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April 28, 2009


patriotards are going stark raving crazy about this stuff. peter i wish you could hear this stuff.

Yep. Notice that all the "featured stories" at the top of the page of Prisonplanet have been about the pig flu for many days now.

Mookie and his flunkyk Paul Jewseph Watson are milking this pig flu for all it's worth.

What are they saying?

This is how they make their money.

Y2K, 911, UN troops confiscating weapons, Swine flu, etc.

Then to add insult to injury, they blame it on the rich white-guys-with-Nazi-blood-lines.

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of people that can see through the B.S..

peter, if you see this, turn on mookie, you have to hear this. they say we are going into martial law etc. mookie has been on all afternoon and now he is on again. someone emailed me and told me he is on again. if you see this turn it on. you have to hear this fear and bs. he is saying that the government is attacking his show etc and they are also doing it right now. etc...he is talking to this punk named jason burmas and some other fear hack named quayle is coming on in a minute and he is off the chart...

it is now 9:45 pm right now.. 4/29/09...

ha ha ha ha

if this crap they are saying is wrong, something should be done about these people. they are scaring the hell out of people doing this crap. they say we are going into level 6 emergency, martial law, forced innoculations, etc. the military is listening into alex jones. ha ha ha. this is pure fear they are selling. amazing. alex jones says that high level officials at AISD, gave him secret documents discussing the situation at the AISD etc. they are jumping to a lot of conclusions. and on the breaks, some guy who used to be on republic, comes on selling freeze dried foods. earlier this week, they talked to a guy named dr deagle about this swine flu. he is some flakey doctor that hangs around tard networks talking about stuff. now we find out he lost his medical license in 2007 because he was caught over prescribing prescription pain killers(similar to the ones that got limbaugh in trouble)....jeff rense, earlier this week, talked to a woman named Leuren Moret about this swine flu. she is some other person that hangs around talking on patriotard networks. now we find out she is a total fraud who lied about her past and her resume is a complete fabrication. and the fraud and the deceit continues on patriotard radio. i guess there is a sucker born every minute, and i did my fair share of getting sucked into this crap once upon a time, but no more. peter i wish you had a nice strong micro station broadcasting shank radio, in austin proper. ha ha ha. you could have some fun with this crowd. oh this guy steve quayle has been around patriottard things for a long time, it would seem. he helped stadtmiller start up republic broadcasting after stadtmiller got fired over at GCN. when you read about things going in the shadow government in the dirty tricks department , you keep running across the same names time and time again under different administrations. in a similar vein, in the patriot movement, the same names keep coming up as you dig and find out what has gone on and how things evolved to the place they are now. its all about money and they use fear to scare the listeners and to criple them mentally. today people were writing me and saying, oh this is happening and etc. i told them to just chill out. they are going to do what they are going to do. so let them. then we can figure out what the appropriate response is. no use getting scared about it.

I have proven that the primary personality in the Patriot Movement, Alex Jones, has a myriad of Jewish connections, both professional and personal. I have proof that his wife and kids are Jewish and that all his major advertizers are Jewish owned companies.

This is enough evidence to make a strong case that the entire Patriot Movement itself is a Jewish front.

Think about the implications of this.

Hey, katman, I have screen captures to prove that both of Mookie's wife's parents are Jews, which means that Mookie's wife is 100% Jewish on her mother's side.

According to traditional Jewish Halakah law, Mookie's wife is considered to be fully Jewish, because in traditional Jewish Halakah law, a person is considered to be fully Jewish if their mother is Jewish, no matter what race or ethnicity their father is.


Oops, I meant to write:

"I have screen captures to prove that both of Mookie's wife's mother's parents are Jews."

well they passed the hate crimes law on the house side today. now it goes to the jewish senate. so soon we will not be able to talk about jews on

well now they are saying it will be live all night long over at patriottard central. probably smoking dope and drinking beer. and getting paid for it. and scared patriottards are calling in talking about getting ready. good grief.

Have you noticed how Mookie never says a damn thing about all the proposed hate speech/hate crimes legislation?

The reason is because he secretly wants hate speech laws in place in the United States so that nobody will be able to talk about his Jewish wife.


The furor over the Mexican Flu is also a good way to distract people from noticing the passage of the "Thought Crimes" bill in congress.

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