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March 18, 2009


Putin's poster girl: Pin-up politician who hates the West... but loves Thatcher
By Will Stewart In Moscow
Last updated at 2:46 AM on 15th March 2009

Is that her beer or piss she's holding?

Please what a total crap. These Russians with no morals, no religion,
no etics, are by the Brit-ish press promm-ed up as new examples for
this messed up generation. How did that happen? How about AIG[1] ?

"When Greenberg took over from Starr, the firm's [AIG]
reputation for merging business interests with Anglo-American
intelligence operations did not diminish."

The Spotlight newspaper (June 16, 1997, page 7) asked whether
Greenberg, during his tenure as chairman of the Federal Reserve
Bank in New York, had any connections with the Russian underground
economy :

"The New York Federal Reserve Bank has been functioning as a
"printing press" for the Russian Mafia-dominated Moscow banks.
New York magazine write Robert Friedman has reported that, every
business day, planeloads of freshly printed $100 bills are flown
from JFK Airport in New York to Moscow. These bills, provided by
the New York Fed, generate billions of dollars a year in
revenues for the U.S. Treasury, and have been a significant
factor in the global power grab by Russian organized crime."


Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist

You heard about this new Russian TV ad, Peter?

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