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April 21, 2009


As always, Dr. Jones has a lot to say, and says it well.

I can only take one passage at the moment, but it ties closely to us, and the de facto dispossession of the White Race,in America.

Dr. Jones wrote:
England had been literally stolen from its own people, and the loot the thieves had gathered was now being used to persecute anyone who disagreed with the regime of theft which now had taken over their country.

in reply:
A succinct statement, indeed!

Just replace the word "England" with the word "America," and you will be no less accurate.

Dr. Jones, as a gentleman and a scholar, is too kind by half to those who will laugh as his religion, and those of his "ethnicity," are neutralized, and demoralized, on their way to the dustbin of history.

Where Dr. Jones uses the term "religion" and "ethnicity," I use the broader term "Christianity" - all other "religions" are essentially ethnic cults - and "Race."

And, Christianity, without the White Race, without the synergistic relationship it has with Western Civilization, is simply another gelded social control system.

Note that the parishioners were politely ignored, and the social scientists and businessmen masquerading as clergy did what they wanted to do, any way.

And the difference between the clergy and the Jews, IN PRACTICE, is...?

Shamir shrugged by way of response. “That’s not what the word means. If you want to use words, you have to use them in the way that most people understand them.”

the catholic continued to try and hit him over the head with his catholic ways, and he wasn't going to have any part of it.

i just love it.......

jones is like roscoe and maurice. they all think that in order for there to be a good world that we all have to return to the way the things used to be once upon a time in never never land. i am sorry to inform them, but martin luther put a end to those dreams a long time ago when he let the big secret out. grace is free.......oh no......

in reply to katman:

I think the larger issue is that various Christian Institutions have done a lot of good, over the centuries, but have become gelded at the Institutional level.

you wrote:

jones is like roscoe and maurice. they all think that in order for there to be a good world that we all have to return to the way the things used to be once upon a time in never never land.

This is the larger Truth we have to face.

So many of the "values" we were taught, and we adopted, are simply not functioning in the present day, and will function less well in the future.

What would a future Roman Catholic Church look like?


How would it deal with Judaism, which is the EXACT opposite of Christianity?

When will it get around to doing that?

that is just the point I am trying to make NA. what is the difference between catholicism and judaism? not much? one imprisons the jews, and the other imprisons the gentile with traditions of men. both are the inventions of the satanic gnostic jew. I mean I have the utmost respect for Mr. Jones. But and that is a big but, I grow weary of catholics who it would seem are everywhere in this movement(if you want to call it that) and all I hear from them is their religious opinions based upon the traditions of men and then they try to portray this as fact. In the post above , the Messianic jew corrected Mr Jones when he attempted to misappropriate the terminology of Christianity to try and make a case for what he perceives is the correct way to worship God juxtaposed within his overall world view on basically I would have to say, the catholic vs the jew mindset of these catholics. In my honest opinion, this is not what this whole argument is all about. Needless to say, he will not come anywhere near what he is saying in a roundabout manner. We have a racial problem. Of course even the good professor would then cry racism and cry anti-semitism, which I might add he has done before. This is a free country. We have freedom or religion. But if these militant catholics are allowed to gain the power that they have lost by the flow of free information allowed when the Bible was printed in other tongues besides Latin, then I am afraid, that they will make the jewish noahide laws look mild in comparison. So we see this as two heads on the same satanic snake manifestation working together for the good of the jew. One is the jewish noahide legal mandates of the Sanhedrin and the other side of the coin is the great whore of Babylon in Rome, both sides appearing to conflict, yet both sides controlled by the same people. My dad was a 32 degree mason. I used to argue with him about what it meant to be a mason, etc. He would just chuckle and be unresponsive. My dad did tell me that catholics did have their own masonic type organizations and were not in the masonic order. I beg to differ. I think there are a lot of masons in the catholic church and there always have been and this goes all the way to the top. roscoe and maurice will argue that i am a heretic. NA, you know what a accusation of that sort would entail a thousand years ago, I am sure. I would be put throught hell and then burned alive. Catholic justice for those who dared to reason. The question Martin Luther asked. Is this Book real. Are these verses real? Does this material mean what it says in black and white? If that is so, then why is it my church is not doing what the Book says? Dr Jones is a very interesting and smart man but for the smart man, Christianity can be the stuff of fools. No man who ever lived knew this better than paul himself, who was a very smart man but became a fool for Christ.

Good post, katman.

Hey, katman, Mookie admitted on Jason Bermas' show that Violet is partially Jewish.

