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January 24, 2009


James Petras, Justin Raimundo, Philip Weiss, Jeffrey Blankenfort, Andrew Winkler, John Alan Martinson Jr., Mike Delaney, Peter Shaenk, Alexander Cockburn and Jimmy Carter are just a few of the others out there who are more protean and savvy anti-Zionist activists than Mark Weber. His effectiveness as such has not only been compromised already by his inertia, but also when he allowed himself to become the poster boy/punching bag Central Casting always sends over whenever the mainstream media needs a "Holocaust denier" to ridicule. The comments below by Breke, posted at Bradley Smith's CODOH forum, sum it up succinctly. Harvey Taylor, why don't you come clean and let folks know that Mark Weber also sits on your five man IHR board and would never vote himself out of a job should his position there ever really be challenged. If the mission of the IHR is no longer going to be historical revisionism than you people are misleading the public by not removing the "H" and the "R" from the name of your enfeebled institute.


"Weber is no longer an important player in "Holocaust" revisionism, he contributes nothing other than criticism of Zionist power which is now mainstream, witness the work Walt &
Mearsheimer, among others.

The Jewish Supremacist media does with Weber what they do with the less than stellar David Irving. This media portrays both of them as the leading edge of revisionist research when in fact both Weber & Irving are mere opportunists and dabblers. Weber milks the old IHR work (which was certainly valuable way back when) for cash, and Irving has been exposed as largely unknowledgable when it comes the "Holocaust", witness his Hoefle Telegram embarrassment at this site.

Weber has been under fire for years for his unproductive exploitation of the IHR and apparently has become resentful towards his truthful critics. Immaturely, he strikes out at
those who have fingered him for the hack that he has become."

Breke's comments on Weber's essay regarding Zionism: viewtopic. php?t=5271

"In the real world struggle against Jewish-Zionist power, Holocaust revisionism has proved to be as much a hindrance as a help."

"The Truth shall set you free." Since the Hoax is a lie; we MUST reject it.

The new trend among intellectuals is the attitude that "Hitler just wasn't that bad." Indeed, how the entire world convulsed into mass violence over control of the Sudetanland does seem rather puzzling.

Jews don't realize how boring they are. I remember as a college student being impressed that some people seemed to know names of all of those work camps; Auschwitz, Bergen-Belson and blah, blah, blah; yet I never bothered to pick up a book and read about it. Of course, my parents had told me over the dinner-table that the whole tale was just post-war propaganda; but even propaganda can be interesting. The Hoax was a total bore.

A bore? you might ask. Six million poor little Jews thrown into gas ovens did not even arouse my curiosity a little bit? To tell you the truth, I never read any more of Anne Frank's diary than my seventh-grade teacher assigned our class (and probably not even that much). The other girls didn't like Anne Frank either; one girl claimed that she was a "queer," (as a generic term of abuse) which is ironic now that her life is being rewritten by the "LGTB community."

The Holocaust isn't merely false, but it contains no human truths; and therefore has no value and no interest even as a myth. Consider Tolstoy's "War and Peace": this book is fiction, and yet the tale is fascinating, because of its truths. One recognizes the truths even at a subconscious level, and so one becomes deeply interested in the characters and their inter-twined fates. But the Hoax? Honestly, I was never even tempted to open any of Elie Weasel's books, even to verify that they are indeed the stupidest nonsense ever written.

Note that even Jews often seem to find their own Hoax boring and don't waste their time reading about it much, either.

Meanwhile, thanks in part to Sarah Palin, the "Jews are the Chosen" doctrine is seen as declasse; like greasy fast-food, paintings of Elvis on black velvet or Walmart's vinyl furniture. Yes, the Holocaust is now perceived as lower middle-brow.

Duke ripped him to pieces.

The arrogance of the perfidious jew knows no bounds, the more power and influence they have aquired, them more they are sowing the seeds for their ultimate downfall.

For example, regarding the Holocaust, one day the majority of people will actively ask, how can one legislate against an opinion after all history is relative, I was intrigued by the fact that most people who 'study' the jew are not concerning themselves with Holocaust tales (after all, this is merely another bit part in the jews' overall plans), but are reading up and beginning to 'join the dots'.

Europeans were, prior to World War II, 'jew aware', but next time, because what was then theory has since then been proven in practice, the perfidious jew will pay the ultimate price, and may actually find that next time people will think that whatever 'acts' that they may perpetrate against the jew will be exaggerated so it will make no odds to actually go to such extremes against them!

"In the real world struggle against Jewish-Zionist power"...
"the more power and influence they have acquired, them more they are sowing the seeds for their ultimate downfall"...

