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February 04, 2009


You see Peter what I was saying, they already won this battle, also if Williamson doesn’t recant, but already the Vatican is bowing to the jews and creating a new “dogma” int he church.

It’s a terrible defeat!

For me Catholicism IS the true religion but now as institution I can see it only in Sodalitium (Turin - Italy). If you go to Italy, visit and talk to them, surely they will have someone that Speaks English.

Don't be deceived by the media deceptions, which are these days also in
'print' on the many Rupert Murdoch online news websites.

From all the patriottard radio broadcasters out there, 99% is anti
Catholic/Vatican. This was basicly the same problem which JFK was
having, including with his wife Jacqueline 'Bouvier'. Sadly enough
'Bouvier' turns out to be a fabricated surname and genealogy, as
researched by Fritz Springmeier inside his book "Bloodlines of the
Illuminati". In short JFK was married to a phony broad, who was also

The Jews today may have some control over the Vatican, but their
'influence' is fading very fast. Pope Benedict XVI may have backed down
on Williamson for now, but people know what is going on, and know what
the original plan was. Ratzinger is not the guy to shift game-plan
because a couple of Rabbis press on buttons. It might be the case that
some Vatican banker pressed on a button, but that is a deadly game.

My thoughts exactly.

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