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March 24, 2009


If one penny of tax payers' moolah is given to niggers for "reparations", FULL OUT RACE WAR!!!

(3) examine the lingering negative effects of the institution of slavery and the discrimination described in paragraph (2) on living African-Americans and on society in the United States;

Does that also mean Africans that have destroyed our cities and crimes against whites?

As you may have noticed, we, white western European Americans cannot compare the present day conditions brought upon our cities and towns by black people for to do so is clearly racist behavior on our part. Since it must somehow be our fault, and the fault of our forefathers who enslaved them and brought them here in the first place, no matter how untrue this statement is.. It is the current common perception..
White guilt, along with jewish pressure, might usher this bill straight to the White House with little opposition..
I propose a question: If this bill becomes law, wouldn't it stimulate the economy? Surely it could save the auto industry woes in a week.. I predict a record number of SUVs being sold, as well as thousands of new "recording studios" popping up as well.. Audio equipment sales could go through the roof...
Just a thought.

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