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April 08, 2009


in reply to chome:

You made some excellent points; I would like to address some of them.

you wrote:

Peter said :
"I will say this; Ed Steele is a big proponent of getting Tard / survivalist sponsors and became very impatient at my reluctance to approach these sponsors on behalf of his show."


What is funny about money is that it wont be as big of a problem once you have gained credibility. This wont happen if you turn to Tard advertising. Sure it has worked for Alex Jones but his program is one of impotence and fear. We want to actually overcome fear and impotence. Tard ads and products attract the people we DO NOT want and frankly goes against what we are trying to accomplish. Buying seeds and water filters and hiding out in the woods is not a solution.

in reply:
It seems GCN, Jones, et. al., has essentially cornered the market for Tard products.

These products are the choices of cowards, and, incidentally, people who will never contribute anything of substance to us.

This is because they are essentially broke.

They are of no value to The Cause, much less, well, anyone.

Hence, they listen, and feel superior, as if they are in on some vast decoder ring for the New World Order conspiracies.

I'll give you the decoder ring for identifying our Enemies:

Judaism, the EXACT Opposite of Christianity.

you wrote:
If you gain the attention of the proper people, (and this happens by having integrity) you will get 10 bucks a month from them and then you wont need to turn to the snake oil salesmen. Ron Paul said that the 15 million he raised was mostly from 10 dollar and 100 dollar donations from individuals.

in reply:
Think something like this might work for Steele?

you wrote:
But like you said the money must go to the cause and not to line people pocket books. This is also essential to keep credbility.

in reply:
Open Books are mandatory.

You see, the currency of the Internet is integrity.

Once you lose it - a la Stadtmiller when he fired Peter - you can not regain it.

you wrote:
I swear, these guys keep making the same damn mistakes expecting a different result. It is amazing to me.

in reply:
They believe they are the exception to the rules.

They don't realize the America they want to "bring back" is GONE, forever, and they must work to define a newer, stronger America, with a more substantial foundation.

They are incapable of this, particularly as long as their impotence is praised as moral superiority by the Patriotard broadcasters, whose sole purpose it to make sure they NEVER do the one thing the militias of the Eighties did right, and that was to ORGANIZE.

you wrote:
Thanks for trying to keep them honest Peter.

in reply:
Damn, but I second THAT!

Thanks, Peter.

Hey, guys. It's a lot worse than we thought.

I have discovered that ALL of Mookie's major website and radio advertizers are Jewish owned companies!

I'm posting the information on Stormfront. I'll e-mail the links to Peter soon. ;-)

I'm pretty certain now that the entire Patriot/Truth movement is a Jewish front.

All the evidence points to this being the case.

in reply to Z.O.G.:

you wrote:
I'm pretty certain now that the entire Patriot/Truth movement is a Jewish front.

All the evidence points to this being the case.

in reply:
That has been my operative assumption for the longest of time; with few exceptions, the Patriot "Movement" has been no-opted by the Judaics.

The self-proclaimed "Truth Movement" has always been simply a shill, a front man, designed to make sure that one distraction after another, one False Flag after another, kept the cattle safely away from the way out of the feedlot.

The larger question is, "What can we DO about it?"

The answer really looks like the functional equivalent of, nor reforms, but a Reformation.

More to follow.

How many words would it take for a Mission Statement?

I think Fourteen ought to about do it!

'm pretty certain now that the entire Patriot/Truth movement is a Jewish front.

All the evidence points to this being the case.

Posted by: Z.O.G. | April 10, 2009 at 11:42 AM

I have always thought it curious about the number of former or perhaps currently active , members of the lyndon la rouche movement who have cleaved themselves to this thing called the patriot movement.

then also i find it very curious how this guy , mark koernke, talking up the militia movement, getting tards all worked up and facilitating militia movements, meetings and bivouacs. this guy was in prison for while , then he got out. I think he is FBI informant selling , acting as honeypot information collection agent.....etc..

Unfortunately, anyone who has been arrested and imprisoned by the Feds, should be viewed as damaged goods.

It is too easy to "turn" someone, when they are faced with a long prison term.

That is why all concerned people should avoid doing anything illegal, as imprisonment puts an end to any effectiveness you may have once had against the JWO.

I only hope that being Traditional Catholic and investigating history are two things not illegal still for many more years...

in reply to Peter Schaenk:

you wrote, in reply to katman:
Unfortunately, anyone who has been arrested and imprisoned by the Feds, should be viewed as damaged goods.

It is too easy to "turn" someone, when they are faced with a long prison term.

That is why all concerned people should avoid doing anything illegal, as imprisonment puts an end to any effectiveness you may have once had against the JWO.

in reply:
It all goes back to the great Insight of VNN's Alex Linder:

"ABSOLUTELY no one in this Movement are to be trusted, absolutely."

