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May 16, 2009


peter, he has been arrested.

a couple more videos he has done.

When we will have Peter talking again, with his musics, his insights, his comments, his so good humor? THE best radio show!

One weekly MP3, 30 minutes is enough. (if more better, of course).


Confrontation with the fruits of Judah Part 2

jews quietly taking control of east jerusalem..

Hey, guys, look at this post from a guy named "Mark" over on the RBN comments section:

Proof: GCN (Genesis Communications Network) IS a Pro-ZIONIST radio network.

Rev. Ted Pike stated on RBN’s National Intel Report today (between 1st & 2nd breaks) that when he was on as a guest of Joyce Riley of GCN, and when he started talking about Israel and Jewish Control of the Media, this voice came booming in over Riley’s voice and said: “Reverend Pike where pulling the plug on you, this is a Pro-Zionist radio network.”

today on RBN, stadtmiller said that he has been in this business 15 years, and its about time we sit down and have a discussion about who it is that really runs things. well gee john, that is a great idea. and you came up with that all on your own? amazing. so after 15 years, you think its time to talk about jews? and then he said that mookie will not talk about it because he is afraid of losing money because of that i say, pot....
ha ha ha

man, what is it over there these days? jew this and jew that? whatsa matter john? can't ignore it anymore?

zog, do you have a link for that over at RBN? I want to go join in , in the frivality....

Here you go, katman.

Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution

jews are behind this crap. they want to try and establish a connection between apes and humans in evolutionary theory to explain our existence since they think they are little gods and that the rest of us are beast.....

yeh jews we get it already.

On the contrary, Julius Evola (Brilliant philosopher and ardent supporter of both Mussolini and Uncle Adolf) believed in the classical notion of "Devolution".

When related to humans, the idea is that highly capable pre-historic White Aryans were populated the world but after many countless generations, through a process of degeneration we see the emergence of pathetic bipedal simian sub-human creatures. Think sub-Saharan Africa or Detroit.

Interesting concept. I find it hard to argue against especially when I see some of the troglodytes crawling around downtown when I go for my coffee break. And I include some odd looking and useless obese White people in that category. Useless eaters.

Peter and everyone else, you have to get this and watch it ;

Ok I'm late tot he info. Now I have to kick into gear and promote his defence and freedoms.

Remember The Alamo

B'nai Brith and Holocaust Memorial Centre director busted for child porn:

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