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April 21, 2009


I believe this nice man is a freemason. as peter might say, this is another example of good cop, bad cop. on the world stage, the actors, perform their parts flawlessly.

It's hard to say. But history has shown Persia to be a good friend to the Jews. They helped the Jews rebuild their empire the second time around.

Is Iran still connected to Zionism?

We do know that the "revolutionaries" that participated in the overthrow of the Shaw and held the Americans hostage until Reagan took office, had ties to the Mossad. (As reported by Phillip Giraldi in the American Conservative.)

I think you are right Katman, Ahmedinejad uses the same kind of language that Masons and leftists employ: "brotherhood of man" and the agitprop term "racism" are good examples.

Sure, this all thing stinks. Alsothis "support from Russia (and Venezuela and China) to the muslim world (Iran, Siria, Palestinians, Pakistan, etc.)".

Iran, Russia to Boost Defense Cooperation
Meaning that should Israel and/or the U.S. attempt to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities they will be facing Russia – and we are informed by a reliable psychic friend – China

Now read this (written in the sixties):

“From the new data about judaism and his communist revolution this book (is referring to Louis Bialski’s book “Secrets of Israel and his Communist Revolution”) bring to us, appears, disturbingly, all the secret of the jewish strategy in the arab world, undertook with premeditated calculation by the state of Israel on one side, and by the Soviet Union and communist countries on the apparently contrary side, that in the shape of a pair of pincers are strangling the arabs, as per a secret plan, intelligent and audacious, approved in the occult organizations of the international Judaism which, by controlling both arms of the pincer, meaning the State of Israel and the Judaic governments of the Soviet Union and other communist countries, under the semblance of a fight more shameful than real, between the first and the second ones, has put the poor arabs under the terrifying dilemma that or they surrender to Israel or, to avoid this, has to accept the help from the communists, gradually falling in the soviet orbit, until converting in one of their satellites, to then go progressively succumbing under their dominium. It is clear that in similar circumstances, any of these two choices that happens will be beneficial to the interests of international Judaism, and harmful to the arabs and for the rest of Humanity, already partially conquered by the Judaic imperialism, and threatening the rest by this said new conquest.”
(“Plot Against the Church” – Maurice Pinay – Appendix - poor translation from spanish)

If you read spanish here there is much more info:

Surely they also are inflitrated in islamic world. So, is possible that is another maquiavelic plot. Or "they" are simply setting up another Big War.

These texts I can't find in english editions of the "Plot".

here is a masonic sign he does all the time.

here is the sign of the goat he does all the time. what is he? a University of Texas fan. I highly doubt it. Lots of world leaders make this sign in public all the time.
for example here is ron paul giving a masonic handshake in full view and if you notice the way he is looking at the other guy, its like, you know and i know what this all means , kind of a look...

here we see gadafi giving a masonic handshake to blair...

here we see ron paul giving the sign of the goat...

and i could list many more examples of leaders world wide who are freemasons. the useful idiot masonic gentiles under the tutiledge of the jews are being used to play their parts and they think they are part of the big story that is unfolding, but little do they know that at the right time, their jewish masonic brothers will sell them out and get rid of them one way or the other when the time is right.

so brother nathaneal is incorrect about russia. putin is a mason too and he is playing his part, just all the rest of them. heck even last week, he was calling for a one world government, etc. the calvary will not come this time folks. the calvary my friends, is us. so let us take the mantle upon our shoulders and wear it proudly. let us put the yoke upon our shoulders and do the work that needs to be done. no one else will stand up. no one. it is left to us as a country, as a nation, (what's left of it), as a people , to do the right thing, while we still can. right now they are denuding the national guard armories of weapons so that we won't be able to use them against our enemies. oh well. we are outnumbered and outgunned. i wouldn't have it any other way.

more masonic signs.

Maybe we can use some of the talking points from the article to defend ourselves when we're called racist.


Social Marxist: "You're a racist!"

Racially Aware American: "I'm shocked you have have chosen to inject unwarranted tension into our friendly conversation by resorting to using such vile, hateful, and hurtful speech against me. In the future I respectfully request you show much more measured, moderate, honest and constructive rhetoric rather than accuse, divide and even incite."

Alternatively you can always acknowledge the characterization. "Damn right I'm racist and proud of it!"

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