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April 24, 2009


Could eb the start of something really big. A problem that heads both argument with illegal immigration and so called racism of Mexicans in America.

turner says it was a bioweapon that was stolen from ft detrick. if he is correct, and i believe he is, then this will cause us perhaps to go into some kind of health emergency and perhaps martial law, all of this of course, to cover up what the real problem is , about the jews stealing all our money and sending it to israhell.

damn it, the crap is 30 minutes up the road from me now. too close for confort.....

I have just discovered evidence that the recent swine-flu epidemic in Mexico can be directly traced back to Mookie.

Where does swine-flue come from? Why, from swine, of course! And what is Mookie? He's a big fat hog!

There you go. There's the connection.


jones is on a special broadcast and he is sounding just like when he did the y2k show. i wish cooper was alive to hear this. ha ha

"Tune in tonight at 8PM for a special swine flu report with Alex Jones. Listen online for free or watch the TV stream at prison"

See, I told you guys! Mookie is the source!


Peter you need to start your radio show up again as the flu chaos could be used to attack the old establishment, not the Jews that are now controlling it or who released the virus.

I think Peter should start his show soon for any reason, but the discussion of the possible ramifications of this disease if it becomes epidemic in America could be an important tool to be used in closing the borders. Peter lives in a particularly vulnerable area, so this should be of great interest to him.

The Japanese wear surgical masks when they are ill and out in public. This is a smart thing to do from a public health standpoint and is also considerate to those who do not wish to become ill. America and the rest of western countries should do this as well.

We MUST stop being so easily manipulated.

This will be used as another marketing opportunity by the Patriotard broadcasters, pure and simple.

The Battle Was WON 2000 years ago, on Golgotha.

The choice is between blind, unreasoning, fear, and the quiet confidence of Christian faith, backed by the reasoning powers of the human Mind, with an Adult persona in charge.

Mexico wants any excuse they can to have martial law; they are all but a failed state, and will take advantage of this opportunity to pin down the most challenging of the narotrafficantes.

Don't fall into their trap, and don't react at their Childish level.

Use common sense, and take common sense precautions.

Don't let fear define you to the satisfactions of Others.

Yes, the Jews who run GCN and their Jewish advertizers are going to have a field day with this swine flu crap. :-(

Here are the people who run the Genesis Communications Network. Look at the last names. Notice anything suspicious?

Davies, Liesch, Weber, Derkevics, Haarmann, Kroll, Wickenhauser, Prondzinski, Stulen


sounds like the long name to one of these jewish debt collector law firms....ha ha ha

LOL, katman.

I wonder if free surgical masks being handed out are all that effective.

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