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April 12, 2009


I am with you Peter. If I can be of any help from here in L.A. , let me know.

Do you think you might want to interview the webmaster of La Voz De Aztlan?
He was the guy who wrote the story about the two Israeli's caught by strking Mexican laborers when they spotted one of them had a Glock in a holster inside the building. They ended up having 9 grenades, 2 glocks, 2 briefcases of C-4, wiring and detonators. This was exactly one month after 9-11 on 10-11-01. We all know how they love their numerology, don't we? Anyways, I think you know the site and the story, but an amazing amount of people do not know the story. Just like people don't know about the other moving van Israeli's caught on 9-11...

I have the NYC police tape of the 3 Israeli's who were caught the morning of 9-11 with "Tons of explosives" in their van which had a mural of a jet flying into twin towers with a bullseye marking over the towers. They tried to run but were apprehended by almost a dozen police. They are not the same guys known as the "Dancing Israeli's". If you want to hear the tape, here it is in the 1st 3 minutes of this video...

how to bump fire. damn, i love it. ha ha ha

Peter made a very insightful comment in one of his broadcasts, which addressed how we were becoming a Second World Nation, and the criteria was infrastructure - first, a lack of maintenance, and then, a collapse.

We are hearing talk of cutting back - slowly, - "marginal, non-essential services," such as recycling, the reduction of library hours and the closing of library branches, and more "fees" for various government agencies.

Paying more, getting less - a subtle war on our standard of living, indeed, and one that is barely perceptible, as it is done slowly, a day at a time.

Then we wake up one morning, and we are in Mexico in all but name.

Peter - A name for your new network ....,

Freedom Radio

Hey, katman, I just solved the mystery of Mookie's wife! I found out her parents' FULL names!

And guess what, they're both stereotypical Jewish names.

Damn, I'm good.

extra, extra, extra. read all about it. peter shank is a secret jew....:)

ok zog. lay it on me brother...

ha ha

how about WOP radio. War on perception.

On the importance of properly perceiving:

The tremendous market for prescription tranquilizers - among the nominally Adult population - speaks volumes as to the fact that the Minds of people literally can not tolerate what their senses are clearly trying to tell them.

The War is being fought against us, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and we are losing.

This is because the War is a Total War, fought on all levels - educational, social, cultural, economic, political, but above all, religion and Race.

The basic Tool of the Enemy is simple, and that is why it is so powerful.

They convince you that the exact opposite of The Truth IS The Truth.

They use social proof to enforce this, and THAT is why Political Correctness is of tremendous importance in understanding the collapse of our society.

They MUST use social proof, in greater and greater power, to FORCE us to accept the lies that things are getting better, when, in fact, anyone can simply open their eyes and see the truth.

As the Mind fights what the senses are telling it, with ever-greater intensity, the Mind goes slowly insane, as the overwhelming contradictions force it to retreat into madness, OR...

Strip away EVERYTHING but the absolute essentials, and fight for its life in support of the essentials.

That's what we are going to have to do, before this is over.

No "isms," no manipulated ideologies, no false hope that Sky God Pierce or Sky God Rockwell will come to save us from what we allowed to be Created from OUR Heritage.

Simply survival, and conquest.

Family, Race, Nation.

This elegantly simple philosophy works magnificently well for the Jews, and it will do so for us.

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