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January 15, 2009


South Africa has a large Jewish population. One of the reasons the immigrant Blacks got a footing and voting powers to over throw the native Whites.

Jews thrive off deposition. They allow people to destroy themselves in the evil the Jews create, whilst they profit from the sacrifice.

I get so tired of people writeing about this. If you want to stop this get off your ass and do something about. To write about the problem is one thing but to do something is much better. It's all over not just South African, it also in the Philippines. To thing I could ba in house keep in some other country, hire by a company from the Philippines, only to find out that Iam a sex slave. Get off your ass and do something just don't write about this or about a ex-gorvenor who took a escort to Washington.

Don Quixote, if it was happening in my own country in my reach I would do something. I never plan to travel to Philippines, and now never to South Africa. I don't even want to goto America due to the Mexicans.

A friend of mine from France visited America for the first time. He went to California and could not believe the condition of the cities and the large Mexican population.

His exact words:

"I think America, it is finished".

This was two years ago, prior to the financial crash.

I think my friend made a very astute observation.

Quixote, a big problem is that most average people get their news from TV still. The TV news media doesn't report about this much. Especially this problem in the USA. I've seen 2 documentaries in recent months about the supposed "sex slave trade epidemic" in China. They said that 8000 minors are sold into sex slavery every year. That is nothing compared to the USA. The USA is purported to have around a million minors kidnapped and/or sold into the sex trade every year! That is more than 10X more than China. TO top this, US law enforcement doesn't keep statistics on this! They keep track of cars stolen every year but not girls??! That is nuts.

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