What happens to your white kind when the next generation of American-born Chinese, Indians, and Latinos will start to squeeze you?

When it is hard to compete by IQ, and impossible to compete by numbers, some weak minds turn to conspiracy theories.

Dear Peter,

Let's examine the amount of donations the IHR/Mark Weber received from the revisionist/patriot community, and then ask this question: Is the revisionist/patriot community getting a good return on their money?

For said years, the IHR/Mark Weber took in the following in "Contributions, Gifts, Grants, And Similar Amounts Received: Direct Public Support."

Tax Year 2000--$346, 572

Tax Year 2001---$209, 229

Tax Year 2002---$610, 152

Tax Year 2003--$210, 363

Tax Year 2005--$409, 477

Tax Year 2006--$299, 623

Now, this adds up to be $2,085,416. That is to say, the IHR/Mark Weber took in $2,085,416 in donations from the Revisionist/patriot community for these six tax years. Have we, in turn, received a good return on our money????

I say, Hell no!!! Mark Weber destroyed the Journal of Historical Review, the yearly IHR conferences, the IHR's book publishing arm, and the IHR newsletter. He even refuses to sponsor a weekly Radio talk show!

What does Mark Weber/IHR do to deserve $2,085,416 from the Revisionist/patriot community???? Well, he sends out newspaper clippings to one thousand people or less. He sells a bunch of old books and DVDs, many of which are decades old. He attempts to market the works of others like Kevin MacDonald and Pat Buchanan--books that can be obtained cheaper elsewhere. And finally, every once in a great while Weber writes a short essay or gives a short speech.

In my opinion, this is madness!!!! The $2,085,416 is a horrendous waste of money!! I can think of far more productive ways to utilize this money than to send it to Mark Weber.

Unfortunately, Mark has proven himself to be a horrible leader and Director. He led the charge to destroy Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby and the Spotlight, and took in about one million dollars to boot? And what does he have to show for it? Absolutely nothing!!

Mark Weber destroyed the Journal of Historical Review, the IHR's book publishing arm, the yearly IHR conferences, and the IHR's newsletter. And what has Mark Weber given us in return?? Well, he sends out newspaper clippings to a thousand people or less.

Weber has very little business acumen, as "his" IHR is forever teetering on the brink of financial disaster, despite the fact that he beat Carto in court and took in one million dollars. Contrast Weber's poor record with that of his hated enemy, Willis Carto. Carto lost his home, his Liberty Lobby and Spotlight, but he bounced back and went on to create the American Free Press and The Barnes Review, etc.

People who have been in a position to observe Mark Weber first hand, like former IHR editor Ted O'Keefe and former IHR employee Ken Usher, will tell you that he has an inability to get his work done. Indeed, this character trait has plagued much of his career. He was supposed to write a very important book, The Final Solution: Legend and Reality. Vintage Weber--he never finished the book. Brilliant procrastinator that he is, Mark can always concoct a convenient excuse as to why it is not his fault that he never published this important book.

In a six year period, Mark Weber/the IHR took in a whopping $2,085,416!! And he has next to nothing to show for it. He is wasting Our Revisionist/patriot money. His web site basically consists of a bunch of newspaper clippings, old issues of the now-defunct Journal of Historical Review, and he attempts to sell very old books or other people's books (books that can be easily obtained elsewhere). Every once in a great while, he gives a short speech or writes an essay. His main duty appears to be to send out newspaper clippings to about one thousand people. This is foolish waste of the large sums of money that Weber is taking in from the revisionist/patriot community and things have to change.

One of the most important functions of a "political/historical think-tank" like the IHR is to "keep current." That is to say, to provide new and original scholarly material on political and historical issues. Mark Weber's IHR virtually does none of this.

Please keep in mind Mark Weber's battle cry, which he conveniently used when he was fighting Carto: "The IHR does not belong to one man. It belongs to all of us, because without all of us it would not exist." Ergo, we all have a right to join in the attempt to improve the IHR.

In a best-case scenario, I believe our goal should be to get Mark Weber to be more productive. This would be in the best interests of himself and the entire movement. Specifically, he should re-start the Journal of Historical Review, and he should host a weekly Internet Radio broadcast.

But I hold no illusions about Mark. He wants to do the least amount of work and to continue to collect a paycheck for so doing. He is as stubborn as a mule, and there is probably nothing that can be done to make him more productive. This being so, he should resign from the IHR.

But, once again, I hold no illusions about this either. Mark Weber has a tighter grip on the IHR than Willis Carto ever did. He is not going to give up his control of the IHR, and thus, it will probably go bankrupt in the near future. It cannot go on like it is in this present non--productive condition.

Paul Grubach

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