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May 08, 2009


I am still waiting for an explanation of the concept that judaics ran INQ.

Kstrickalnd's faux naivete isn't fooling anybody.



I don't think Ted Anderson is the real boss at GCN. I think Alex Jones is the real boss, and Ted Anderson is just a figurehead.

Alex Jones told Ted Anderson to get rid of Jeff Rense and Ted Anderson did it.

Furthermore, Jeff Rense said in his e-mail that Alex Jones has bragged to Jeff several times in the past that he(Alex Jones) "owns Ted Anderson's ass".

uh oh, peter. see what you do? you bring them out of the proverbial woodwork......ha ha

Posted by: katman

Kstrickalnd's faux naivete isn't fooling anybody.


Posted by: Z.O.G.

Guys, I believe Peter got a raw deal when dealing with all these people and orgs. That can't be denied. But Peter has made some accusations that don't add up.

1- Peter said that someone (or all?) out of the Jones/GCN group, VNN, and VoR threatened to "report me to the feds for politically incorrect content."

Which entity made a threat to turn Peter in to the federal authorities for politically correct content? If it were VNN or VoR, then they would even more easily be turned in for such content. So was it Mookie? What politically incorrect content did Peter make that is prosecutable under federal (or any) law?

2-Peter said one of these groups (or all?) have attempted to "mischaracterize events in order to sully my reputation as a credible broadcaster."

Who are making these mischaracterizations being levied against him and to whom are these mischaracterizations addressed? In order to effectively sully Peter's reputation, the public has to be addressed by the attackers with misinformation. Jones/GCN, VoR, and VNN were named specifically in this effort to discredit Peter - to damage his reputation. So where do I go to see this information? What are they saying about Peter to damage him? I don't listen to Jones all the time, but I've never heard him even mention Peter on his show. I listen to VoR a good bit, but I haven't heard any hosts mention Peter since he left them, much less try to damage his rep. Peter has been gone from VoR for 2 months now, and he has constantly demanded that they are attacking him, but I don't ever hear those guys even mention him, while Peter is constanly attacking them and their credibility. It seems to be a one-sided war going on. It's like he's accusing these groups of all-out war on him. Where are they attacking him?

3-I also noticed Peter's statement,"That marked my departure from seven days per week, down to one day per week." I listened to his show on vor when he was going monday through friday. When were you doing 7 nights a week?

Peter is the only one who can answer my first question, and I would like him to address all of them. ZOG, you may be able to answer number 2. Where do we go to find all these attacks on Peter's credibility as a professional broadcaster? He's been ranting for 2 months now that he is under attack, but where are these attacks on Peter's credibility by these groups?


I stand by what I said in the last post.

Anyone who has listened to the broadcast, and read the posts pertaining to the various groups I mentioned knows exactly what I am talking about.

If any of the groups or people I mentioned want to challenge my facts, they should feel free. I can back up everything I said with emails and recorded phone messages.

Every one of those groups mentioned, have been guilty of one or more of those acts mentioned.

RBN: Claimed I was a racist and a Nazi. Damaging my credibility with many guests who would no longer appear on my program.

VNN: Has attacked me vehemently for my pro-Christian stance.

VoR: Broke every agreement they ever made with me and insinuated that I was "let go" because of incompetence on my part. (I resigned by the way.)
In addition, I have been the recipient of threatening phone calls and emails from this network.

Jones: Has called me a number of times, threatening all sorts of things; "You'll never work in this town again...You don't know who you are messing with...etc."

Jack Blood and Revere Network: Perpetuated the "racist" accusations on their sites on behalf of Alex Jones. They did this with the hope of marginalizing my message by branding me a "racist".

Any more questions?

Any more questions?