But, you see, Mookie is lying. I have proof that BOTH of Violet's parents are Jewish, which means that Violet herself is fully Jewish, not partially Jewish as Mookie tries to imply.

Go to the 8:00 mark and listen:

the fact that mookie is even talking about this, tells me that this mookie 'problem' is gaining traction and getting legs. Jones pissed in the wrong cornflakes when he jacked with nathanel kapner...ha ha ha

You're right, katman.

But I'm the one who did all the research on Mookie's wife to prove once and for all that she IS in fact Jewish, not Kapner. Nobody else has ever bothered to investigate Mookie's wife before now.

I e-mailed Peter Schaenk most of the evidence, although I've discovered some new facts that I haven't yet sent to him.



Yesterday I just discovered absolute iron-clad unassailable proof that BOTH of Mookie's wife's maternal grandparents(i.e. her mother's parents) are Jews.

This means that Mookie's wife's mother is fully Jewish, which means that Mookie's wife herself is 50% genetically Jewish, and, more importantly, is considered to be 100% FULLY Jewish by traditional Jewish Halakah law. As I'm sure you know, in Jewish Halakah law, a person is considered to be Jewish if their mother is Jewish, regardless of the race or ethnicity of their father.

I hate to say it... But I will;

Zog is the man!

This guy is like Mike Hammer.

Catholic bashing again!

Sorry but I start to see Freemasons everywhere (as katman's dad).

Again poor theology discussions and "from the heart" apologetics.

I bring names of Catholics with experience in this fight in order to instruct and help in this fight. Not to convert to Catholicism.
Examples so you can google:
Henri Delassus
Julio Meinvielle
Henri de Poncins
Maurice Pinay (pseudonym)
José Maria Caro
Father Fahey
Nesta Webster
Msgr. Ernest Jouin
Mathieu Deschamps
Hilaire Belloc
G.K. Chesterton
A.K. Chesterton
Father Coughlin
Elizabeth Dilling (catholic?)
Many Popes and many Encyclicals (QUO GRAVIORA, Providas Romanorum, In Eminenti, etc.)
Many Saints and their writings (Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Ambrose, Saint Jerome, Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Saint Athanasius, etc.)

katman wrote: "I think there are a lot of masons in the catholic church and there always have been and this goes all the way to the top. roscoe and maurice will argue that i am a heretic."

What are you saying?!?! Roscoe and maurice allways told this. How do you think Vatican II was done??
You are not an heretic for telling this.

yeh mookie, that is true. you did the research. but kapner's website gets 700k hits a month and the more stuff you put on there, the more this story gets legs of its own. good work. and to think, that mean old peter shank kicked you off his forum one time. shame on the mess ....:)

Jones always speaks truth in a forthright way. I look forward to his articles eagerly. The Russians have had so many troubles in their many times. They will prevail.

Thank you for the post, Peter!

Peter, how come no new shows? I thought we were going to get a new one on 4/15/09?


I also e-mailed Kapner all the information about Mookie's wife.

He told me a couple weeks ago in an e-mail that he was working on a followup article about Mookie, but I think maybe he got cold feet about it, because as of yet he hasn't produced a new article.

zog, he is a jew. just send him some money. he will get right on it....:) ha ha ha I think he got pretty mad when mookie started banning the very mention of real jew news on the many mookie websites. I think the man called shank is mad at the computer again or maybe he is trying to find warren....:)

Jones always speaks truth in a forthright way........

oh brother, another genuflecting mookie sycophant. trust me, this too shall pass. you found your way here because you are searching. jones is a 35 year old punk. who is it that died and left him the spokesman for the patriot movement? when i first woke up, i found jones because i was searching, having listening to limbaugh all those years, and being lied to, i was ready for something new. then after a short few months , i realized jones didn't do it for me. he is stuck in the same place and never grows. and if you notice, all the people who listen to him for years are stuck too. kapner is right. he is a zionist tool and a agent of the opposition.


I think, if you are referring to Ansovino's post of 24 apr 09 @ 840 AM, he is referring to Dr. E. Michael Jones, the author of the post this thread is based on.

you are correct New America. I got distracted.

I am highly suspicious about this sudden swine flu outbreak. How convenient. Now they already bother the hell out of me when i go to the va hospital as it is , about shots. now this. mark my words. when you go to the va, they will almost insist on a swine flu innoculation and for this i will give them the middle finger. one thing i did learn from mookie is not take the shots. on that he is correct.

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