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March 31, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen, do you need any more proof that Mr. Jones is an enemy of truth?

I used to think that he was scared to lose his sponsors and his show.
Then I thought he was an opportunist there to make money , and puff himself up to be something that he isn't.

Now I think he is deliberately deceiving the people who will look for the truth behind world politics.

His latest documentary is living proof of this. Tarpley is just the same as Jones... Tarpley thinks the new Jones doco is brilliant... yeah Tarpley , because you feature prominently in it , that's why !?!

Thank you Jeff for these answers. I love your show and I was wondering what happened. Jones is hiding something for sure and that is not good. I am saddened for my country now more than ever. Freedom Radio rules.

Pictures of Alex Jones' Jewish Wife:

Bull Mouth Jones just stomped his own pe*cker. When Br. Kapner finally began to appear on Rense and got a wider audience he moved away from an essay style of writing and dove into investigate journalism with results that are nothing short of brilliant.

Jeff Rense had the balls and Br. Nathanael Kapner delivered the goods. Cheers to both men.

This is a small bump in the road for Jeff Rense and I thank Jeff for taking the jab that finally and without question drew that loud mouth shill out into the open.

All of you who have defended Bull Mouth over the past several years need to take a good look and do some more homework. You've been had.

Z.O.G.- that was way below the belt and totally uncalled for. Focus on the "what"- the "why" is purely speculation.

Scew you, "Scarecrow". There's nothing wrong with posting pictures of Alex Jones' ugly yenta wife on the internet. It's public information. People need to know what she looks like. Mookie needs to be taken down a few notches.

The heretic Kapner denies the Primacy of St Peter.

@ roscoe

Brother Nathaniel is not a heretic but a schismatic according traditional Catholic dogma. However, this is irrelevant with respect to the truth value of his articles.

"the latins" split from The Greeks in 1054 and it's been down hill ever since for you barbarians.

And you didn't need this article by "Brother Nathaniel" to know Jones was a fraud.

If Jones was so "counterculture" why can everyone from Lou Dobbs to Charlie Sheen go on his show with out any consequents and why did Fox News have him on shilling that Obama movie? Theres no consequents for saying "9/11 was an inside job" or talk about b.s. Shadow Governments and FEMA Camps, but there sure as hell is for saying the jews have too much say in Western policies.

That alone should tell you whats really going on.

Schismatical, heretical and apostate basically all mean the same thing. The point is that 'Bro' Nathaniel denies the Primacy of St Peter-- he and all those who believe likewise are indeed heretics.

Infallible Constitution of Catholic Church

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus and #6

Oh, God, not roscoe and his Catholic crap again!

Please, make it stop. :-D

There is only one kind of 'person' who talks that way about the Catholic Church...........

Hey, roscoe, I thought you were a member of Team Alex Jones now? How's that working out for you? haha

As you are aware ZOG I was pre-banned from the Jones Forum so nice try.

Pre-banned at the Alex Jewnes forum? Wow, so even the patriotards don't like you. :-)

ZOG has finally admitted to being a Patriotard.

Yeah, sure. I'm not the one who paid money to Alex Jones and his Jewish wife for a subscription to his stupid website. You're the one who did that. Seems to me like you're the patriotard here.


I don't know if I'd call Jones a "Zionist," but he does conspicuously avoid any discussion of the Jewish Question on his show, and all the while ranting against "the globalists," he promotes a multiracial, multiculti, egalitarian, quasi-Marxist worldview that these same globalists would enthusiastically approve of.

Jones knows full well that there isn't going to be a coalition of blacks, browns, yellows, and whites working harmoniously to defeat the NWO, yet he continues to promote the idea that "racism" is a tool of "the elite" to "divide" a world that was never united in the first place (and to the extent that it was united, it was united under Western force and guidance). The truth is, the colored races are a tool that's being used by "the globalists" to destroy the white, Western world. Jones understands this since he lives in a state that is now majority non-white, but he still won't come right out and say it. Some of his on-air comments from several months ago also make it clear that he doubts the official version of the holocaust (what informed, intelligent person doesn't?), but he has never had an historical revisionist on to discuss the matter.

Those comments at the beginning of the video clip above where Jones agrees that Washington is controlled by Zionists but that talking about it won't make a difference are very revealing. What a f*ckin' hypocrite.

Send your money and your support elsewhere. This guy doesn't deserve it.

* ...doesn't deserve _them_.

If Jones really is married to a Jewess, then technically, his children are Jews. That in itself would be enough to explain why Jones is covering for them.

Jared Taylor of AmRen is also rumored to be married to a Jewess, and like Jones, Taylor won't touch the Jewish Question with a 10-foot pole.

However, I noticed the name Rob Jacobson prominently displayed in the credits to Jones's latest video, The Obama Deception. So it appears that Jones is not only married to one, but that he also has one on his team.

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