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February 14, 2009


What about the Croatian Massacre.

The pope has no power to reign in ecumenicism with Jews or other religions.


Like all Western Governments the Churches are long corrupted.

This statement is a great disappointment. I was raised as a Catholic, and I basically feel that the Pope could make no more un-Catholic statement.

Unlike Protestantism, Catholicism is a more confrontational religion: "The truth shall set you free." (John 8:32) A Catholic must confront the fact of his mortality, the fact of his moral imperfection, and not deny certain facts in favor of winning popularity. Thus, the Catholic Church does not condone the homosexual lifestyle, nor does it encourage a casual attitude towards divorce, nor does it condone abortion on demand no matter how politically advantageous supporting these policies might be.

The Jews are caught like rats in a trap. They seriously underestimate White intellectual abilities, and planned to inflate the Holocaust as a means to extract money from us ad infinitum. However, starting in about 1980, forensic science advanced to the point where one could hardly turn on the television without hearing of some crime of 20 years ago being reinvestigated, or even scientists discovering exactly how some ancient Egyptian died 3000 years ago. Science has advanced, and all the propaganda in the world cannot turn back the clock to the point at which the Jews do not need to scientifically prove their claims.

Indeed in the 1930s and 1940s, Americans were more sophisticated politically. My father told me that stories about what would come to be called the "Holocaust" were well-known in the early 1940s, but people just dismissed them as propaganda. Like the Germans who supposedly bayoneted infants in WW1, or even the pre-Gulf War Iraqis who killed pre-mature children by leaving them on a cold floor, such claims were seen for what they are; that is, deliberate and calculated untruths for the purpose of inciting hatred and violence against the supposed enemy.

We Whites are the enemy. The Jews draw no distinctions among us. If we might be Irish, German or Russian, we are all the same to them. We Americans must be crushed with huge taxes to compensate Israel for its imaginary suffering. And, the Pope is going along with this evil plan to enslave us.

What are the Jews really whining about? Psychologically, the "Holocaust" (which suggests burning), might actually be a reference to the sack of Khazaria by the Viking Rus in c. 965 AD. The Vikings destroyed the Khazar Empire along the Caspian Sea, and burned their major cities to the ground. In this light, the Jewish contempt for all Whites becomes clear, as all contemporary White ethnic groups have some Viking ancestry.

Some commentators will go farther and suggest that since the Khazars originated in the isolated Caucasus area, they genetically retained a much higher level of Neanderthal genes, and therefore they have this strong sense of being another separate and higher class of being than we are. We Europeans are mainly descendents of Cro-Magnon, who are often blamed for the demise of Neanderthal, (mythically, Cain killing Abel), again with no evidence.

If a Catholic were to tell lies and scheme to take advantage of other people; the Church would advise him to confess his sins, ask God for His forgiveness and to compensate the victims of his crime. Why does the Pope treat the Jews so much differently? Perhaps he sees them as being "different."

Since no forensic evidence or credible papertrails support the so-called "Holocaust," we must accept these wild accusations are nothing more than an attack on our moral character.

Another point to seriously consider is that the label that people choose for some phenomenon tells quite a lot about what it is: a "junk bond" was deemed junk by someone; the "bailout" expresses disgust for rewarding failure; the various "bubbles" reflect the feeling that our economy is based on the insubstantial.

"Holocaust" is a Greek word for a religious sacrifice, usually consumed in fire. Such a sacrifice, an offering made to God, must be something of value; typically, a lamb in good health, or other animal whose loss would be painful.

Adolf Hitler certainly could not have seen the Jews as a religious offering. Indeed at the Wannsee Conference, the NS discussed ways to deport Jews from Germany. BTW: the "Final Solution" was only deportation, not mass extermination of the Jews. A "holocaust" is not something from which one just wants separation.

So who would have seen the Jews as a religious offering? The bulk of the Jews who actually suffered were the Polish Jews; so we might ask who saw the Polish Jews in particular as a religious sacrifice? Or as perhaps a military sacrifice? The answer is Stalin.

In the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, Stalin in effect gave Poland to Hitler.

Poland had a huge and thriving Jewish community. The Germans targeted these Jewish communities or "ghettoes" when they finally invaded Poland. In so doing, they hoped to win favor with Poles, who hated the oppressive and highly over-privileged Jews. The Polish Jews did suffer as a result, but no more so than many of the other groups made refugees by the war.

