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May 19, 2009


Martin S. Feldstein is a Jew?

(just kidding)

Well, it looks like Mookie had his high powered Jew female lawyer sue YouTube to make them reinstate his channel. Wow, you know she's powerful if she can make Google back down. Mookie has some powerful Jew connections, that's for sure.

"The Infowars team had to write up legal papers and file counter claims in federal court..."

"write up legal papers"

LOL WTF kind of patriotard little kid's phrase is that?

That means that Mookie's Jew lawyer Elizabeth Schurig initiated a lawsuit against YouTube in Federal court. ;-)

His channel wasn't even terminated for having controversial and incendiary content. Simply a garden variety dispute over copyright interpretation.

How embarrassing for him.

One would expect more from the self declared exalted leader of the fight against the NWO.

Well, it's official, straight from the horse's mouth. Starting June 6th, Mookie's radio show is going to be broadcast on Sirius-XM Satellite Radio for FOUR(4) HOURS PER DAY.

Sirius-XM Radio is completely Jewish controlled. The media Jews are getting ready to push Mookie into the mainstream.

Go to the 6:30 mark in this video to hear him talk about it:

yeh and you can bet your bottom dollar, that the j word will never be uttered on that network. isn't it obvious to anyone with half a brain, that this guy is just too successful for someone who is supposed to be talking about truth? i mean are these patriotards , scratching their heads yet? good grief... mookie should fit right in with howard stern and the rest of his merry men.

Sirius XM Radio's executive management team. All Jews except for one.


Jew Scott Greenstein
is Sirius XM's President and CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER.

So this means that Greenstein was the official gatekeeper who gave final approval to Mookie's radio show being broadcast on Sirius XM. Interesting.

I would like to remind the readers of this blog that my offer of $1,000 to anyone that can provide the name of one person that has ever been executed( in any way) or even ex-communicated by the Catholic Church for alleging that Earth rev around the Sun still stands. Ciao

"It is right and fitting that, during my stay in Israel, I will have the opportunity to honour the memory of the six million Jewish victims of the shoah."

Pope Benedict XVI : Inheritor of the throne of St. Peter

"Sirius XM Radio's executive management team. All Jews except for one."

I'm starting to think of you as "the boy who cried Jew," but in this case you appear to be right. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the guy with the Irish name turned out to be a foreskinner too.

And these aren't just Jews, they're *THE* Jews that have been directly responsible for the propaganda on our televisions and the silver screen. Half of these Jews have had key positions in Sumner Rothstein's Viacom, and most of them have worked in top positions in Hollywood.

These are the very Jews Jones is covering for when he says Hollywood is controlled by the Saudis. Jones knows which side his bread is buttered on.

"Viacom. Number three on the list, with 2003 revenues of just over $26.5 billion, is Viacom, Inc., headed by Sumner Redstone (born Murray Rothstein), a Jew. Melvin A. Karmazin, another Jew, was number two at Viacom until June 2004, holding the positions of president and chief operating officer. Karmazin remains a large Viacom shareholder."

jews run the media, period. jews run the stations that alex mookie jones will be on. so i ask the question. if mookie was about doing the good work, then would there be any chance he would be anywhere near any of these networks? I think not. Mookie is controlled opposition. There can be no denying it now.

"I'm starting to think of you as "the boy who cried Jew."

On the contrary, Igor. If anything, I UNDER-estimate the number of Jews in high places.

katman, Mookie is going to have a lot of trouble explaining why is he is being allowed to broadcast on a corporate mainstream media outlet like Sirius XM Radio.

Of course, his patriotard followers are so brain-dead that they probably won't even question this.

I just joined the David Icke Forum and posted a $1,000 reward for anyone showing the Cath Church has ever executed even 1 person for saying Earth/Sun. It is under the UFO section and all Hell is about to break loose.

tell you what roscoe. I think you have found a home on the david icke forum.


I think you're right, katman.

roscoe, tell those people over at Icke's forum that "Reptilians" is just a code-word for the Judaics.

Then you'll REALLY see all Hell break loose!


Jones is the most under-qualified broadcaster I have ever heard in my life.

I will give you an example:

Listen to Art Bell. Bell is just as "Full of it" as Jones, but there is no denying his ability as a broadcaster. You can understand why he found a career in radio. He is a pro.

On the other hand, Jones sounds like an access cable guy. That is what he is and where he belongs.

So the questions BEGS to be answered. Who the hell is promoting this guy?

Brian Epstein? PT Barnum? Eddie Bernays?

A supporter of Israel?

Mookie has some powerful media Jews behind him lurking in the shadows, Peter. I guarantee you that.

The fact that he has signed up with Sirius XM Radio(which is run by Mel Karmazin and Scott Greenstein) confirms this.

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