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April 01, 2009


Hi Rich,

As the saying goes, when you're in a hole, it's time to stop digging. I advised you in good faith simply to start telling the truth, nothing more or less. You've chosen to ignore that well-intentioned advice. So be it.

You return three days after I accurately called you "a fraud" and "busted", statements that any honest man would have strongly denounced at once. Instead, you offer some ridiculous excuse involving a "hidden partition" and other hogwash. That's just dumb. Perhaps without realizing it, you are basically admitting (or at least not refuting) my main point, that "Reck Less Abandon" and "New America" share the same Internet service. Of course, we both know the truth on that count, don't we.

But let's indulge your quaint fantasy for a moment. Tell me, how would "Reck Less Abandon" be able to hijack "New America"'s computer and create a "hidden partition" if these were really separate, unacquainted individuals from different parts of the Internet? How would "Reck Less Abandon" manage to match "New America"'s IP so consistently, especially when the latter's IP was actually a proxy. How would "Reck Less Abandon" even know "New America"'s IP in the first place? Obviously, it's totally inconceivable. Did you imagine for even a minute how stupid this "hidden partition" story was going to sound?

Of course not. Not only are you a duplicitous, hostile fraud, but you are also quite a dumb ass.

You did try to cover your tracks, of course, but you got pretty sloppy at the end. I have found numerous, consistent IP matches between "Reck Less Abandon" and "New America" from the last couple months. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that these two characters are posting from the same Internet service, and without any reasonable doubt authored by the same person.

How does it feel? You've spent six months of your life playing around with sockpuppets, and this is the result: You are totally discredited. What a joker you are.


Note to others: Re why I didn't notice this duplicity earlier: Wordpress software is rather rudimentary. When looking at the comment control panel, I usually note only names and email addresses, which are easier for humans to remember than digits. I simply don't pay attention to IPs unless it's merited, e.g. when banning someone. Despite talking smack for several weeks, New America didn't merit close inspection IMO. But interacting with him on this blog convinced me that he was hostile, and I looked into it. I didn't expect to find what I found, but I absolutely did find it.

Peter: I don't want to get in the middle of whatever went down between you and VoR, but I do hope that after things have cooled down, there might be a way for both sides to set aside their differences and for your show to go back on air at VoR.

I thought for sure there wouldn't be much left at VoR after your departure, but no, they've actually got a pretty good line-up on the go, with Mark Weber and M. Raphael Johnson being the latest additions. It looks like this network may be going places and it would be a shame if you weren't on board. I'd rather see a network with dozens of good shows attracting thousands of listeners than individual broadcasters doing it on their own and only attracting hundreds.

I have a hard time believing VoR is anti-Christian in its policies if it has M. Raphael Johnson on as a host.

Yes they do have a good roster of hosts. No thanks to the "leadership" at VoR.

They are following the template I left them. This is not something the "leadership" pushed for.

These hosts were on board while I was Program Director. The "leadership" at VoR had no hand in this roster of hosts whatsoever.

Make no mistake. The "leadership" is following in the footsteps of VNN.

You don't get any more "anti-Christian" than that.

Peter, I wish you would do your shows as you said you would. You have many fans who are waiting for you to go back on theair. Podcasts would be good. You should also get John deNugent to join you. He is a geat speaker and show host. He goes nowhere with enationalist. He was abused by vor as you were. He is a natural ally for you. Also you should get Edgar Steele to join you as well. He has already said he does not like the "leadership" at vor and they are treating him like they treated you and everyone else very poorly. You are a very honorable man and Ed knows that, unlike the "leadership" at vor, so if you were to invite him, he would come. The 3 of you have alot of fans, so you could start a network based on the listenership that alrady exists.

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