All throughout the 1930s, Jews all over the world, including the US, had supported Stalin madly. The truth that they had supported Stalin, who then betrayed their Polish brethren so heartlessly, weighs heavy on the Jewish conscience (according to some analysts). The horrible guilt they feel for causing the slaughter of their Polish brethren drives their insistence on the "Holocaust." For in blaming Hitler, the German NS, the Germans in general or all Whites, they are in fact projecting their own guilt, guilt which they cannot cope with, guilt for supporting Stalin, upon innocent groups. Among themselves, Jews often speak of this "Jewish guilt."

When confronted with the fact that they were Stalinists, Jews will often deny the fact; and argue that Stalin hated and persecuted Jews in the USSR but omitting the fact that the Stalinist persecutions occurred after WW2.

The Pope should urge the Jews to confess the truth, renounce neo-conservatism, and cease attacking the Palestinians and bribing our Congress. Only the truth can set them free.

Why did the Jews choose a Greek word, "holocaust" to describe their supposed sufferings? Surely this choice was no accident. The ancient Khazar kingdom had an alliance with the Byzantine Empire; however, as the Russians adapted the Greek Orthodox faith (c. 988), Constantinople moved closer to Kiev, making the Khazar alliance less necessary. The Byzantine in effect "sacrificed" their alliance with Khazaria. ("The Thirteenth Tribe" by Arthur Koestler) Eventually the erosion of this alliance led to the fall of Khazaria.

Ben 16 has no authority to do anything as he is an anti-pope

Well, you got some thing wrong about Stalin, due to the jews lies. Stalin was married to two or three jewesses. Stalins children are jews.

Most in polituro was jews, and all the non-jews was married to jewesses. The secret police OGP, NKVD, KGB and so on was TOTALLY in the hands of the jews.Soviet was run by jews.

As for the jews in Poland, well ... they kissed the soviet tanks when they rolled over the borders to the balt states and Poland. I dont think the germans had to do much to get the poles on their side.

That Stalin hated jews is just another day in the global jew mafias lying propaganda machine. If you look at the back at a 10.000 shekel not, there is a picture from Mocba (Moskow) and according to Golda Meir there was 50.000 jews that hailed her 1949 when she went to the synagouge in Mocba.

This is straight from her diary in her own words. Lets look at this picture a little closer. What it shows is that there was NO religious persecution of jews in Soviet. The synagoug was in full sevice under Stalin 1949.

Second, if 50.000 russians had came togheter in the center of Mocba, that would have been considered a "counter revolution" and the tanks would be rolling. But because the jews controlled Soviet they had no fear of any counterrevolution.

What the show trail was all about was differente jew mafia taking out each other. Then the lying jews tells us that Stalin hated jews. Total BS.

My blog and the truth about the lying jews.

Thank you for your comments, Hoff.

Jewish interference in Russian governance went back even into Czarist times. In Tolstoy's *1877* novel, "Anna Karenina," Anna's brother, the lovable Stiva has run into financial difficulties, and seeks an additional post to help support his large family.

Quote: "The appointment yielded an income of seven to ten thousand a year, and [Stiva] Oblonsky could fill it without giving up his governmental position. It was in the hands of two ministers, one lady, and two Jews, ... [Stiva] believed most positively that the committee in which he was trying to get an appointment was a new, genuine, and honest public body, but that morning when [the Jew] Volgarinov had -- intentionally, beyond a doubt -- kept him two hours waiting with other petitioners in his waiting-room, he had suddenly felt uneasy.

Whether he was uncomfortable that he, a descendent of Rurik, Prince Oblonsky, had been kept for two hours waiting to see a Jew, or that for the first time in his life he was not following the example of his ancestors in serving the government, but was turning off into a new career; anyway he was very uncomfortable ...

But all the while he was uncomfortable and angry, he could not have said why -- whether because he could not get his epigram just right, or from some other reason. When at last Volgarinov had received him with exaggerated politeness and unmistakable triumph at his humiliation, and had all but refused the favor asked of him, [Stiva] had made haste to forget it all as soon as possible. And now, at the mere recollection, he blushed."

So when these Jew-defenders make the claim that the Jews only backed the Communists, because they were so persecuted by the
Czars, we have to go back and ask just exactly why the Czars wanted to get rid of the Jews, too.

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