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May 19, 2009


yeh i think peter should incorporate that drawing somehow in his new network, whenever that great event takes place.......????

Yeah,btw Peter, I used to love the podcasts , especially when, I think you got bounced from some network and then started talking about the Self-Chosenites ,but your recent podcasts don't seem to show up on ConCen much anymore. I stumbled on this site while googling wingtv and jack blood; Blood has erased any mention of Thorn or Guliani on his site;typical)

Dangenbrack, shouldn't you be making some blog entries about Nazi reptilian shape-shifting Illuminati Lizard men who flying around in UFO's with Elvis Presley?



"who FLY around in UFO's with Elvis Presley?"

You forgot about the Neanderthals, Z.O.G., I'm all about the 'Tals....have you met any type o negs ? The ones I know are technically brilliant, a little manic, hyper-sensitive, i.e.,acute vision, hearing, smell etc., the women will reject a pregrancy by rhesus positive father's baby, and yes, they are very reptilian-brained since they lack a forehead, the evolved part of the brain where higher thinking such as compassion derives from.That's why they think nothing of mass murder, Jesus nailed them dead to rights; Murderers and vipers from the beginning. There's prolly a little 'tal in all of us, but the Jews are the uber 'tals that are running things.Compare a 'tal skull to a Khazar, they are the same ! Now, if we could just find their 'kryptonite'...I mean, we have revealed alot of their strengths, but what are their weaknesses ? The Jews don't want you to read about the 'tals unless it's in their National Geographic, but for those interested,there's more to learn here..

Hey, Peter, you won't believe this. Now Mookie is promoting that famous TV informercial huckster Kevin Trudeau on his radio show. No, I'm not kidding. Check it out:

Kevin Trudeau on Alex Jones Tv 1/6

Has anybody heard anything from Peter lately? :-(

Peter who?

Urban Dictionary could use some better definitions for the term patriotard:

It is a big mistake to think the following

1-- Columbus was a judaic
2--St Ignatius was a judaic
3--Ringo Starr is a judaic
4--Hitler was a good guy

Hitler was part of a Hegelian/Machiavellian op to enslve the world-- sometimes referred to as Problem-Reaction-Solution.

Hitler provoked and then rolled over for the commies. He attacked the foundation of Western Civilisation( The Roman Catholic Church) whenever he could. This is spite of occaisional rhetoric that seems favorable to Rome.

If Columbus wasn't a Jew then why did he bring all those Yid crew members with him?

It is one of the quirks of History that judaics were thrown out of Spain at the same moment Columbus undertook his mission. This by no means implys that he was in cahoots with the slobs.

I would suggest reading isabella Of Spain by Walsh.

Mrs Webster's book is very interesting in that it was written in 1924-- just as Hitler was entering the picture. Without encountering the hysterics that accompanys the mention of the mans name, she gives a very clear picture of how judaics were behind both the movements of National AND International Socialism.

Mrs Webster's book is very interesting in that it was written in 1924-- b4 the judaic Hitler enters the picture. She is very clear how judaics were behind both the International AND National Socialists. Ciao

roscoe, you're full of crap.


"4--Hitler was a good guy"

This is the problem with conspiracy theorists; they're always dividing the world up into "good guys" and "bad guys." In reality, there are no "good guys" and "bad guys," just different groups vying for power, and whether their agendas are good or bad depends on where you're situated relative to those groups.

So I guess Hitler was secretly working with the commies to destroy Western Civilization. That being the case, who was going to defend Western Civ from the Soviet threat? Churchill, the Zionist lickspittle? Crypto-communist FDR? Mussolini, who didn't pull off a single successful military maneuver in his entire career (other than crushing a bunch of spearchucking savages in Ethiopia)? France's Jewish-leftist PM Leon Blum? Did the Vatican have some secret army waiting in the wings that I don't know about? It's very simple -- if it weren't for Hitler, all of Western Europe and probably the world would've been a Soviet colony. And Germany would've defeated the communists if it hadn't had to fight a war on two fronts, and had gotten a little help from the U.S. and Britain.

These "Hitler was a shill for Jewish bankers" stories were started by communist Jews. Are you aware of that?

OK, so now ZOG's leaving comments on my blog to say that "Jason Bermas is a Sephardic kike," with his usual meticulous research to back it up (not). Yawn. Delete.

Oh, you don't think that Bermas is a Jew or partial Jew? Listen to this:

'InfoWarrior' Jason Bermas: Jew Critics Are 'Anti-Semites' Who Should Hang Or Electrocute Themselves

Holy crap, what happened to Peter?

I've noticed that Mookie has gained a lot of weight lately. Did Mookie eat Peter Schaenk? Oh man, I hope not.


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