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March 31, 2009


He doesn't talk about it because it would achieve absolutely nothing. There IS a spam-all-grounds enemy that has Jews as a pawn as it has ALL religions and political movements as a tool.

A terrorist?


A great man, and one that, indeed, sticks to his proverbial - as well as literal - guns.

I'm an atheist, but,

God bless you, A. E. Jones.

Sad to hear you disagree, Rense.

Good luck with your career.

So maybe David Duke is right. The Catholic church in Croatia was a kosher murder machine that kosherly slaughtered the Serbian population under Ante Pavelic, "Aryan Croat Catholic Ustasha" fuehrer, whose wife was Jewish, and top Ustashi, Slavko Kvaternik were also Jews. Nobody ever dicusses the genocide of the Serbs, the brutality and sadism of which even shocked Adolph Hitler, has been suppressed and continues to be suppressed. But it's not over. All that blood that's been spilt for the Vatican and Khazars must be avenged.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog. I think it's better to mention what's the topic all about.

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