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May 19, 2009


he also, will be on 77wabc in new york. Heimi town is pawned by alex mookie jones. how about that? ha ha ha

roscoe in on the icke forum arguing about whether or not the earth revolves around the sun. ha ha ha

I bet you a dollar , zog, that when stadtmiller gets back from patriotard vacation out the east coast and jekyll island, in a few weeks, he will start whining about needing money or the station will go under and all of that. another 25,000 dollar money bomb is coming.

Hmm, I wonder which media Jews Stadtmiller is meeting with during his Patrioatard vacation?

Maybe, John is trying to get a Sirius gig, now that Mookie has paved the way...

Unfortunately for Roscoe, the Catholic church's primary function is saving souls not science.

He would be better off discussing issues involving morality and the attack on our civilization by the Jew World Order.

Instead, he chooses to rehash ancient history while history has moved on.

He would be better off discussing "reptilian men" and their avoidance of pork.

well remember what stadtmiller himself said one time about how he and mookie met. he said mookie met him and his trusty sidekick , mark from michigan one day and mookie told him to come on down to texas partner, you can make loads of cash off of those tards. so he loaed up the truck and came on down. but then mookie screwed him around and from there on, it was rough sailing for the man from detroit........ha ha ha

i can say one thing. stadtmiller is very unconfortable talking about the roots but he likes to talk about branches. it is less headaches so he doesn't have to hear the incessant bitching from his jewish advterisers. what was it he said one time peter, when he looks in a mirror? ha ha ha

peter, i also like it when the expat from france, the i am the witness guy, daryl bradford smith, calls up the mcp show and then proceeds to lecture the radio audience on how he thinks we should feel and act, the moron.....there is something fishy about that guy, i can just smell it. now he and mcp are making nice again. so we shall see where that where is my guess, as usual...

It is certainly not the business of the v2 judeo-masonic anti-church to save souls. It is also not the business of the v2 'church'( that's quote, church, unquote) to stop the illegal alien invaision. It has been pointed out numerous times by myself that the way to do that is to restore the true Church.The Mexicans would not even be coming up here in that case.


As far as history moving on, your buddy katzman still believes like his pals Calvin, Bacon, Luther and James that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

My point with keeping this subject at hand is to demonstrate that Scripture and the Tradition of Holy Church have nothing to fear from science. Ciao

For what it's worth, Christopher Jon Bjerknes says that DBS is a CIA spook.

Infallible Constitution of Roman Catholic Church and #6

This is not an endorsement of ewtn.

Remember The Alamo!!!!

Catholic church is the church of SATAN. Catholic church is full of homosexual sons of the devil. The church payed out BILLIONS for the RAPE of Children.

I hope no one is dumb enough to believe that the v2 'church' is the Catholic Religion( the foundation of Western Civilisation).

It's not worth much ZOG nor is the obstinate rejection of your hereitage.

Did you guys see this ?

Personally I don't like the idea of attacking someone without evidence of foul play, but it's important to see if there is any vested interest in Alex Jones protecting Israel or Jewish empowerment over others.

Oh, wow, you guys won't believe this.

Today, Friday May 22, Mookie is on his radio show with some Jew professor named Jonathan Levy and MOOKIE IS OFFICIALLY PROMOTING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH/JESUIT THEORY OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

Yes, you read that correctly. Listen to today's show starting at the beginning of the third hour.

Jews and Reptilians are basically the same. It's a demonstrated fact, proved by the Bible. Listen to Pete Peters at Scriptures for America if you don't believe me.

Levy and Mookie just blamed the Vatican and British Intellegence for murdering the Catholic( read REAL Catholic) Franz Ferdinand and his Wife. Of course there is no mention at all of the Judaic Gabriel Princeps who was the real perp.

roscoe, Mookie is now shifting his propaganda and blaming the Catholic Church and the Vatican for the New World Order!

What do you think about that?

Mookie's new motto:



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