Metzger makes the same point you made, and he has a lot of painfully gained experience on the sharp end of the spear.

The problem is, why would such people get involved in the same sort of activities that led to their incarceration?

The answer is simple.

The greater issue, in this context, seems to be the One Party's true fear of some sort of populist political action developing, and crystallizing into a true nationalist political organization.

Hence, all manner of lists are being made, and kept, by various parties.

Simple as that.

On The Other Hand, I am so looking forward to the day the Patriot Dames return to the air, perhaps forming as "The Voices of Reason" on some odd hour on GCN, or RBN, or something.

They can even have a special segment: "The Outer Porch, at The Blue Lodge."

You don't know whether to laugh or cry.

It's not too far from the truth.

For about half a century - really, most of the last century - our Leadership has had us running around in circles chasing the Enemy of the Week - and, the common theme has been there across all organizations.

Most of what we can call Institutional Christianity can not come to the rescue; it, too, has been totally co-opted by our Racial Enemy.

It seems that every attempt at leaving this House of Mirrors simply opens the door to ANOTHER House of Mirrors, as the total attack on Western Civilization, and our Race, continues on all levels, in all possible ways, in all possible places.

Racial Suicide is totally encouraged by the media, and the public indoctrination system.

Yet, yet, so many Christians are turning to Christ, and are doing so to the exclusion of the Mainstream Protestant denominations.

Something is TRYING to happen, and it is all happening beneath the surface of the status quo.

A New, Better Society is trying to develop, and I think the Key will be to look beyond the historical models - the Patriots, the New Militias - and look to the common theme that unites all of them.

That is True Christianity, Family, and Race, in the temporal framework of Western Civilization.

Simple as that.

Anything else is simply a House of Cards.

The metaphor I like best is this:

We are trapped in a glass revolving door, and our transparent prison keeps us going in circles.

All we have to do is break the glass.

More to follow.

Just a quick update on VoR:

One, in their 10 apr 09 show, Mishko anounced, at 167, that VoR will be syndicating The Political Cesspool.


I thought they were already out on RBN, and RBN was even charging for the archives of The Political Cesspool.

Keep RBN in mind; I'll return to it in a minute.

Well, to paraphrase Neo at the end of "The Mstrix," as he looked UP and spoke to The Matrix:


I know you're here, and I know why.

You announced that VoR would be bring on Dr. Tom Sunic Real Soon Now - things don't seem to have quite firmed up, have they?

I will bet you that was Peter's Idea - bringing on people who could intelligently articulate the Vision of Western Civilization, and what it could - and should - become.

So, look at your new line-up:

Edgar Steele:

Peter got him on board. I think he pretty much has Rick Adams on RBN for some regular time, but at least, Peter got him with the time to let loose.

This will lead to the foundation of a political Cause, if you will, at least, in Idaho.

It's a start, and an excellent start.

Score ONE for Peter.

Dr. Raphael Johnson:
Can clearly and intelligently make the case FOR Christianity as the riving force behind Western Civilization.

I'll just BET he was Peter's choice, and Peter convinced him that VoR had a real future.

Score TWO for Peter.

Dr. Tom Sunic:
Same for Western Civilization, the kind of person you would enjoy meeting.

Score THREE for Peter.

Now, on your side:

The Patriot Dames.

They seem to be missing, and we never got an answer as to why VoR was FORCED to take them off the air.

I'll bet they still have pages on your website, but, somehow, someone whispered something in someone's ear.

The Political Cesspool.

A;ready on RBN, and their archives are on the PAY archive system.

I suppose you could make their show archives avaialable for free on VoR, but I'll just bet that won't happen.

It looks like you are desperate, and are trying to use Peter's remarkable efforts to lend power and legitimacy to a network that features the Patriot Dames, and such famed posters as Reck Less Abandon.

Keep Ol' Reck up there, and let Dr. Johnson and Dr. Sunic see who their compatriot is.

And, Dietrich, here's what wins First Prize:

At 168 Dietrich noted he saw "someone" - *ahem* that would be ME - on this site - "any of the conspiracy theories, I read one guy's saying we're going to be like GCN, or sell out to GCN, that's like Alex read some weird stuff out there on those Internets....Be careful what you read, folks. Just be careful what you read. You should rub that stuff against Reality and see if it makes sense."

in reply:
Well, I didn't say you were "going to be like GCN..."

That would be giving you credit for competency.

They have a smart, market-focused businessman running the show, and HE has a Vision Statement - and I'll bet it's about fourteen words in length.

you then said:
"...or sell out to GCN,..."

in reply:

That's a good bit of the problem.

You didn't "SELL OUT to GCN..."

You let the Patriot Dames GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE.

