Jewish re his wife.

However, I have been saying for years...Judge them by their work. Mookie's connection to the JWO is obvious by his actions and deeds. We don't need a family tree exposing Jewish surnames to prove he is in the pocket of the JWO.

All you have to do is listen to the man..."Israel couldn't have pulled off 911...I have done the research..."

If I got into the Jewish wife info, I would be accused of personally attacking the Mookster.

I would rather use his words and actions to hang the bastard then turn him into a martyr by "attacking" his wife.

On the other hand, the listeners can do whatever they choose with the info and post it around the Internet, to their hearts content...If you get my drift?

How can we be listeners when there is nothing to listen to?

Don't you listen to Alex Jones and the other Patriotard drivel on the Internet?

One can catch swine flu by listening to A Jones.

Don't worry, roscoe. If you catch the swine flu you can always buy some colloidal silver from one of Mookie's best advertizers, the Jewish father and son team of William and Keith Moeller:


Just found another one of Mookie's Jewish advertizers:

Hey, Mookie. I know that either you or one of your flunkeys is reading this.

Mookie, you have to admit that I got you. I'm the first person to uncover the fact that your entire media operation is financed and funded by Jewish interests and Jewish money.


Hey, Mookie, I say that the entire Patriot/Truth Movement is a Jewish front.

What do you have to say about that, Fatboy?


Just found another Mookie Jew advertizer - some Jew named Irving Miller pretending to be a West Virginia redneck:

Infallible Constitution of Catholic Church and #6

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus

Jones says he's 5'11'' and weighs in at a stout 255 lbs!

That gives him a BMI of 35.6!

Definitely well within the obese category.

Food addiction? Eating disorder.

This is the guy who's leading the fight against the NWO?

How is that when he seems to have trouble leading the fight against stuffing his face full of Twinkies?

I don't buy the 5'11" claim. He isn't over 5'5" according to recent Mookie sightings.

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