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May 19, 2009


all I know is , that I don't know much about the man called Hitler. It would seem someone is bound and determined to make sure we never know much about him either. to the victors go the spoils i guess. maybe we may never really know that much about it. i also think that jason bermas is jewish. of course i can't really prove it. but a jewish sayanim at GCN would not be that far fetched. He suddenly appeared one day, as is the case for many and suddenly a couple of years later, he is broadcasting from austin texas on GCN. who knows.

peter, you need these guys in your band.....ha ha ha

Jason Bermas' father's name is BARRY BERMAS.

Wow, talk about a Jewey sounding name. "Barry". LOL

The surname "Bermas" is listed in the Avotaynu Consolidated Jewish Surname Index under multiple databases:

Searching for surname [BERMAS]with soundex code 796400.

Soundex: 796400
Databases: AKOTV

Hitler was a judaic and Catolic Austrian PM Dolfuss was murdered because he figured it out.

Remember The Alamo and the traitor Sam Houston!!!

roscoe is a freemason.

Sam Houston and the judaic Santa Ana were freemasons-- I am Roman Catholic.

roscoe is a post Vatican II Roman Catholic.

Tmothy Geithner ex-Federal Reserve president now head of the US Treasury is not a jew. He's listed as one. Check it out. If you can prove he's a Jew and get back to me. You know how.

What happened to Peter Shaenk? Did he cork off?

Timothy Geithner is ethnically a Jew. He is not a Jew by religion, but he is Jewish by ethnicity.


Hey, everybody. Mookie is holding his annual Moneybomb today, June 11th, 2009!

I want all of you to dig deep into your pockets and give what you can! Mookie and his Jewish wife need your support to take the fight against the Nazi World Order and the Germanic Death Cults to the next level!


Von Brunn would've done us all a big favor if he'd instead payed a visit to the GCN studios.

yep mookie is holding his 2009 money bomb right now. he raised 250k last year and made lots of promises, that were never fulfilled about the use of that money. what else is new right? but the same saps i suppose keep giving that idiot money. it is amazing and perhaps it gives stadtmiller ideas as well. stay tuned for the RBN money bomb that is coming. A little more low key perhaps but pressure nevertheless is applied by the host and for the most part, chumps line up to give their money. amazing. i wouldn't give any of those people one thin dime. yes wolf, von braun should have traveled to doubt about it and fulfilled mookie's desire to be a martyr...ha ha ha

Please consider a generous donation to Alex Jones Ministries.

Alex needs your continued financial support in order to defeat the Anglo-American Establishment, the Nazi World Order, and the Germanic Death Cults.

Any amount you can afford will help. No amount is too small.


"roscoe is a post Vatican II Roman Catholic."

That's just cruel. :-(

Alex Jones is Begging for Money...Again


Jewry attacks Australian website espousing truth.

Proof that Alex Jones' Wife is Jewish

Here is documentary proof that Jones' wife is Jewish:

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