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May 15, 2009


I just found another Jewish advertizer of Mookie's.

The count is now up to sixteen(16).


Hey, guys, did you know that Alex Jones has signed a deal with Sirius-XM Radio to do his radio show on their satellite network, beginning in June of this year?

Yep. Oh, and guess who just happens to run Sirius-XM Radio? The executive management team is entirely Jewish except for one person(Donnelly).


What's the alternative though to David Icke, Alex Jones, etc, when people that are near to the truth run from broadcasting or are so divided.

The movement that addresses racial protection issues , are broken. Example 'Voice of Reason' are so unfamiliar with conspiracy discussion they are technically lame and ignorant, not to mention their inability to accept Christian topics in discussion.

Alex Jones is reliable and does address many of the issues, even thought the important ones get conveniently put aside, like the Jewish layout and fulfilment of 911. It's also important to be on the ball with what's News., Jones and Icke and others do that. They' re claiming the ground becuase they know what is in the interest of minds of the Public. Shame they are Pipe Pipers.

For a proper movement to succeed it needs to be open for any discussion and truthful. It also needs to be reliable, astute and quick to current events.

I don't have a radio voice and lack the vocab on air, but I can give as much support as I can in other areas.

K-Sensor, I never knew that you were an Alex Jones kool-aid drinker.

Wow. :-(

check it out zog...


these people advertise all the time on tard stations.

look at the guy who invented this concoction.

Sam Ibrahim , I mean wtf????

yeh, if tards buy his crap, it will help your heart, no doubt about it....ha ha ha

here you go again zog.

these guys advertise some bullshit by the name of
super beta prostate.

check out the guy who owns the company...

Jonathan Greenhut

i mean wtf again......gads....

ha ha ha

oh hell, i am afraid to keep looking...

damn jews everywhere advertising junk on patriotard radio. stadtmiller knows this but he doesn't care. just make sure we don't talk about jews that much, but lets call them zionist or globalist or bankerster gangsters to placate the advertisers.

here is another one.

zero debt in 90 days.

john gliha????

looks like a former member of the IDF

Don't get me wrong, VoR is a great project, but it needs more to make it a draw card for all types to learn.

Like I liked Patriot Dames show, but that was canned, bad move even if she couldn't fathom that the Freemasonry is Jewish. Not having Hufschmidt on was a mistake too, even though he maybe a stage. We all need to be willing to confront those that are wrong and work it it. Cutting numbers till you end up with those that can't debate with each other end with no reason to progress or change from wrong.

I don't frequent Alex Jones site or contents. I do from time to time download his show to hear what's going on.

I had supposed that a few of Jones's advertisers were Jewish, like Cal Ben Soap and some of the precious metals dealers, but I never would've guessed that the majority of his advertising dollars were coming from Jews. So not only does Jones have a part (?) Jewish wife (and consequently, kids) and have at least one Jew in a prominent position on his staff, but he also depends on Jews for a significant chunk of his revenue.

Knowing that, it's easy to understand why he doesn't allow any serious discussion on his show of race and the Jewish Question, and why he's constantly blathering on about Nazis and the Gestapo when he knows full well that a more apt comparison would be to the Stasi and NKVD.

BTW, I'm getting a homoerotic vibe from that drawing of Jones in the cowboy hat wrapping his arm around the rabbi/sheriff's chest. Gives me the willies.


Yeah, Jonathan Greenhut is one of the RBN Jew sponsors that I was talking about last night. His company has two or three different banners for various products on the RBN front page.

Pretty sad.


Yeah, John Gliha is probably a Jew too. But I'm not sure, because I haven't been able to learn the ethnic origin of the name "Gliha". If you find anything, let me know.


It looks like the owner/president of Kartovite is a Jew named "Don Wiskin".

His name is at the very bottom of the page:

Yep, Don Wiskin is the founder and owner of "Heart Drop 2000".

The Company

Quote from founder Don Wiskin.

Don Wiskin and his company, Heart Drop 2000, are committed to getting this unique product in the hands of the people who need it!

So what do you think, katman? Should I make a list of RBN's Jew advertizers just like I did for Mookie? It's only fair, right?


A few thoughts after watching the videos on this page:

* AFAIC, Bill Cooper was as much of a fraud if not more of one than Alex Jones. Being gunned down by police doesn't give him any more "cred" in my eyes.

* When Jones claims that the Nazis set the Reichstag fire, he's just repeating old and discredited communist propaganda. The fire was set by communists.

* I'm going back on what I wrote earlier: it's not just that Jones doesn't allow serious discussion of the Jewish Question on his show, it's that he mixes truth with utter nonsense in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to misinform his listeners. His line about Saudis controlling Hollywood has got to be the lie of the century.

I was just reading the Wikipedia article on the Reichstag fire (what a mess!) and came across this"

"Münzenberg followed this triumph with another by writing under his name the best-selling The Brown Book of the Reichstag Fire and Hitler Terror, an exposé of what Münzenberg alleged to be the Nazi conspiracy to burn down the Reichstag and blame the act on the Communists. (In fact, as with all of Münzenberg's books, the real author was one of his aides, in this case a Czechoslovak Communist named Otto Katz.[20]). The success of The Brown Book was subsequently followed by another best-seller published in 1934, again ghost-written by Katz, The Second Brown Book of the Reichstag Fire and the Hitler Terror.

The Brown Book was divided into three parts. The first part, which traced the rise of the Nazis (or 'German Fascists' as Katz called them in conformity with Comintern practice, which forbade the use of the term Nazi), portrayed the KPD as the only genuine anti-fascist force in Germany, and featured a savage attack on the S.P.D., who The Brown Book labeled 'Social Fascists' and accused the leadership of the S.P.D of secretly working in close collaboration with the Nazis. The second section featured numerous examples of Nazi terror directed against Communists; no mention is made of non-Communist Nazi victims, and likewise, the persecution of the Jews is totally ignored. The impression The Brown Book gives is that Communists and Communists alone are victims of Nazism. In addition, the second section deals with the Reichstag fire, which is described as a Nazi plot to frame the Communists, who are represented as the most dedicated opponents of Nazism. The third section deals with the supposed puppet masters behind the Nazis, who Katz, quoting anti-Semitic remarks by Vladimir Lenin about middle-class Jews, described as a cabal of Jewish bankers. Both books are today widely seen as totally worthless by historians, with particular criticism focusing on the last chapter of the first Brown Book where it was claimed that Hitler was merely a front-man for a group of international Jewish bankers, and that Nazi antisemitism was just a ruse to disguise that it was Jewish bankers who really ruled Nazi Germany."

It would appear that the worldview promoted by Alex Jones and his ilk in the conspiracy subculture is nothing but a regurgitation of the propaganda put forth by a Jewish communist named Katz in these "Brown Books."

Oh yeah, note that the "Brown Books" were published in 1933 and 1934. So basically, Jones is regurgitating 75 year old communist propaganda.

...and now that I think of it, Jones doesn't have the guts to blame *Jewish* bankers, even though the original Jewish communists did!

"...and likewise, the persecution of the Jews is totally ignored."

What "persecution"? These books were published before the Nuremberg laws were even passed.

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