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February 19, 2009


Wait just a minute about George Washington!!
1st he was a Freemason
2nd He was one who secretly tried to become dictator,when claudestine(Secret) meetings when they(The so-called founding fathers)were putting togather the constitution(Which they didn't even put before the people).
Then when the people finally got their hands on the Documents.
They raised(rightfully soo)a fuss about NO BILL OF RIGHTS.
Then they took it back and thankfully added a bill of rights.
No mistakened,George Washington tried for a coup d eat,and was for a dictatorship.

3rd George Washington sided with Alexander Hamilton(Jew)instead of Thomas Jefferson(Who was against the Bank)and the 1st American Bank was chartered in america.

Now my favorite all time presidents

1. Andrew Jackson:Cause HE KILLED THE BANK!!
>Discontinued the bank's charter.
>National Debt was paid off.
>America enjoyed prosperity as a result.

2.John F. Kennedy
>Exposed the Jews and their Secret Societies.
Thru his speech on youtube called:The Speech that killed JFK.
> Put Excutive Order 11,110 to issue greenbacks taking back the governments right to issue money,away from the Rothschild owned FED.
>He did everything in his power to get us
out of Vietnam.
>He knew real well that War is a Rackett,which is a money making profit machine for the Jewish Bankers,while at the same time sinking and destroying the country.Thru putting the countries in war in debt to the Jewish Bankers.
And destroying young men's lives.
These are my favorite all time presidents

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