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April 09, 2009


this guy, R. Allen Stanford, who owns many front companies, one of which is Stanford Financial Group. I think this guy was one of providing drug laundering to this drug cartel.

and since this whole thing is about drugs, let us look at who else may be involved with this.......hmmmm

CIA asset?

and since he may be a CIA asset, then we can assume also he is mossad...

and since he is involved with madoff and mossad, then one would make the assumption that he is also involved with the russian jewish mob........and of course he is.

it is all so easy for any person to put two and two together and come up with a working theory on this stuff. but law enforcements hands are tied and nothing will ever come of this, imho....

stanford's 83 old father has said that he should come clean about it all. those are nice words from a old man to his son, but his son, realizes what that would mean, his death and the death of his father and all of his family members, because that is the way the russian jewish mob, works. they kill the whole family and not just the offending male, like the italians do...

finally these mexican drug cartels are just offshoots of russian jewish mob operations. these mexican drug lords are just the pimps of these russian jews......

Mexican drug cartels are NOT russian jewish mop operations. Believe me, they are not.

Hi, katman. Where is Peter?

Which broadcasts you hear now?



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