I went to VNN forum and did a search for Peter Schaenk. One thread came up which talked about your departure from VoR. The first few posts were anti-christian and anti-Schaenk. Some were simply off-topic, and many others were in favor of you, including many of the VNNF heavyweights or regulars such as Brutus, SteveB, Right is Right, and Donnie in Ohio. On balance, you came out quite well, given the heavily anti-Christian nature of VNN. There was another thread about you way down the list in which Mike Jahn and Jett attacked you with two measley posts. Both of them are permabanned from VNN and were considered cranks and carried no weight there. Essentially, you are stating that VNN itself is anti-Schaenk. So has Alex Linder come out against you? Yes, everyone knows VNN has a negative attitude toward Christianity, but you insinuate that VNN as an organization has launched an anti-Schaenk campaign. I don't see any such campaign.

You completely dodged my first question:

1- Peter, what did you say ("content") that was "politically incorrect" that anyone would think could be turned over to the federal authorities for action against you?

That question stems from your statement that you were threatened by one of those groups and/or individuals you mentioned, "report me to the feds for politically incorrect content." Who was it, and what did you say (the content of your show)that anyone would think was prosecutable or in any way worthy of turning over to the "feds"?

You pretty well answered my second question:

2-Who tried to ""mischaracterize events in order to sully [your] reputation as a credible broadcaster"?

So the people and groups you accuse of mischaracterizing events in order to sully your rep as a credible broadcaster were RBN and Revere Network. The phone threats from Jones also may be construed to expose you as a "Nazi" and try to ruin your rep. So that's what you're talking about when you say they are trying to mischaracterizing events: they are threatening to expose you as a "Nazi". You did interview Linder and Bill White on RBN. So that may be an easy assumption for people to make who heard your show on RBN and an easy accusation for them to make against you.

I don't believe that you are a Nazi, by the way. I like your show and look forward to the new show and the new network. We need more people talking about these politically incorrect topics.

The third question I posed to you you also completely evaded:

3- Why did you say that you went from doing seven shows per week to one?

I checked the archives and there is no show that I can find that you did on a weekend. Why are you saying that you had a weekend show? I only remember hearing the show from monday through friday before you went to one day a week. Maybe I missed something, and you did have a weekend show. If you did, then I will stand corrected. Otherwise, you are deliberately inflating the numbers from a weekday show to a full week show (which some talk show hosts do, amazingly). In that case, you are being dishonest. Why would you do that?

Pre-recording interviews on the weekends when guests are available then setting up the interview on a regularly scheduled week day broadcast would constitute doing 7 shows a week in my book.

For a while there during the early days I could have sworn I was listening to the Peter Shank Network rather the VOR.

If it wasn't for Peter when VOR was kicked off they wouldn't have had spit to put over the airwaves.

Your guess as to when Peter did his interviews and when his guests were available is irrelevant. The question was addressed to Peter because he is the only one here who knows what he meant by the statement that he went from doing 7 shows a week to 1. Neither you nor I have any idea when he conducted his interviews.

He did answer my second question, and I appreciate that. But he avoided the first and third, about the politically incorrect content of his shows that those groups were going to turn him in to the feds for (makes no sense, so that's why I'm asking) and the mysterious weekend shows. If you're going to make public statements like that, you have to be able to answer the questions people will have about it. I'm not Peter's enemy; I'm trying to understand some of the things he has said.

But he avoided the first and third, about the politically incorrect content of his shows that those groups were going to turn him in to the feds for (makes no sense, so that's why I'm asking).

Fatboy Mookie Jones makes threats against people all the time that make no sense, Kstrickland. So I can definitely imagine Fatboy making a goofy threat against Peter to "report him to the FBI for hate speech" or something along those lines. Yes, it sounds juvenile and laughable, but this is Mookie we're talking about here. He's not playing with a full deck.

A great example of Fatboy' irrational threats would be his recent threat against Jeff Rense to bring a civil lawsuit against him for some vague unspecified reason that he never explained. The assumption is that it would be some kind of libel lawsuit.