And, that sure looks an excellent example of using the Web for test-marketing.

Look at the Patriot Dames thread for a GCN host, his GCH radio show, and his seed business, which is advertised on GCN.

Notice something?

Notice the "click on THIS picture" link that was prominently mentioned in the post?

Where do you suppose that link went?


Allowable answers include "GCN," and "test marketing."

you then said:
"Be careful what you read, folks. Just be careful what you read. You should rub that stuff against Reality and see if it makes sense."

in reply:
Well, Reality has changed a bit.

I gave you what I thought was an excellent idea- call Agis, of VNN's Free Talk Live and, notably, GoyFire - and run shows with him doing analysis and commentary with a partner.

SOMEONE is paying attention, because VNN just ran GoyFire 58, with Agis, Chain and Linder.

And damn, but Linder is throwing heat.

My guess is, Linder just came through the Long, Dark, Night of the Soul, and he is BACK!

So, if you take VoR, subtract the people Peter recruited, you end up with:

The Patriot Dames - sorry, I forgot! They're GONE, but I think they'll be back, as GCN probably doesn't want them. RBN might, so we might want to give them a few weeks.

The Political Cesspool - which will allow you to simulcast, as their chips seem to be with RBN. You can try getting them to allow you to make their archives available on VoR. That will shape up to a contest between VoR and RBN.

You won't even make GCN's radar.

No context, really.

That leaves you and Mishko.

That's it.

To quote Murrow, "Good Night, and Good Luck."

All "conspiracy theories" aside: It was absolutely, incredibly, stupendously stupid to let one of the hosts plug another network on the site with a link taking listeners away from VoR to their competitors site.

This was not the first time.

Truthbridgade, (Patriot Dames guest) was allowed to do the same thing as well as other PD guests.

The business acumen of the VoR "leadership" should at least be questioned, as they violated many basic principles of business by allowing a host to post links to their competitors site.

More importantly, as I warned, It would damage their credibility.

Surprise! It damaged their credibility.

Now the "conspiracy theories" start to sound feasible, because the VoR "leadership" didn't take the network seriously. They valued misplaced loyalty over their responsibility to jealously guard the prized jewel of the kingdom...Credibility.

If the VoR "leadership" wants to complain about "conspiracy theories", they only have themselves to blame. They are the root cause of these theories.

They can't say they weren't warned.

Blaming people for investigating suspicious activities and a dramatic change of events, is like the a rapist blaming the victim for the rape.

All of these theories and suspicions could have been avoided. If the VoR "leadership" doesn't like the outcome of their actions, then they should have taken the advice of more experienced men that came before them.

This is what happens when you worship everything "new under the sun" and recite the mantra, "There is nothing worth conserving".

Life experience and the knowledge of those men that came before you...The shoulders you now stand upon. That must be conserved and their warnings are ignored at your own peril.

in reply to Peter Schaenk:

You made a telling point, that seems to be the Symbol of Vor:

you wrote:
All of these theories and suspicions could have been avoided. If the VoR "leadership" doesn't like the outcome of their actions, then they should have taken the advice of more experienced men that came before them.

in reply:
I think it's not that the VoR "leadership" - and we are using THAt term loosely - didn't "like the outcome of their actions."

It's not a matter of whether or not they "like the outcome of their actions."

It's that they literally did not care.

That is the critical element.

Like children, they had no idea what to do with the toys the found; no ideas how to organize them, no idea what greater purpose they might serve, no, none of that.

It's simply like they really wanted to have a Friday Night Chat Line, just Mishko and Dietrich, and all of the else really didn't matter, at all.

Yes, they could provide lip service, but, their actions show their only REAL concern was the Friday Night Chat Line.

In short, there never was a Vision, and certainly never a business plan, like Adults would develop.

Yet, we can SEE their "Vision" from what they not only allowed, but encouraged, and we can derive the basics of a business plan from that.

The "Vision" was simply a Friday Night Chat Line for the former VNN Punk Mob to, well, be "punks" - their word, not mine, but a very accurate word it is.


My God, dealing with them must be like pushing water up a hill, only to have it evaporate half-way to the top...

What I hoped VoR could have become was a LightSource; something that in time would say, "THIS is where we WERE, THIS is where we ARE, appearances to the contrary, and THIS is where we are GOING, and THIS is how we are getting there."

Instead, it has degenerated into another "Damn, but things are bad. What can we do about it? Not much, really," type WNist discussion.

The currency of the Internet economy is credibility; lose it once, at it is Hell to regain, as the Patriot Dames, and Dietrich and Mishko are about to find out.

Well, it's certainly educational!

A prediction:

Edgar Steele will find Rick Adams a perfect fit for his new career in political activism.

