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March 20, 2009


No person alive will ever convince me that this was not planned all along. Every M-O points to the same conclusion. The removal of Americans from their land and possessions. This diabolical ideology will ultimately fail as will the economic bailout. Those who have the control will relinquish nothing to the posterity of the country because there will be nothing to relinquish. These acts are treasonist!

He's kidding, right?

Sorry but if they bring any more Mexicans America wont be worth anything.

No, he is not kidding. He is talking about bringing in "middle class" immigrants with skills and money to buy homes. The only problem with this idea...These types of immigrants aren't allowed in the country.

They are called "White Europeans".

The "expert" in the clip is talking about some imaginary middle class that he believes exists in the third world. If it existed, they wouldn't be coming to America to collect welfare in the first place.

The majority of third world immigrants coming to this country collect welfare for as long as possible, regardless of their success at business in America.

Even the third world immigrants that make it to the "middle class", continue to collect government subsidies.

Ask your local 7-11 convenience store clerk from Pakistan.

I couldn't finish watching the rest of this video. First of all, I was born here. I had family members here before the revolution. My mother's side has been here well over 150 yrs. I had family members who fought in the Civil War for the North. You know how they had all of us Mick's killing each other for the North & South. I had family who landed at Normandy fighting the German's. I had family members killed during the Vietnam era. So, I think that means that I did not come over here, my heritage has been here well over 100 years so that makes this my blood sacred country.

Was there ever a time in the world where the heritage of their people, because of the color of their skin, has so passively just rolled over without any fight and become extinct? I am not talking about violence. You can boycott, begin teaching your children the truth about their heritage, getting more involved in politics, start taking back over the churches. Where men should start acting like men once again, not being drunk or drug addicts, cheating heathens, and that goes the same for the white women, and the parents to become the teachers once again and having little Johnny and Sally not mixing with off-colored skinned people.

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