But Mookie's threat was laughable, because I read a lawyer's legal opinion on this whole issue, and apparently Fatboy would have absolutely no basis at all to bring a lawsuit against Rense, and the lawsuit would most likely be dismissed by a judge during the first hearing.

zog, fatboy mookie thinks he has some kind of high priced legal talent. that asshole doesn't even know what he is talking about. sounds to me like he is having smoke blown up his ass by somebody. he ia always talking about legal stuff. i guess someone is paying the bill. the threats against rense were silly and rense also taped the calls, from what i understand. this was a very good move on his part if that is legal in california?..

That would make sense to me, ZOG, but Peter just piled a bunch of charges on a bunch of people. It's hard to tell who exactly who threatened him with federal prosecution for politically incorrect content. It could be MOOK, but it could be someone else. The charge is so absurd, that I'm just trying to make sense of it. I know the Mookster is an irrational blowhard, but to say something like he's going to turn Peter in to the feds for offensive speech on the radio is beyond even that turd's stupidity.

The claim that he went from doing seven shows per week to one show per week for VoR still goes unanswered, Wolf's guess about when Peter did his interviews and when guests are available and whether Peter conducting a pre-recorded interview on the weekend days and putting them on the air during the week as separate shows in Peter's mind notwithstanding.


Yeah, Mookie's legal threats on his radio show are laughable bullshit and are only done for intimidation and entertainment purposes, BUT...

Mookie does in fact have a high powered Jewish female lawyer in Austin, Texas that represents him. Her name is Elizabeth M. Schurig:

Hey Strickland,

Who are you really. Which one of the guys over at VoR are you?

You are trying to pull gnat shite out of pepper.

"What is it Peter, did you do seven or five shows a week?..Why are you lying? You didn't do seven shows per week?...etc."

I did five shows per week. On the weekends I did interviews and research. The point is, I was giving the network most of my available time, (Seven days per week) , while I was taking time away from my family. Once I realized what "weak-kneed" individuals I was working with, I decided to readjust my priorities.

That was the point. Not whether I did seven live shows or three live shows and four pre-recorded. You my friend, are playing a little game and I do not wish to play with you.

I didn't get specific with my comments re the attacks I have received from fellow "White people", because the purpose of my comment was to illustrate the despicable behavior that is usually associated with Jews. My comment wasn't aimed at rekindling old feuds. It was a retrospective look at the people and organizations who have attacked me the most vehemently; And they are all White people...Not one Jew.

The people who have attacked me, know who they are, and they know I will go public if they continue to harass me over the phone and through email.

By the way...I have never attacked VoR since I left. I told the truth and provided an explanation of events that transpired. There is a big difference. Especially when one uses lies to assassinate the character of another. As was the case with the Patriot Dames and Eric Huffshite. "Peter Schaenk is a Zionist!...Peter Schaenk fired the Patriot Dames."

Those are blatant lies that came from VoR hosts who were allowed to stay on after perpetuating these lies while I was Program Director.

Another doozy: "You will be looking for a day job when I am through with you..." " The Feds will be interested in investigating you considering the politically incorrect nature of your show..."

It's amazing what you can get away with when you think no one is watching. The reason why VoR says nothing in public, is because they prefer to work behind the scenes. But you know that already Strickland. You work with VoR in some capacity...Don't you?

Please forgive my suspicious nature; But considering the treatment I have received from my "friends and colleagues", I just had to ask.

It's simple...You can believe what I have stated, or you can move along. My record more than speaks for itself.

Hey Strickland,

I found out who you are...

[New America, awesome comment. I salute your formidable powers of analysis.

{"The list goes on of first rate people who were trapped in a kind of Alice in the Looking Glass world."
I like your deep insight into this issue, and I am recently catching up on what has happened. It seemed so fast! If it wasn't for you and other
critical posters (and espeically you and Peter), I would not know what really happened. Those at VoR have been running a campaign of lies all over the internet and on their site. I thank God for this site and brave and intelligent observers like you to keep the fans informed with Truth.

