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May 15, 2009


"From Italy, Pavelic was smuggled on the Rat Lines to Argentina, where he served as a security adviser to president Juan Peron (Peron granted entry visas to 34,000 Croats, many of them associated with the Ustashe and Nazi supporters)."

Why should that be surprising? Peron had the deepest admiration for Fascist Italy.

"Gowen said another mission included, at the request of British intelligence, surveillance of Irgun and Lehi activists..."

Tsk, tsk ... those naughty anti-Semites from British intelligence.

Here's Jonathan Levy's history of postings (all of them anti-Catholic) at the JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) website:

"Igor, you do know that John Perkins is a Jew, right?"

ZOG, I was going to drop this, 'cause I think there's enough infighting in this "movement" as it is, but I have a hard time figuring out why you wrote what you did above.

You said this guy was a Jew. You didn't say you *suspected* him of being a Jew, you said he *was* a Jew, as if this were a well-known and well-established fact. When I asked you how you knew... complete silence.

The truth is, there's not a shred of evidence that John Perkins is a Jew. You know this, which is why you haven't offered any.

So just what are you trying to pull here? You've done what seems to be some good research, which is why I hesitated to call you on this, but I'm starting to think you're some kind of a troll who thinks WNs are a bunch of dumbasses that'll swallow anything.

When someone won't name the Jew, like Alex Jones, I get suspicious, but when someone spends all his time calling people Jews without any evidence, that's also suspicious. Crap like this just reinforces the idea that anti-Semites are a bunch of paranoid kooks who see Jews behind every tree.

Like I said to you before, Igor, if anything, I UNDER-estimate the number of Jews in high places in American society.

"Perkins" is a common Jewish surname. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

Now, knowing that "Perkins" is a common Jewish surname, use Google Images to find a picture of John Perkins and see what he looks like. Did you even bother to do this? I bet you didn't.

Icke says Sitchen is a shapeshifter and this drives the judaic Jordan Maxwell bonkers.

Jones is the Anti-Truther, covering up and confusing who the guilty parties actually are! This is his job and they pay him well! If you see him in public, CRACK HIS JAW A GOOD ONE, WOULD YOU?

Alex "Arabs own Hollywood" Jones is a shill.

100+ books in full text online about the global jew mafia.

Lets put it this way, if Alex Jones was a bird he'd be a mockingbird......and lets not forget MK Ultra - violet light, I believe thats stilll going.

If Jones was a bird he'd have to be a turkey.

Yeah, a BIG FAT turkey.


"Did you even bother to do this? I bet you didn't."

Vavavoom! John Perkins is hawt:

All kidding aside, I checked out Perkins's site before calling bullshit on your claim. He looks WASP to me.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about the name Perkins:

"The name is of Welsh origin from Perthyn, relative or belonging to a particular person or family, and also thought to be the Anglicized form of Peredur, from Medieval Welsh. It is also found throughout mid and southern England."

"Icke says Sitchen is a shapeshifter..."

Does he really? Icke used to promote Sitchin's stuff.

I have heard in the past that jones has filled his pockets with plenty of cash.He will probly do a tokyo Rose from the Camens when the s hits the fan. Shake

Interesting admission on Jones's show today from one of his regulars, Bob Chapman: according to Bob, he was close friends with Leon Degrelle and said he provided the funding to print one of Degrelle's books. Degrelle was the leader of the Belgian fascist-Catholic Rexist Party and was the man Hitler supposedly regarded like a son.

Yet more evidence that Jones and his buddies know perfectly well about the Jewish Problem but are deliberately holding back.

Bob Chapman is most likely a Jew.

1.) "Chapman" is a stereotypical Jewish name

2.) He has a stereotypical New York Jewish accent.

3.) He was in the brokerage and precious metals business for thirty years, which are very Jewey professions.

Three strikes and you're out, Bob Chapman.


How did I know you were going to say that. :-)

I at first assumed he was a jew because of his New York accent, but FWIW, he claims to be the descendent of Italian immigrants.

Wish I owned a copy of Degrelle's book so I could check, but I strongly suspect that Chapman is distorting its contents to fit his and Jonestein's stupid theories. Degrelle was a proud Nazi to the end of his days and I doubt he ever wrote that Hitler was an Illuminati frontman.

Here's the book Chapman was talking about:
Hitler, Born At Versailles

"Degrelle was a proud Nazi to the end of his days and I doubt he ever wrote that Hitler was an Illuminati frontman."

Yeah, especially since there's no such thing as the "Illuminat" to begin with. It's just a made-up Paytriotard term designed to deflect attention away from the Jews.

"...but FWIW, he claims to be the descendent of Italian immigrants."

Italian immigrants named "Chapman"?


Okay, whatever you say, Bob Chapman.

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