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January 28, 2009


Later, the Pope issued a semi-conciliatory statement regarding the importance of a dialogue with the Jews. Let's refer to the New Testament: Pontius Pilate had a rather interesting dialogue with the Jews, who demanded the freedom of the criminal Barabbas, rather than the release of Jesus. The whole NT in fact documents the dialogue of Jesus Christ with the Jews; His words oppose Jewish attitudes and doctrines on nearly every page. Christianity was born in contradiction to the Jews, and no compromise is possible.

"The Pope has twice visited synagogues, in the US and his native Germany, ..."
Pre-Vatican II Catholics were advised never to enter houses of worship of other faiths. The Pope should not enter a synagogue; since the Jews deny Christ. The Jews certainly do not accept us as their brothers and sisters in faith. They hate us, call us "goyim," and dare to interfere with the Church's internal affairs. Let's just drop them. We need to shake the "anything goes" attitude of the 1960s. Ecumenism is like multiculturalism; in affirming all faiths, we deny any central faith. And, the whole point of having a "Catholic" (meaning: universal)and "One True" Church is that there is only one true faith. Catholic ecumenism is an oxymoron.

"Some Vatican officials are also saying privately that although the Pope’s stated aim was to unite the Church by bringing the rebels back into the fold, his move would have the opposite effect ..."

I disagree. Vatican II basically got rid of all Catholic traditions, everything that made the Catholic faith unique. As a child I watched these changes happen: prayers no longer needed to be memorized for God could be addressed in any words; the catechism was thrown out the window; such concepts as "mortal sin" were no longer discussed; sin itself was just a product of being "underprivileged," and we weren't to make "value judgements"; Latin was no longer taught, and Ancient Rome (and Old Europe) disappeared from the curricula; Lenten fasts or sacrifices were deemed unnecessary; beloved holy days (like All Saint's Day) disappeared in favor a hyper-commercialized Holloween which was more "fun"; suddenly we could eat meat on Friday, women could go hatless to Mass (in sweatpants); in "theology" (not religion) class, we made collages relating to the leftist social agenda. The Acquinas doctrine that a good person of any faith might be "saved" was misinterpreted and exaggerated to make the Church seem useless. The worst aspect, however, was the imposition of Leftism by the clergy and its hierarchy which alienated the primarily conservative Catholic community. We went from the One True Faith and being confirmed as "Soldiers of God" to Christianity-Lite in a span of about 10 years (1962-1972). Now we need to go back to some of our old customs and most importantly our history, and get in touch with our true Catholic identity. BTW: We don't need any dialog with the Jews at all.

The Pope recently declared that; "...inter-religious dialogue in the strict sense of the word between Christians, Jews and Muslims was not possible”.

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