The VoR leadership is hating on Peter and cannot get away with it! Peter is an honest man and is very wise. You are right about all the great talent that was at VoR. John de Nugent left. He is a great man who is well spoken and is almost as nice to listen to as Peter. He only lasted a little while. I liked to listen to the Patriot Dames sometimes even if some people did not like them, but without your insight, I would not have known that they were a front for GCN and maybe RBN using the VoR as a test market vehicle and the people behind VoR are in bed with them.

They still have Ed Steele, who you must like as much as I do given your user name. He is right on top of what is going on in America, but it is also obvious that VoR is doing nothing for him and leaving him out to dry just like they did to Peter. I think the same thing is happening with Matthew Rapheal Johnson. He is also a very intelligent commentator and I love the history he talks about. Very informative. I just don't know why they stay with a station that doesn't care about them at all.

Thank you for your information New America. You must know a lot of people who are on the inside of this thing. You have a lot to say and I hope you keep us informed. It would seem like Alice in Wonderland, as you said, if we didn't have informed observers to provide light for the situation.

Peter should bring these people on to his network. I hope his network starts soon.


" I said before any jackass can alter an image to make it appear that something is true when it's not."


Mike Conner supplied evidence to support the claim that the two posters were the same by showing the identical IP address. He had to create the image because no one in his right mind would give out the link to an admin. sector of a web site. You claim that because one can manipulate images on a computer, Conner did, or probably did, so to the image he provided. You must back up your claim if you are to make the charge. It is not sufficient to hop up and down, stamp your feet, flail your arms, and scream that he COULD HAVE created a false image just because it shows something that you don't want to believe. He supplied the evidence, and if you are going to charge him with falsifying it, then you have to give proof that he did so.


"All I know is New America wrote some damn good posts. Yes, he went over the top with some of his theories but for the most part he made good posts."

I thought New America wrote good posts too, generally speaking. He would write up a good synopsis of shows and articles and provide cogent commentary. It's where he went down the path of giving his interpretations of what was happening behind the scenes when Peter and the Patriot Dames split from VoR that he began to lose me. He would take some of what Peter said happened, then take a little of what he heard or saw elsewhere, and he would then create a whole behind-the-scenes story of what took place, often stating up-front that he knew no one nor had any evidence to support his claims. He was basically taking token bits of info that anyone following the debacle had access to and embellishing upon it at will (he was pulling most of his "analysis" right out of his ass). It was interesting at first, then became tiresome,and some of it was outright bizarre.


"I find it suspect that all of a sudden New America is railing against VoR and then they suddenly pull this out of the hat. Your telling me that all those times when New America was asking for Recks posts to be taken down, nobody checked ips until this very minute. BS! You know damn well you guys are checking ips constantly. It's not like you have thousands of posters."


Who knows? Apparently, Mike Conner deleted some of Reck's posts because they were asinine and off-topic. I don't know what the deal was between him and New America, at least early-on. You're supposing Mike was tracking people like a blood hound, but he may not have had any reason or felt compelled to look into the matter of whose IP was whose until recently. The VoR guys have been pretty silent while the storm was brewing over here, especially where New America was concerned. Maybe they were taking the high road but had had enough of the false allegations coming from New America to come confront him.


"As for New America not posting, who knows, maybe he is sick of this kind of BS. I know I am. I'm not going to discuss this anymore..."


The whole thing going on here is BS as far as I can tell, but New America was by far the biggest bullshitting blowhard around here. If he would have just refrained from trying to interpret events for everyone like some half-blind town crier, he would have continued to be an enjoyable poster to read.


"Until it is proven with absolute certainty, I have no reason to believe it."

The evidence is compelling enough without being absolute. I don't know how Mike would be able to prove it "with absolute certainty." Any evidence he produces you can say is manipulated. We know that New America/Reckless Abandon will never admit guilt because he denied it to Peter.

RA/NA has not shown up around here since Mike "put the smack-down" on him, and I can't help but think it may have something to do with Mike stating his real first name, Rich. How did Mike Conner know this? This little tidbit may have scared the shit out of him. I can't blame him if it did. Maybe Mike Conner knows more, and New America doesn't want it to go any further.


