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April 01, 2009



This is a tough fight, and you know it.
I am not a Christian in the true sense, but you helped me and others understand the importance of respect for our ancestor's traditions and religion. Some of our people have different beliefs, I learned how to accept that and consider other positive aspects of what they have to offer. Most are amateurs, but as long as their hearts are in the right place, they can learn and grow, just like the rest of us. I am also sure many malicious commentaries and attacks are instigated by provocateurs.
Thank you and PLEASE reconsider your decision. Where there is a will, there is a way.

God Bless.

"Their anti-Christian bias" is the Freemason's (judaic) bias and we can see they are totally infiltrated.
Now they also defend the freemasons!
Unfortunately all good efforts are destroyed by this filth.
Peter, if not possible a Radio Broadcast please just record your mp3 files and put in your site. And I think that 90% of listeners are the ones that download your shows.
You can work perfectly alone and avoid these Patrioretards.
Keep on fighting the Good Fight!!!

I will continue to broadcast from my blog. Stay tuned for details.

Thanks for your support.

But we have to say that the date you decided this is very funny - April 1st.

Maybe is the good ol' Peter and his marvellous sense of humour...


One thing is for sure, Peter. You are right about the Christian moral component required for the movement to be successful.

White temperment is only half of what built what we call civilization. These guys who think that all it takes is "white" have been Jewed.

Theres a reason Christianity is so vehemetly reviled in their 'holy' books, much more than Islam. Just like theres a reason they preach multiculturalism to everyone but themselves. Because its good for them.

I'll keep listening and promoting your show!

This is very disappointing, I had high hopes for the network, but now it is done. I don't see them being able to continue without Peter. The other shows are pure amatuer hour. They aren't even really shows, they are just listening in to people talking on the phone about the news.

The thing that always bugged me about the other shows wasn't the excuses for Masonry, or the anti-Christ bias, it was the lack of preparation. (Edward Bernays would have a lot to tell them about the importance of a professional presentation--its more important to persuading people than than facts.)

There is more that goes into an interview than calling someone on the phone and asking them, "Uhhh... so what do you think about stuff?"

Peter clearly familiarizes himself with his topic before the show, so that he can make intelligent remarks, and the others just do it on the spur of the moment. If this is the direction that they want to take... just chatting about the news and making prank phone-calls to kosher plants, they will never be the competition to mainstream networks.

Ouch, this is terrible news. So sorry to learn of this. I can understand why though, still, I hated to see this. I knew something was up when Peter wasn’t on the main page at VoR.

Best regards . . . .

The goal was to create something that could eventually compete with "mainstream" cable / satellite shows, at least on a level of presentation, if not audience share.

But it is difficult when the leadership doesn't understand the value of presentation.

Presenting a show as if the audience is listening in on a conversation over the Internet is certainly not a way to achieve the above mentioned goal.

VOR is really nothing without Peter Schaenk.
Let's see now Mr. Steele, which are his relations with the "brotherhood". If he will survive.
VOM (Voice Of Masons).

Future historians will consider it the greatest of irony that VOR led to the Patriot Dames getting a shown on GCN.

On second thought...

You have always bought an incredible intellectual honesty to all of your shows, and this is all too rare in our time.

It will become all the more valuable, in time, particularly to Isaiah's Remnant.

I thought placing Peter as programming director was the best move VoR had made up til this point. It showed that quality was going to matter at VoR. I saw the direction that Peter was going in by trying to get top quality talent and moving away from amateurs.

Quality goes way beyond a bunch of guys sitting in a room with a microphone yappin' about how much they hate Jews.

Major loss for VoR. Peter WAS VoR.

Peter good luck and i'm very glad that even though VoR is doomed, the war of perception goes on.


The 'Patriot' Dames on GCN-- why am I not surprised.

Infallible Constitution of Catholic Church-- Vatican Council(1870) and #6

This is not an endorsement of EWTN.

I still say it's an April Fool's day prank.

I found VOR because of you, yet I listened to some of the other shows merely out of curiosity. The difference between your show and the others was essentially the difference between graduate school and high school.

I was shocked at the level of inarticulate rancor and derision that your exegeses and exhortations of White Christian civilization brought upon you. Ah, how history repeats itself. Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do.

Your Christianity--not the false Zionist Fundamentalists nor the Post-Vatican II Catholic Church--has the same effect on Jews as a crucifix or sunlight does to a vampire--they will hiss, scream, moan, and then wither away and die.

Compared to Chirst, pagan White Nationalists are merely a speed bump on the Jews' road to ushering in themselves as the new false Messiah for the world.

No rational argument that neo-pagan White Nationalists attempt to put forward concerning race or the hypocrisy or moral corruption of the Jews can have the same effect. We were given a successful blueprint from two thousand years ago that has stood the test of time. How soon we forget the words of Zionist Theodore Herzl who wrote, 'The anti-semite will become our best friend.'

Without you, Peter, VOR could very well end up help promoting what they think they are fighting against, but I hope not. I'm looking forward to your next broadcasts no matter where you decide to go.

Shankus needs to acknowledge that the v2 'church' is not the Catholic Church. His failure to do so has been the cause of much confusion on my radar screen.

I am fully convinced that Card Siri was actually elected the true Pope in 1958.

Peter was the balancing factor at VOR. Pro Christian values are the binding force for western civilization indeed.. enough said..
May God Bless you, and keep you..

Thanks for the support and words of encouragement.

Some of my listeners in Europe are dismayed by the anti-Christian rhetoric coming from many WN websites in America.

It appears that our European counterparts have much more respect for their ancestor's accomplishments and legacy.

I imagine it hits home for believers and non-believers alike, when they open their door and take a walk down the street and pass numerous cathedrals and Christian shrines that are at least 1000 years old.

Unfortunately all we have in this country are stadiums for sports and movie theaters that show films depicting White men as idiots and Christians as the root of everything evil.

We must develop a respect for our ancestors legacy and reconcile our secular beliefs with our spiritual, or we are doomed as a civilization and race.

And, as you said in some show, America started from pacts with these secret societies, a pact with the devil.
I'm sure, from what happened on VOR, that the PatrioREtard Movement is fully infiltrated by these secret societies, that works for the jew.

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