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May 09, 2009


it is interesting how the stock market S and P 500 hit the number 666, not once but twice before it went back up. nice place to call a bottom..

Good idea doing the round up. Maybe this should be the name and direction of your site, the the war on deception is also fitting.

Regarding the Pope, we all know the Catholic Church is thick with the Jewry. It can only be seen as Order Out of Chaos.

the pope is nothing more than the modern day incarnation of the high priest of dagon, the fish god of babylon that started around the time of nimrod the great hunter, the great grandson of noah.

Uh-oh, katman, you'd better watch out! Now roscoe is going to excommunicate you!


here you go peter. its those wascally nazis. they are at fault for the problems of this world. no why peter? because alex jones and his helpers say so. patriotards , oh patriotards. why do you listen to this man? why?

What self respecting "National" socialist would envision an economic union where Germany would lose control of her currency?

A union that would be the leading proponent of Holocaust denial laws?

A union that would be dominated by Jewish banking families?

A union that would turn a blind eye to mass third world Muslim mud immigration?

A union on the verge of allowing Turkey full membership?

Alex Jones if a fucking liar.

some of the tards are starting to see it now, wolf. jones is coming out of the closet, him and that little jew helper of his, the sayanim, jason bermas and the other little english jew helper of his, paul joseph watson. maybe as is typical behavior for jews, they are getting just a tad too pushy and are not having any sense of timing, etc. stadtmiller always tries to say that in so many words his station is different, etc. but what pisses me off royally, is that he gets his news feed from infowars. i mean what the hell. can't these people do their own research for crying out loud. it is a insult. he says well he is not in the business of scaring people, yet he does the same thing as GCN. good grief....

The "Red House Report" is a complete hoax.

Paul Jewseph Watson based his entire article on a Jew hoax.


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