So who are you? Frank, Ansovino or Strickland? You all have the same IP.

As I stated previously. My record speaks for itself, as does yours, my friend.

Who are you really. Which one of the guys over at VoR are you?

I found out who you are...

So who are you? Frank, Ansovino or Strickland? You all have the same IP.
Who are you really.

lol, First you say I'm someone with VoR, then you say you found out who I am, then you ask me who I am. You sound as confused as your stories. I'm not with VoR, my friend. I was a fan of your show before I started seeing cracks in your shell. I listened to the show when it was on RBN, then was happy to hear you were with another station and started listening again over the summer. It was good, but you kept going on and on about Stadmiller and Jones, even after like 2 years after you left. I listened to the show on VoR and days turned into weeks turned into months and you were still flipping out over Jones/Stadmiller/RBN. Like every fricking show! The shows were pretty good otherwise, but you just kept obsessing over those guys and they weren't saying anything about you. It got to be really crazy! But I kept listening because I liked the interviews and what you had to say, other than your constantly freaking out about Mookie and Staddie (years later after they had totally forgotten about you and didn't care to mention your name when you came back).

Then you basically quit VoR or something and came back in the fall and then quit again all of a sudden. Then you started freaking out on this blog about Mookie and Staddie and now Dietrich. So I see you have a pattern of having a fallout with everyone you work with wherever you go, then you go on some blog or on the airwaves and start flailing around like some wounded little peccary who got its nuts caught in a crevice about how persecuted you are and how everybody's plotting your demise behind the scenes. Meanwhile, none of the people you accuse of scheming against you has anything to say about you. That's what I was wondering about, because I couldn't find anything on their shows they were saying about you or on their sites. At least not much, and whenever your name did come up, they would say good, bad, and indifferent things about you, but all you do is cry about the negatives. You definitely have a pattern of falling out and then blaming everyone you worked with for all of your problems and working behind the scenes to ruin you.

Then I see some flaws in your story line and ask pointed questions and you start looking at my IP and accusing me of being part of some cabal to bring you down. I'm just asking questions about parts of your story that don't make sense and you start with the conspiracy accusations.

No, I'm not a member of any groups who are plotting your doom, Peter, my friend. Just an interested listener trying to find out just how deluded you are. Now I'm seeing it.

The VoR leadership is hating on Peter and cannot get away with it! Peter is an honest man and is very wise. You are right about all the great talent that was at VoR. John de Nugent left. He is a great man who is well spoken and is almost as nice to listen to as Peter. He only lasted a little while. I liked to listen to the Patriot Dames sometimes even if some people did not like them, but without your insight, I would not have known that they were a front for GCN and maybe RBN using the VoR as a test market vehicle and the people behind VoR are in bed with them.<<<<

is this true?

Frank, Ansovino or Strickland? You all have the same IP.



Hey, Kstrickalnd/Ansovino/Frank,

Mookie does all his dirty work behind the scenes. You keep saying you don't SEE him saying anything bad about Peter on his website or radio show.

What are you, an idiot?

Hey Ansovino,Frank, Strickland or Steve, Whatever the hell you are...

You thought it was pretty funny when Mike Connor busted New America for using multiple IP's. You called it a "smack down".

Well, guess what. You just got "smacked down". IP's don't lie. Isn't that what you said?

Do you deny that you have been using multiple IP's on this blog and posing as different people?

Do you want me to post your IP info on this blog next?

My "shell is cracked"? Your shell is obliterated!

Hey Strickland...

Give Dietrich my love. Why do you guys bother to pull this crap on my blog. Don't you have bigger fish to fry?

I think actions speak louder than words in this case.

Who is taking the time to pose as different people in order to orchestrate a controversy on this blog and sow seeds of discontent?

Do you see me going over to VoR and behaving in this manner?

I think your actions and those of your associates at the other network best describes the behavior of a "injured animal" or a "jilted lover".

"Hell hath no fury like a woman's wrath" applies well in your case.

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