In the meanwhile, for all of the people who criticize "the Jews," and Judaism, when will they realize the ONLY thing the Jews fear is Christianity, and organic nations founded and sustained around Christianity?

Blindly attacking and mocking Christianity simply does the work of the Jews for them!

We can do better.

More to follow.

As long as White Nationalsits keep making the same mistakes, they will get the same results.

Remarkably, White Nationalists are more influenced by William Pierce and Revilo Oliver than Adolph Hitler.

What they believe about Hitler and what they like about him, is the "cartoon" version promoted by the Jews.

This is what Pierce and Oliver promoted and this is what VNN and their progeny are promoting.

Hitler was not anti-Christian and understood the importance of Christianity in fighting the JWO.

He also knew that you cannot destroy a spiritual philosophy with brute force without offering something spiritual in it's place.

This is a crucial point that cannot be stressed enough.

The mantra; "Nothing today is worth conserving" is lunacy. 2000 years of work by our ancestors is indeed worth conserving. Western Civilization is absolutely worth conserving and preserving. Hitler believed as much.

White Nationalists want to destroy Christianity and the moral code that it promotes; But what will they replace it with?

Nothing is the answer. They want to destroy it because they are angry...They want to destroy it for the sake of destruction.

Who does this sound like?

If White Nationalists would spend a few minutes reading Mein Kampf, ( The Big Bang of White Nationalism ) they would be surprised at how far off course they have drifted.

They resemble Jews more than National Socialists or White Nationalists.

in reply to Peter Schaenk:

I have read "Mein Kampf," and I have long argued the WN2/M lacks the intellectual courage to move in the direction it leads to, that is, an NS economic system, as we have in Scandinavia, and a system that began with Institutional Christianity, and then stripped it of the Institution barnacles that held the Deed of Christ back, and reduced Christianity to merely being the handmaiden of the State.

The problem with Pierce is he had no plans for any sort of political development, other than vague plans for White "Archipelagos."

His attempt to form a Higher Gnosticism religious society ("Cosmotheism") failed because (1) there was little there other than a rewriting of Nietzsche, and (2) it seemed to be little more than a shell to avoid possible attachment of the National Alliances' income and assets as a result of litigation, with the facade of an IRS-approved 501 (c) 3 "church." (AS IF the IRS would grant such a thing to Pierce!)

Note that Pierce spoke at an NA meeting - avialable on the Internet) where he said he did not want The Cause to attract the usual gang of freaks, losers, and general decrepits that WNism had traditionally attracted.

He then mocks Christianity, doing the one thing that the usual gang of losers also do.

So, they fell easy prey to the attacks of Judaism, and Pierce's National Alliance is now a hollow mockery of what it was, much less what it hoped to be.

Oliver laid the intellectual foundation for Pierce's critique of Christianity.

Oliver fell into the same error of the classical philsophers; they limited Christianity to the Institutional Forms into which men attempted to use Christ, and Christianity, as means to their own ends, and not as ends unto themselves.

I have wondered why, upon occasion, we get really lucky almost in spite of ourselves - guys like "Bob in DC" - and have to fight our way through so many of what Briseis described as "incompetent males."

There's the Key.

I've mentioned Briseis' important, casual observation, on several occasions, and on several forums, all to no reply whatsoever.

Briseis sees what is wrong - "incompetent males" is a graceful, diplomatic term.

Much more often, "losers" seems much more accurate.

The common theme is that of delayed adolescence carried forward into their thirties, forties, fifties, and beyond.

The hallmark of such people can be summed in a common adolescent phase:


They are resolutely opposed to doing the Work of Men, which is binding themselves to a course of conduct that will serve a MUCH greater purpose than themselves.

There are reasons for that I will discuss, at least in part, later. We have discussed this to a substantial degree of Bob Whitaker's blog/website.

Why do they identify with Hitler?


Like Children, they identify with the Symbols, the matters of Form.

Like Children, they can not conceptualize the Adult Perspective, much less bind themselves willfully to an Adult course of conduct for decades, even for the rest of their lives.

They live in the Mind of the Eternal Child - to be precise, in Jungian terms, the Shadow of the Eternal Child.

Linder made an excellent point:

Politics abhors a vacuum.

Get rid of the contemporary Forms of Christiainity is one thing.

Getting rid of Christ, AND what Christianity could, and should become, is another thing altogether.

The vacuum is waiting to be filled, and what is just READY to fill it?

Judaism, - pure Racial Materialism - in one Form or another

Linder also addressee the topic of adolescent rebellion when he told the young men listening to him that the best rebellion in EXCELLENCE.

It worked for the NSDAP Cultural Moment - FIFTY percent unemployment, and a collapsed economy.

It can work for the Children of the West, but they MUST want to become the Adults, the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, of the West.

While they can...

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