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April 18, 2009


This is off topic but if anyone is interested in the third and final revision of my Galileo research, it can be found here

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Dr. MacDonald is saying a lot here, but I'll try to add value to the comments by focusing on what a few ideas:

One, the difference between implicit mechanism and the explicit mechanism is the difference, in part, between the education based organic Culture, which is based on the organic and natural morality of survival, with the explicit mechanism, the indoctrination-based, externally generated, manipulative counter-Culture.

The implicit system simply works beautifully within its organic Culture.

To overwhelm it, as the Asiatic Hive Consciousness is trying to do, requires a more powerful explicit system than the New York Times.

It requires the replacement of the organic system - education, with a system of morality and values that have developed over millennia, working to enhance the organic Nation, and the individual members of the organic Nation - "organic Nation," of course, being a synonym for Race.

Replacement with what?


"Education" is replaced with "indoctrination," and the finest tool to do that is not The New York Times, or even the public indoctrination system, called the public school system.

The finest tool is color television, particularly when the television is the de facto baby-sitter for the infants.

In terms of quantity of information delivered per second, nothing comes close to color television.

And what have the words you have heard, the pictures you have seen, from damn near BIRTH, had to say to you about YOUR Family, YOUR Culture, the Civilization YOUR Ancestors created, and YOUR Race?

Why, we are the evil ones.

WE are the authors of all that is wrong in the world, because THEIR definition of wrong - the greatest wrong - is inequality.

When WE organize, organically, hierarchically, in our Patriarchal Culture, with our Warrior Caste pushing us forward, and our Women complementing the Work we are all doing, the inherent differences between the Races becomes magnified to such an extent as to embarrass ALL other Races with their inability to even DREAM of Creating, must less Create a better world, and Do Better.

There's a reason why all other people, from ALL other Races and ALL other Nations, want to live in a White America.

Yes, it makes the stunning lie of the myth of natural Racial Equality - we are NOT created equal - and that's why they work relentlessly to destroy us at the very Foundational level, doing all in their power to MAKE us "equal," with themselves, in a phrase out of Orwell, "more equal than others."

The challenge is this:

The Mind, on the basic level, the level of survival, the level where implicit processing and recognition works first, KNOWS what the senses are telling it MUST be wrong.

However, we keep bombarding it with information dense and unavoidable lies of Racial and Cultural Equality.

The result is mental health disorders of all kinds, and a demand for tranquilizers that requires us to harness the agricultural power of a subcontinent to keep our Mind quiet, in the face of the relentless assault of their Dark Dreams.

The basic cure for this, by the way, is two fold:

One, turn off your television set.

Two, find a positive physical outlet that will allow you to get mad, and deal with that anger in a positive manner.

Martial arts really go a long way.

And THAT might help to bring back our Warrior Caste!

Three, remember Alex Linder's Great Insight:

Restore our Constitutional Right of Freedom of Association, and take ANY State of the Union, no matter how desolate and forbidding it might be, and put up a sign on the borders: WHITES ONLY.

Stand back, as the greatest land rush in American history takes place, literally, right before your eyes.

Hell, make it godforsaken bake in the summer and freeze in the winter damn Montana.

Come back in fifty years, and watch Mankind's first starship lift off from Kalispell.

Watch as Mankind returns To The Stars, while, far benath it, Humanity wallows in the equality of anarchy, trapped in the mud Hell Earth will become without us.

Greeting. Treat all disasters as if they were trivialities but never treat a triviality as if it were a disaster.
I am from Marino and bad know English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "Lack, endearing his hair sĹŤsuke aizen."

With best wishes :), Armina.

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