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April 29, 2009


these people with a R by their names , are running their heads bemoaning the fact that this bill is onerous. oh isn't that special. like i believe anything any of these pricks say. good cop , bad cop at its finest. almost everyone of them are on the pad for the jewish lobby and for that reason alone, they are guilty of treason and should be hung. may this come to fruition in my lifetime is my prayer.

Check out the comments on this page. Mookie's patriotards are finally losing their minds:

basically, the people who listen to mookie cannot reason nor can they think clearly and critically. they are for the most part, products of the dumbing down process in our public schools. this is why mookie gains so much traction with them. they don't know any better and what is bad about it, is they don't realize the fact that they don't know any better. fools are made to be led by fools. yet, to a man, i would almost be willing to bet, that they all think they know it all, they refuse to analyze anything that disturbs the trip that they are on. welcome to the wonderful wide world that mookie lives in and is a part of. i knew it, very shortly after i listened to him a while back in 2005. he simply will not allow growth. without growth, we die.

Here's a great comment from one of the readers on Prisonplanet:

KJWhite Says:
May 1st, 2009 at 7:17 am

Excuse me, but what???? What exactly was the point of this chaotic, disordered drivel? Yesterday you people are screaming that the swine flu is “much, much worse” than is being reported, and quoting some ER doctor in Texas who claims the CDC is hiding the facts…then today you are saying that this is all a lot of hysterical hoopla and this virus isn’t dangerous at all.

I’m starting to think that the people at Prisonplanet, your fearless leader included, are all touched in the head. It’s starting to feel like you guys will print anything, as long as it makes for a splashy headline. You folks come up with a new “theory” on things every day. Hell, your atricles don’t even need to make sense any more, and all tend to contradict each other. One begins to wonder if sowing confusion is your actual agenda, more than to enlighten anyone.

mookie ought to be fired for this latest outrage. there is absolutely no excuse for what he did this week. none. at the very least, whatever credibility this asshole had before this, has to be questioned even by the most ardent mookie supporter.

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